Hillary’s medical problems grab center stage at 9/11 memorial

Today the obviously impaired Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton left the September 11, 2016 memorial ceremony early due to what is being characterized as a “fainting episode.” Since the stumbling took place as she was attempting to enter her van to leave, it could not have been the reason for her early departure. Mrs. Clinton obviously has serious health problems causing her to avoid public speaking and  requiring constant intervention by her security detail,  that continue to go unaddressed two months prior to Election Day.

Chris Cillizza, writing for the Washington Post, jumped on today’s episode with this report: Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign. In an abrupt turnaround after spending much of the past week criticizing discussions of her obviously deteriorating health as a “conspiracy theory,” Cillizza now acknowledges the ongoing concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health are “a real issue in the presidential campaign.”

In July. the liberal Washington Post editorial board outlined the reasons why a Trump presidency would presenta unique threat to American democracy.” In 2008 and 2012 the newspaper surprised no one with its endorsements of Barack Obama. Since either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win in November, will the editorial board again select the liberal and hope her very real physical and mental impairments — causing forgetfulness after a concussion and blot clot on the brain — will propel her VP candidate Tim Kaine into the Oval Office?


8 Responses to Hillary’s medical problems grab center stage at 9/11 memorial

  1. Capt. Marvel says:

    Everyone and everything surrounding Hillary Clinton is highly controlled. She is surrounded by a burly security detail, but one might as well be a medic. I’ve seen photos of him carrying a syringe, which God knows what instant need meds it contains. She is clearly not well. Just what we need ….a far left former hippie back on drugs in the White House, again. Long before anyone ever heard of Obamacare, she was promoting the same type of scam when her husband Slick Willy was president.

  2. Clementine says:

    If the reliability leftwing Washington Post is having second thoughts about Hillary’s suitability to govern, that speaks volumes. The “big tent” acceptance of everything is falling down on and about to suffocate the Democrat Party.

    • Joseph Bigley, Sr. says:

      “Democratic Party.”

      • Clementine says:

        Like many other thinking conservatives, I intentionally refuse to use the word “Democratic” to describe the liberals who are intent on bringing Democratic-Socialism to our country. Too Bernie Sandersish for me. Republicans have allowed the left to co-opt a word that also pertains to us.

        Words matter. The word “choice” was a cagey way for pro-abortion liberals to mainstream themselves. They refuse to admit that the only “choice” other than life is death.

        We have been through many incarnations of descriptive terms for blacks and Hispanics. Now the homosexual crowd has jumped on the same bandwagon, forcing everyone else to jump through the latest trendy word hoops. Black replaced Negro which replaced “colored.” Interesting that the now defamed word is still integral to the leading spokesgroup, The NAACP. They still use “colored people” in the title, but it became verboten for everyone else decades ago. African-American is voguish now, used by people who have lived in the USA longer than many white bread Americans who would rightly balk at identifying as hyphenated (Irish, German, French, Swedish, etc,) Americans. This is what the celebration of diversity has brought us. Instead of unity we Balkanize ourselves. LGBTQ has become the blanket acronym. Before the advent of Caitlyn Jenner, who ever heard of the word transgendered being bantered about and now men demand to use women’s restrooms with little girls exposed to this insanity. I’ve stopped shopping at Target because of their easy embrace of this insanity. Today those who yell loud enough win.

        Mexicans and central Americans who are US citizens identify as Latino, Hispanic, but never simply Americans. Hyphens rule!

        Long response for your short correction, but it is far more complicated than your two words.

  3. Kathy says:

    When she sold her soul to Saul Alinsky who dedicated Rules for radicals to Satan – she forgot the part where he will come a calling. As evil she is I do pray for her. She does have free will and it appears by actions she has chosen.

  4. Justin says:

    Now the “overheating” story regarding her symptoms this morning has changed. Her doctor reportedly issued a statement saying Hillary’s bizarre episode earlier today was related to “pneumonia and dehydration.” How comforting that must be for her supporters. At her age pneumonia can be the last disease grannies get.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Being reported now on thegatewaypundit.com that the DNC might call an emergency meeting regarding their candidate.

    There are several interesting photos and videos posted on

    Take a look at Hillary’s stance as she is essentially propped up against a concrete column. Her neck is hyperextended; her back is arched, and her legs are stiff and spread-eagle.
    As she is propelled forward by her security team, she goes limp and slumps toward the ground.
    Her handlers are truly just that. They had to man-handle her into her “Scooby” van as it is called.

    Here’s the deal, as I see it. Her face looked totally haggard as she stood next to the NYC mayor as she arrived at the 9/11 event.

    Many people who have seizure disorder experience what is known as an aura. They know it is coming. Sometimes they experience a peculiar smell, or have vision abnormalities, or other strange sensations. Perhaps that is what prompted her to take her leave.

    Her stance at the concrete column may be indicative of a myoclonic seizure, where the muscles become tense. This often is followed by a atonic seizure, where the muscles become limp and a standing person often slumps over and sustains a fall injury if not protected in some way.

    Then there is the issue of exactly what fell out of leg of her pantsuit and hit the ground with a distinct “clink”. The sound of metal hitting the concrete. You can hear it on the one video.

    I believe that she is wearing some type of brace that helps her to maintain an upright posture, which would explain the tent-like clothing she wears.

    Her escape to Chelsea’s swanky apartment allowed her to get some type of prompt medical assistance. Obviously, supplemental oxygen was part of the treatment. Note that when she emerged from Chelsea’s building, with her security team conspicuously a good distance away, she appeared energized. An hour of supplemental oxygen will buy you two or three “good” hours in many cases.

    Whatever her medical problems are, she is medically unfit to do anything other than be a doting grandmother–in the presence of other adults for safety reasons— to her two small grandchildren.

    Nice touch—sending in the little girl with the curly hair.
    Probably on loan from a Broadway gig just down the way.

    Watch out Hillary. When you sell your soul to satan, he always collects.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      And, regarding The Cough:
      The control of our respiratory center is in the brain stem (at the base of the brain). The brain stem also controls muscle tone.

      Everything in the body works in harmony. Except when it doesn’t.