Power through: Hillary’s apologists sing fight song in unison

Leftwing newscasters get identical infusions of pro-Hillary talking points

Step right up, folks!  The sideshow is about to begin!  Grab yer honey! Git yer popcorn! Watch the ‘Grand Collusion’ as fearful media liberals see their favored candidate lose power, engulfed in scandals, scapegoat friends, insult American voters, stumble, collapse, sweat, nosedive in the polls and cancel fundraisers!

Before your very eyes, you will see Hillary Clintonpower through even as she battles what she calls pneumonia — and what appears to be a serious neurological disease  — now forced to apologize for the insults she hurled at millions of American voters who support her opponent by calling them abasket of deplorables.”

This is a must see.  Watch the blood drain from the faces of the falsely jovial media elites as they confront the very real possibility of losing the White House to Republican Donald Trump, a reality which looms larger with each passing day.

H/T Great montage courtesy of Washington Free Beacon


8 Responses to Power through: Hillary’s apologists sing fight song in unison

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    This clearly shows the far left, dare I say…radically so…bent of the mainstream media. This would be laughable if not so dam serious!

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Hillary getting a pass is nothing new. What is so fascinating to watch is they all use the exact same terminology. That’s not a coincidence. They are very likely getting their talking points from the DNC.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      I’d bet good money on the DNC connection as fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain and Hillary billionaire funder George Soros is also involved in promoting the charade.

  3. Capt. Marvel says:

    How likely is it that over a dozen newsreaders and talking heads would come up with the same words? This proves what we’ve all suspected.There is a direct pipeline to the fawning press from the Dem hierarchy.

  4. Braveheart says:

    This collusion is how we keep getting substandard and often corrupt people elected to public office. Hillary Clinton certainly exemplifies that description. And here in Arizona we have the bad fortune to have John McCain and his egocentric bud, Jeff the Flake.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Hang on tight, folks.
    The commies, socialists, fascists, and anarchists are in meltdown, which means anything can happen–and it won’t be good.

    Those emails from Colin Powell which went back and forth with his “business partner” and close personal associate of the Clintons, Mr. Leeds, are very interesting. Seems that a lot of people knew for a long time that Hillary has chronic health problems.

    Also per the emails, it is clear to see that Colin Powell and Condi Rice both agreed that Benghazi was nothing more than a “witch hunt” and that Ambassador Stevens was responsible for his own death. (I always knew that Colin was a colon.)

    Today, the interim chairperson of the DNC, Donna Brazile, wrote that the DNC has been the victim of a crime.
    No, Donna, the legal citizens of the USA are the crime victims.
    The crimes that the Clinton crime syndicate has perpetrated on this country for decades.

    Now, the “pay-for-play” documents are being leaked. This crack in the Clinton house of corruption is wider and longer than the San Andreas fault line.

  6. jakesez says:

    You can tell the tide is changing. I had Trump signs up at five of our neighborhood homes. For about two weeks they were fine. As soon as Trump started to gain strength in the polls, all five signs were stolen or damaged. Typical of democrats, if your in the lead act like everyone is a friend. As soon as you are losing, damage signs, attack people and make false changes. That’s why I think the missing signs are a good sign. They can see the coming victory for Trump. I have replaced the signs and we are all watching them closely.