Joe Arpaio targeted by leftist open borders billionaire Soros

Radical open borders supporter George Soros funds McCain, Hillary and Paul Penzone

The Drudge Report links to a 3 TV story detailing the latest low point in Arizona politics.  Just when conservatives think it’s impossible for the establishment to sink to a deeper nadir, we are reminded that John McCain still lurks in the seamiest depths of the political realm. Case in point, the entry of McCain and Hillary backer — multi-billionaire tycoon George Soros. The radical leftist now has Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his sights as he funds problem plagued challenger, Democrat Paul Penzone. This is Penzone’s second attempt to bring down the popular Arpaio. In the recent Primary Election, Joe Arpaio was met with a repeat challenger and party switching Democrat Dan Saban, who fared badly as a faux Republican, carrying only 26.88 % of the vote to Arpaio’s 65.40%. There were two other also-rans in the race. In the August Primary, the Democrat Party backed Penzone’s opponent.

Soros’ entry into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s race is by no means a stand alone aberration. His Safety and Justice national PAC is a syndicate with long tentacles reaching into law enforcement races in various states, including Illinois, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. He is even funding the expansion of Europe’s “refugee” crisis, declaringnational borders are the obstacle.”

Like his associates and benefactors of his largess John McCain and Hillary Clinton, Soros is an open borders agent, who refers to illegal aliens as migrants. That’s why they get his money and Sheriff Joe Arpaio receives his wrath. John McCain has called his friend Hillarya rock star.”

The name of the game these days is to run high dollar vicious ad campaigns with innocuous sounding names. Grassroots Arizona, based in the DC environs, and which has nothing to do with either grassroots GOP activists or Arizona, was the vehicle used to drag John McCain across the primary finish line by ludicrously accusing challenger Dr. Kelli Ward of risking our national security and having a weak record on defeating Islamic terrorism. It mattered not that Ward, a family practice physician, and former two term state senator was not in a position to vote on matters of national security in the state legislature. She is also a military wife whose husband Col. Michael Ward has served voluntary tours in Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. He is the Arizona National Guard State Air Surgeon.

Another PAC carrying the vaguely Socialist sounding moniker of Citizens for a Working America, mailed out oversize, full-color and high quality glossy stock fliers encouraging votes for the “real conservative, grassroots slate” of Precinct Committeemen, in an attempt to oust the actual conservatives in precincts statewide. The method was overfilling the allotted positions with McCain cohorts. What’s the point you ask?  

Precinct Committeemen elections are crucial since it is the elected committeemen who elect the intra-party leadership. Having conservatives in these posts hinders the efforts to have compliant stooges voted in to do the biding of the Republicrat honchos, who invariably push for amnesty immediately after they are reelected — though they campaign as committed agents of border security. Retired Sen. Jon Kyl, now a DC lobbyist, engaged in these same deceptive practices in 2012, sending out postcards with his grinning mug on them, as he undercut hardworking conservative PCs.

It’s doubtful the AZ GOP establishment controlled by McCain ally Robert Graham will throw Sheriff Arpaio a lifeline against the liberal Democrat. Let’s be sure we do. Think of your vote as a life jacket. Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for this good man who has spent his career protecting the citizenry both locally as sheriff and globally with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.


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  1. Patriot Mom says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a headliner whenever he appears with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump around the USA. The people of America respond to Joe, which is how he’s earned the name, America’s Sheriff. I’m voting for Trump and Arpaio because I have kids and I want them to grow up the America I know and love.

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    The informative links to Soros, Hillary and McCain will keep me busy. The fact that Hillary and McCain receive funding from the megalomaniac international extremist Soros is all I need to know. .I intend to share that information as well as a link to this post with many on my email list. Thanks for the excellent information, SRAZ!

  3. CultureShocked says:

    In that you mention in paragraph 4 Dr. Ward and McCain, I don’t consider this thread jacking and hope you agree.
    My conundrum: What to do about McShame. I have what I see as 4 choices:
    1 Vote for the incumbent
    2 Vote for the democrat
    3 Write in Dr Ward and encourage her to do a “Murkowski”.
    4 Omit a vote for the senatorial position.
    Which choice would best serve my interests (and revulsion to lying politicians) which are: keeping AZ a haven from progressives.
    If this is considered thread jacking I would ask the forces that head this blog to consider this as an article to stand alone.

    • Kathy says:

      #3 – Dr. Kelli Ward will get my vote in Nov!

      • Doc says:

        My vote will also be a write-in for Dr. Kelli Ward.

        I’m having a bumper sticker made; Red with White letters:
        “McCain’s ‘rock-star’ LIED”

        I believe that’ll justa’-bout cover the entire issue…

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I was a Kelli Ward supporter in the primary, giving her a donation, pounding her signs and talking her up at every opportunity. Unfortunately for the citizens of the state of Arizona, she lost. At this point, writing her name in helps John McCain.

      The fact is the race is now between McCain and Kirkpatrick. One of those two will prevail. Now I will do what I have never done and vote for her. Otherwise we will get more of what we’ve all complained about for nearly 35 years and McCain will consider he’s been given a mandate to bring back the amnesty bill he has promised to name after his close friend and political ally, the liberal icon Ted Kennedy. He will vote for the confirmation of more liberal judges with his equality despicable senate underling Jeff Flake.

      It’s a tough decision to vote for the Dem, but it’s the only one I see as viable. And actually…what’s the difference? McCain votes with the Dems more often than the Republicans. I will never give him the opportunity to think we’re OK with his pre-election lies, that he reneges on immediately after being reelected. He is a reprehensible man who needs to be humiliated in his last hurrah. Don’t waste your votes on a write in.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    No one in the media has ever dared to speak of George Soros.
    He is evil personified.
    As a young boy, he aligned himself with the Nazis by selling out his friends and neighbors.
    He single-handedly ruined the economy of Europe.
    That was his practice run.
    Now, he is doing his dirty work here.
    Ever wonder how these people live such long lives?
    It happens when you allow yourself to be used by the devil.

    If you have never watched “AGENDA–Grinding America Down” by Curtis Bowers, you need to see it. Check it out online.
    Mr. Bowers uncovered the dirt on Hillary years ago and no one gave it any attention. It’s a tangled web that Mr. Bowers painstakingly untangled for the purpose of educating us.

    Soros is the puppet master on earth.

    Here’s some informative reading for today:
    A renowned physician, who just happens to be a relative of Obama, reveals that Hillary’s doctor is making stuff up.

    You can find it on today

  5. Ajo Joe says:

    This morning’s edition of the newspaper has a letter endorsing John McFossil. It’s signed by two former Secretaries of State: Henry Kissinger age 93 and George Schultz, age 95. I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my bourbon-laced Geritol. Lucky for me I still have my mind and wouldn’t vote for the deceiving McCain if he was the last man standing.

    • Doc says:

      Hey Joe…as to that choking…eliminate the Geritol from your Bourbon. Also, be sure that you’re consuming “Maker’s Mark”…that was President Reagan’s Whisky of Choice.