Former AZ Gov. Rose Mofford dies at 94

  gov_rose_moffordRose Mofford, Arizona’s first female governor, died Thursday at age 94, following a fall. Mofford was born in Globe, Arizona and although she was her high school class valedictorian, she never attended college — instead opting to work in state government. Though an All-American softball player, it was her typing skills that got her noticed after winning a national typing competition.

As Secretary of State, Mofford, a Democrat, ascended to the governor’s office on April 4, 1988 following the removal of Republican Gov. Evan Mecham, who was later acquitted of the charges that led to his impeachment. She served until March 6, 1991 when Republican Fife Symington was inaugurated.

Known for her white beehive hairdo, long fingernails and heavy fringes of false eyelashes, she was often caricatured, but never sold short. After spending 50 years in state government, she was said to be the keeper of many political secrets — which now remain forever safe.

Photo: Daily Star


7 Responses to Former AZ Gov. Rose Mofford dies at 94

  1. Hagar says:

    The best line about Rose Mofford I remember came, I believe, from political cartoonist Steve Benson that she had her hair done at Dairy Queen. Too funny!

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Rest in Peace, Rose.

    Perhaps this can be a teachable moment regarding the elderly and falls.

    Falls, in the senior population, are the leading cause of death from an unintentional injury. Remember that medications, whether OTC or Rx, can cause dizziness which can potentially cause a fall. Scatter rugs; shower floors, poor hearing and/or poor eyesight, inadequate lighting, and ill-fitting shoes are just a few of the things which can contribute to fall injuries.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Glad she isn’t characterized here as a sweet caretaker governor. She was clearly over her head in that post, but was a tough cookie who knew state government, and let no one push her around. If there was pushing to be done, Rose did it. I remember her well. and liked her.

  4. Rio Rico Rick says:

    I guess I qualify as an Arizona newcomer although I’ve lived here for 8 years. I don’t know anything about Rose Mofford. I was taught not to speak ill of the dead, but her photo looks grotesque. Is that a joke, photoshopped or the real thing? Is that a helmet on her head?

  5. Darling girl, good night to you. May God bless you and your family.

  6. VINOAZ says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting her and listening to her speak at events. She was a whiz on AZ history and had a great sense of humor. She was most gracious. She was an AZ treasure. She showed a lot of class, something Rio Rico Rick could learn from. Better to keep silent and appear stupid than to speak out and remove all doubt.b