“Coordinated” attacks: Don’t call them terrorism

Despite increased evidence of terrorism, political correctness still reigns supreme

Over the weekend mayhem erupted in several unrelated locations. A bomb placed in a construction dumpster in New York City’s Chelsea district Saturday night injured 29 people, blowing out windows and causing numerous evacuations of nearby buildings. Though NYC’s leftist Mayor Bill de Blasio conceded the explosion was an “intentional act,’’ he waffled on any connection to terrorism until his appearance this morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”  It’s certainly leaning more in the direction that this was a specific act of terror.

“A specific act of terror?”

Three hours after the blast, a second device was found four blocks away, a pressure cooker that investigators also identified as a bomb. Pressure cookers were used by the Boston Marathon bombers, killing three people and injuring at least 264 others — many seriously — on April 15, 2013. A pressure cooker device was also used in a failed jihadist plot to attack New York’s Times Square in 2010.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, a naturalized citizen from Afghanistan, sought in connection with this NYC bombing is thought to be part of a terror cell. He was captured this morning following a shootout with police, after being identified by his cell phone left at the at the site of the unexploded pressure cooker.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo noted that the explosion hadn’t been linked to an international terrorist group, but rightly concluded, “A bomb going off is generically a terrorist activity.” Cuomo missed the point that terrorism doesn’t have to  have international roots. Homegrown terrorism is a reality.

Barack Obama, who referred to the Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence,” has remained mute. In 2010, Nidal Hasan, a devout Muslim U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, slaughtered 14 people (one an unborn child) and wounded 30 on the Texas Army base, as he shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” (Allah is greater!)

For unadulterated foolishness, this takes the cake:  Saturday evening police responded to calls of multiple shootings and stabbing victims inside s mega-complex shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This BNO news coverage should be in the running for the Politically Correct Award of the Year for reporting, “It was not immediately clear whether the stabbings were linked to terrorism.”  This followed St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson saying, “The individual made some references to Allah and we have confirmed that he asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them.”

An explosion shook the Elizabeth, New Jersey train station early Monday, where local and federal authorities were investigating a suspicious package. The blast went off as a bomb robot was examining a device inside a backpack under the train tracks around 12:40 a.m. Information was still sketchy in this NJ.com 1:20 AM report.

Micah Halpern, writing for the Observer cogently sums the reluctance to call terrorism by its rightful name in this commentary, “Explosive Language: Call the New York Bombing Terrorism Already.

Along with calling terrorism by its rightful name, we finally need to shut down immigration from terror sponsoring nations. Obama is flooding the U.S. with hundred of thousands of unable to be vetted “refugees,“ and Hillary Clinton has pledged to continue this self destructive lunacy.

Political correctness be damned.



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  1. Hometown Guy says:

     I’ve saved this article by retired USMC Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt. Its title is “We see what Obama does yet ‘none dare call it treason.”


    I kept the article because as a high school sophomore I read John Stormer’s book “None Dare Call It Treason.” He was a minister who tried to awaken Americans to the threat of communism both inside and outside our borders. He believed one’s faith to be a critical factor in defeating any such threat. Here we are in 2016 and the threat is different but the needed response is the same. Obama’s silence amounts to acquiescence.

  2. Kathy says:

    Terrorism – Terrorism – Terrorism!!!! There I said it – Islamic Terrorism!!!!! Brought to you by Obama, Hillary, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Grahmnesty, Pelosi, Reid, etc, etc, etc. And more to come with their insane “bring in the so-called refugees”.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Please note that the terrorist’s family owns a “restaurant” (aka: dive) in Elizabeth, NJ. The name of the restaurant is “First American Fried Chicken”, and had been deemed a public nuisance because it was open 24/7 and attracted the wrong crowd.

    The terrorist’s family sued the City of Elizabeth, NJ; the police department; several police officers and the police chief, and other city government officials and agencies. The case was settled with prejudice, meaning that it cannot be brought again. However, the documents do not indicate as to whether a monetary settlement was made.

    Interesting that the court docs show the 3 males who brought the lawsuit as all being named Mohammed.

    Meanwhile, in the alternate universe called Hollywood, they were once again giving themselves awards last night. The Emmys.
    They took every possible opportunity to say despicable things about Donald and Melania Trump.

    And Hollywood allowed Jeb! Bush to continue to be the victim.
    Take a look. Jeb! played a limo driver to the stars at last night’s Emmys.


    • Maggie says:

      Bowing and scraping to the Hollyweird lefties is the perfect job for the unemployed pig-faced Jeb! Bush. Let’s hope he remains permanently unemployed. He and Columba can spend more time in her native Mexico where their Spanish language communication (Jeb grandly announced during the campaign they only speak Spanish at home) will be more appreciated than it would have been in the White House.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    Patriotic American: it is a terrorist attack until proven otherwise. We have to put a stop to it.
    Democrats: there is not the slightest hint of terrorism, we need restraint and more immigration of potential terrorists.

    • Kathy says:

      Exactly. Also note Obama told the press NOT to report terrorism until ” their ” facts come out – well narrated by Obama, Hillary for their political purposes. Don’t be fooled – we are living in the start of a facist state. Obama has trasnformed America in his own image – Hillary will finalize it!

  5. Supporting Trump says:

    What leadership we get from Barack Hussein Obama!! Speaking in Manhattan, where he’s attending the U.N. Refugee Summit, Obama cautioned Americans not to “succumb to fear,” following the most recent terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.

    “The investigation is moving rapidly,” Obama said. “As is my practice, I’m going to leave it up to the FBI and law enforcement to provide details.”

    Was it his “practice” when he declared if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin? Was it his practice when he sent the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to attend the punk’s funeral?

    Giving platitudes, the limp-wrested President of the United States said law enforcement needs the help of the community. “If you see something suspicious, then you need to say something,” he said. “In the meantime I ask that the press to keep from getting ahead of the investigation.” 

    In today’s politically correct society, where diversity is foolishly celebrated and potential terrorists are known as refugees, reporting someone or something “suspicious” could put you on the evening news as the face of bigotry.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    So, the liberals/socialists/commies/fascists have come up with a new term today to describe the battle between Western civilization and those who want to kill us:


    And as one FOX host said on TV today, those innocents folks who were injured by shrapnel from the bombs would not describe it as a ‘narrative battle’.

    Treasonous bastard Obama and his whore Hillary.

    • Vince says:

      We’re screwed. Emperor Obama,who began his reign terrorizing American citizens will end it the same way. Our rights are being eroded.

  7. Villanova says:

    Is Hillary on auto pilot or drugged?

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Will Obama be crowned UN Secretary General today?

    My guess is that he will step over all the others who have expressed interest. Three of the nine have just this week withdrawn their name from the running.

    Timing is everything. The UN job comes vacant in November.

    King of the World. His goal.

    Please research what is happening in Venezuela. Their people, in just two years’ time, are starving. Middle class wiped out in two years under socialist regime. 15% of population eating out of garbage cans. Killing domestic animals to have something to eat.

    Soros. Again.

    US media will not report.