Is McCain pushing Lisa James for AZ GOP chair — again?

Rumor has it that one of the movers and shakers behind the shady effort to purge the Arizona Republican Party of conservative precinct committeeman is Lisa James, once again doing the bidding of John McCain. The 80-year-old U.S. Senator running for another 6-year term, is still enraged over being censured by elected State Committeemen and he wants them outta the political town by sundown — or at least not showing up at the state meeting in January for a repeat of the scathing rebuke.

The best insurance to keep the McEstablishment in control of the Arizona Republican Party is to rid it once and for all of the conservatives who understand all too well that total control, not dedicated party workers is what the McCain syndicate desires. McCain has used out-of-state Obama donors to help him in the purge. Current AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham is tied at the hip to McCain and McCain is tied to the disreputable George Soros who has funded his campaigns since 2001. Multi-billionaire Soros disdains national borders and with his ally McCain has pushed for a greater influx of illegals and unable to be vetted “refugees” into the U.S.

Prior to the Primary Election, where precinct committeemen are elected, ultra slick, full color, costly mailers, sent to registered Republicans urged them to vote for the “conservative, grassroots slate of Precinct Committeemen in our neighborhood.”

“Our neighborhood,” it turns out, is any neighborhood where conservatives are in abundance. The gimmick is to overfill the allotted slots with McRingers. The tagline is “Together, Let’s Build A Strong Republican Party!” The mailer also urges, “The candidates listed here represent a new generation of leadership and opportunity for Arizona Republicans and grassroots activists.”

This isn’t simply bologna. It’s gelatinous Spam in a can.

The required “paid for by” on the mailers lists Citizens for a Working America, a PAC sporting an oddly Socialist sounding moniker. Haven’t heard of it? Neither have most of us. Sunlight Foundation shines bright, antiseptic sun light on the Super PAC described as “flying under the radar.” 

We posted Precinct Committeemen: Have you been McPurged? a couple of weeks ago as PCs were made to wait for days to find out if they’d been kicked to the curb by McCain operatives. In the post we describe the shenanigans that have been engaged in by our so very busy U.S. Senators to oust dedicate party workers. This is not a new phenomenon. Former Sen. Jon Kyengaged in these underhanded tactics in 2012As we pointed out at that time, the precinct committeemen elections are crucial since it is the elected precinct committeemen who elect the intra-party leadership. Having conservatives in these posts hinders the efforts to have malleable stooges voted in to do the biding of the Republicrat honchos, who invariably push for amnesty immediately after they are reelected — though they campaign as committed agents of border security.

All of this signals that committed McCain supporter Lisa James is back for another bite at the AZ GOP chairmanship apple. She ran in 2007 and 2009, losing both times to business executive and CPA Randy Pullen. Pullen also served as the Arizona Republican National Committeeman, and Treasurer of the Republican National Committee.

This time around Jim O’Connor, Legislative District 23 Chairman is deserving of your support. Don’t let the practiced con artists con you.

13 Responses to Is McCain pushing Lisa James for AZ GOP chair — again?

  1. Rob Haney says:

    AMEN, AMEN. AMEN I say to you SeeingRedAZ.

  2. State Delegate says:

    SRAZ writes:The mailer also urges, “The candidates listed here represent a new generation of leadership and opportunity for Arizona Republicans and grassroots activists.”

    There is no new generation of leadership elected to overfill the committeemen in my precinct. Our list included adult children who still live with their parents and have never shown an iota of interest in the Republican Party. Do I expect to see them at district meetings? Not only “No!” but “Hell No!” This is a smoke and mirrors game with the ultimate goal of giving aid and comfort to megalomaniac John McCain and the failing Jeff Flake who I was glad to read is losing support.

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    There is a war going on for the heart and soul of the Republican party. If we don’t win it, all is lost.

    Our Founders must be rolling over in their graves at how we Americans have allowed our freedoms to be hacked by leftist hacks. Conservatives appear to be the only ones who value the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and instill Patriotism and reverence for these gifts in their children.

    Thank apathy among the fools who prefer to be entertained to having to exert the energy required to holding on to our freedoms.

    Thank FDR and LBJ for making Americans reliant on ever increasing BIG government instead of themselves. Schools now provide free breakfasts and lunches year round. The embarrassment of using food stamps disappeared when they were turned into a credit card. The truly needy are not the bulk of recipients of other people’s money.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      There is a war going on for the heart and soul of our Republic.

      It is now being reported on that George Soros’ organizations are about to register Eight Million “Global” residents to vote in our presidential election. And it was reported only in conservative media outlets several years ago that Soros owns or controls a company in Italy which is being allowed to tally our election votes.

      Lindsay Graham, an irrelevant buffoon, has been all over TV for the past two days saying that the NYC/NJ terrorist should be deemed an “enemy combatant”. Because, after all, Lindsay Graham wants us to know that He wrote the law on enemy combatants.

      Enemy combatants, in my book, are George Soros; Barack Obama; the Clintons, and all of their minions. They are clearly Not for US.

      One only has to read “They Only Look Dead”(1996), written by
      E.J. Dionne, Jr., which Bill Clinton used to make the Progressive “tradition” more relevant in our time.

      We are very close to Obama taking over.
      Hillary will bow out (or be forced to bow out), which will allow Obama to cancel the election.

      No one in the MSM covered the news about Jeh Johnson and Obama making joint statements just a few weeks ago about cancelling a national election if one of the candidates dies or is rendered incapacitated. And Jeh Johnson recently stated that DHS is categorizing federal elections as part of our “critical infrastructure”—-which no one in the media questioned.

      The first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence needs to be given some heavy thought. . . .
      “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary. . . .”

  4. jakesez says:

    At our AZRA meeting last night two representatives of McCain showed up for our open forum time and let us know that even though they don’t like McCain (they both worked for the Meluskey campaign) they were worried that without McCain we could lose the senate. They gave us the scenario of losing five senate seats nationwide and only our darling McCain could hope to save the senate.

    Let’s look at McCain, who is referred to as a “maverick” by the democrats and the media because he will cross over to the other side to support Obama’s people who up for a vote. As I recall Mavrick McCain stated that Obama won the election so should be able to nominate whomever he wants. Now, with Soros helping him, our little darling Maverick McCain can really do some harm.

    I got news for them, if Trump wins he will bring the other senate seats with him. If Trump loses, Hillary doesn’t need the senate as she will rule by fiat just like Obama. Have you seen McCain fight Obama on his executive orders?? Me neither.

    • Fed Up says:

      Know this, Jake: Meluskey was a stooge for McCain, no different than Jimmie Lee Deakin in the previous election. Deakin’s house was in foreclosure and mysteriously was “saved” after the election. Meluskey was a mostly self-funded candidate who was clearly going nowhere but refused to “suspend” his campaign until after the ballots were printed so he could still siphon off votes from Kelli Ward, who was the ONLY conservative in the race. BTW, how was the aged twerp Van the Radio Man allowed to simultaneously run for both the US House and Senate?

    • Maggie says:

      It’s not the Democrats who call McCain a maverick. He cultivated that image and uses the name himself.

  5. Casper says:

    Gordon and Lisa James are not called the “James Gang” without reason. His PR firm has deep roots in DC. He will exert whatever energy it takes to get Lisa over the finish line this time, and not have her suffer the embarrassment of sobbing onstage as she did last time she lost the state Republican chairmanship. It’s up to us to elect Jim O’Connor, a true conservative to put this grotesque McCain charade to bed once and for all.
    There are no circumstances under which any conservative should vote for Republicrat John McCain or his manipulative operatives.

  6. Former GOP PC says:

    This is the list of elected Precinct Committeemen in the precincts where overfilling took place in what turned out in many cases to be successful attempts at taking out conservatives. Notice the large number of “undervotes” in many of these races. That means the McCainiacs were voting only for themselves, proving for all to see that they don’t care about the grassroots of the party and the work we do to elect Republicans. It’s all about taking over the state party. My wife and I were taken out in this manner during the previous election after dedicating years of volunteer labor to the AZ Republican Party. It was like we died. Not a word to either of us about what a shame it was we were replaced by McCain allies—-who by the way, never or rarely show up at district meetings.

    After we were unceremoniously driven off, we reregistered as Independents and we no longer donate money to any of the phonies. We need term limits!

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Former GOP PC,
      Taking your ball and going home is not the solution.
      What McCain and the James Gang are doing is called playing party politics. They have every right to use their money and time and other resources to try to elect people who think like them to the PC slots, so those PCs can, in turn, elect state committeemen who elect the state chairman and, in turn, elect the delegates to the state presidential nominating convention, who, in turn, elect the national convention delegates and the national committeeman and national committeewoman.

      As independents, you and your wife are complete outsiders now as you don’t have a political party that you can influence with your participation.

      I would encourage you to try to get your PC seats back, but it sounds like you are not interested in that.

      The precinct committeemen of each precinct are the basic building block or our Party and hold “the most powerful political office in the world.” The reason our Party is not “conservative enough” for some complaining conservatives is because not enough of those same complaining conservatives are “in” the Party as precinct committeemen.

      The Party is there for the taking by conservatives. But sometimes, in some precincts, it means actually going door-to-door to ask the Republicans to go vote for the precinct committeemen in those precincts. The James Gang used their money for a mailer. It’s their right. Nothing is stopping conservatives from doing the same. Or using leaflets. Or the phone.

      Maricopa County has about 6,000 precinct committeeman slots, but only 2,774 got elected, and only a few of the 724 precincts had contested precinct committeeman elections. Where are all the conservatives who could have either gathered the no-more-than-nine signatures they needed to gather in their precinct to get on the ballot or, if that’s too much work, filling out the single page affidavit of candidacy to run as a write-in?

      Now, how many of the 2,774 in Maricopa County are conservatives, and will turn out for their LD organizational meeting to run for state committeeman and to vote for one another so that a majority of conservatives is created in the state committeeman ranks. How many will do the same in the other 14 counties.

      Right now, with less than one-half of the available Republican precinct committeeman slots being filled, the Republican Party apparatus is being run by less than four tenths of one per cent of the Republicans living in this state.

      If conservatives would have flocked into our Party in droves to run for precinct committeemen this election cycle, we’d have a conservative party.

      Yes, I know it’s hard work to recruit conservatives to get involved at the precinct level. My precinct has 11 slots now and we were only able to fill 10. But if we could get to the point that conservatives were actually campaigning against one another in every precinct, we’d really have a Party apparatus that could help conservative candidates in the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections, to help unseat RINO incumbents and replace them with good conservatives. As we did in LD 18 this primary, replacing Medicaid Expansion Jeff Dial with conservative Frank Schmuck, with 54% of the vote.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you.

      • Former GOP PC says:

        It’s obvious you think you mean well, but this corrosive element within the Republican party is not benignly “playing party politics.” Their devotion is not to the party of Lincoln and Reagan, but to the party of George Soros-backed McCain, who has spent his entire political career scheming with liberals and against conservatives. Prior to his first congressional race, the newly recruited McCain had to be “persuaded” by members of the then powerful “Phoenix 40” to run as a Republican. He was a liberal peg being forced into a conservative hole, which held no more relevancy for him then than it does today. But since it was power, not good governance he was seeking, he went along with the plan. McCain has preferred Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer, and Hillary Clinton, their ilk and issues over any Republican or the promotion of conservative values. He is an open borders liberal wearing a Republican cloak and has created havoc within the Arizona Republican Party for as long as I can remember. My wife and I did not “take our ball and go home.” We spent decades working for Republican candidates, donating sweat and considerable money only to be taken out as precinct committeemen and replaced by McCain toadies who have zero commitment to the Republican party. McCain will devote his dying breaths to making the Republican Party into a replica of the Democrat Party. I consider him evil and haven’t voted for him for years. I am a conservative who doesn’t vote for Democrats. This coming election will be the exception. Ann Kirkpatrick is simply McCain wearing lipstick. We’ll get the same from her as we have from McCain, who has voted for the confirmation of most of the liberals Obama has nominated to cabinet and federal judiciary posts. Hoping to get anything resembling conservatism from McCain is delusional. I’m still sane.

      • CD 8 PC says:

        “I hope this helps. Thank you”? The opening sentence in your reply to a victim of McCain’s underhanded shenanigans was accusing him of “taking your ball and going home….”
        His response to you was far more courteous than mine would have been under the circumstances he outlined. Your comment began with an necessary insult to someone who detailed what an abuser of conservatives McCain and his cohorts are. Political slicksters Lisa and Gordon James and state chairman Robert Graham exemplify that unsavory league.