Jarrett Maupin sinks ever lower in quest to achieve notoriety

Criminal behavior is Maupin’s calling card

Some people aspire to heights thought to be beyond their reach. Undeterred, they work diligently to attain their ambitions. It’s inspiring to see the results of their efforts, achieved through a combination of unrelenting resolve, effort and determination. Observing such people achieve their goals, plants the seeds for success in others.

Then there’s Jarrett Maupin, a never-was and never-will-be. In his teens, he emulated the notorious Al Sharpton, even placing the word “Reverend” before his name though he attended no theological institution.  Sharpton, it will be remembered represented Tawana Brawley on false rape claims against four New York men including an assistant District Attorney and a police officer. The hoax was a major story in 1987 potentially ruining the lives of innocent men.

In November 2008, Maupin, then 21, was arrested for filing a false report. The previous year he ran against Mayor Phil Gordon but was bumped from the race after the County Clerk’s Office determined that nearly 185 of the nominating petition signatures needed to assure Maupin’s spot on the ballot were collected by convicted felons, invalidating them.

In retaliation, Maupin lied to Maricopa County Sheriff’s investigators and the FBI presenting them with a list of witnesses who had supposedly seen video evidence of Mayor Gordon committing sex crimes with a child. Five investigators were assigned to the case and spent eight months conducting an investigation,

But when detectives interviewed the so-called witnesses, all denied knowledge of any criminal activity by Gordon and any evidence that would support Maupin’s vicious and baseless allegations. According to this report in the local newspaper, Maupin faced 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500, but got off easy with five years probation and 75 hours of community service.  Later in 2011, the contemptible Maupin served time in federal custody for violating the terms of his probation in the 2009 conviction, and was given 36 months of supervised probation upon release — another slap on the wrist.

Another example of Maupin’s race baiting tactics occurred in the 2013 Phoenix City Council race, where he used vicious racial slurs against a Democrat female candidate who had the temerity to run for a council seat though not black. She won despite his attacks.

These days Maupin, the self-declared, jobless “civil rights activist” is trying to capitalize on the aggressive behavior of the Black Lives Matter goons who are creating havoc in cities across the U.S. falsely alleging widespread institutionalized police brutality. In July he tied up rush hour traffic at 24th Street and Camelback. Police thwarted his threats to block Interstate 10 in Phoenix.

His latest gambit is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday, with protesters blocking the Mill Ave. Bridge in Tempe. He refers to this planned debacle as “Blockade on the Bridge: Moral Monday Action.”

It’s safe to say, Jarrett Maupin wouldn’t recognize moral actions if they sat on his now-shaved head. 

8 Responses to Jarrett Maupin sinks ever lower in quest to achieve notoriety

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Remember the days when the “nearly famous” Barry Young, previously of KFYI talk radio, used to give Maupin generous amounts of air time? Complete waste of time and oxygen, with nothing of substance ever being uttered by either person.

    Update on the mall shooter in Washington.
    He was NOT Hispanic, as the authortities and media wanted you to believe.

    Turns out, he is a muslim Turkish “immigrant”.

    The authorities in Washington state were quick to say “no indication of terrorism”, when 5 people lay dead and many others were subjected to the sights and sounds of innocent people being killed while shopping at Macy’s. Seems to me that a lot of people were certainly terrorized.

    When you are out and about, please be aware of your surroundings.
    Scope out the various exits or places that you could safely hide and things that you could utilize to defend yourself. Have a plan.

    • Kent says:

      Good information re: Muslim mall murderer and the increased need to be aware of our surroundings.. The “religion of peace” shows it’s true face once again.

      As to Jarrett Maupin, he is becoming ever more aggressive in his determination to gain attention. Who would believe this loser once attended the prestigious Brophy Prep? He was a short timer drop out.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    I read this post and wonder why Jarrett Maupin has been able to skate on his crimes, receiving such light sentences. His attempt to create havoc in the life of Phoenix’ then-Mayor Phil Gordon surely warranted a tougher sentence than he received. I was no fan of Gordon, but Maupin’s attempted actions to so grossly defame him were reprehensible.

  3. Sally Forth says:

    I view Jarrett Maupin as a pathetic creature with a criminal mind. I’ve heard he still lives under his parent’s roof. What he needs is an actual job rather than the enabling of his vile activities.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Maupin is a typical loser trying to disrupt the lives of people who actually work for a living. That he would look up to a sleazy character like Al Sharpton tells me all I need to know about this twerp.

  5. VINOAZ says:

    Would love to see a company of marines patrolling the bridge.

  6. Reverend Maupin says:

    We need to do lunch. So much of what is said by this site/author is inaccurate. I’ve a sense we’ve more in common than not – politically and philosophically. I don’t run from criticism or critics, be informed. First hand is always better than fourth or fifth.

    With every good wish,


    • Observer says:

      Jarrett Maupin,
      How interesting that you try to present yourself as reasonable, stating that you have a lot in common with those of us at this conservative site. Does that mean you deny referring to Kate Gallego as a “white sham candidate in brown face,” “an interloping political puppet,“ (albeit with a degree from Harvard and an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania) and “a white political patsy” ? The link in today’s post recalls you using all of those pejorative terms, as well as calling Kate Gallego “a power-hungry white…who not is openly campaigning as white.”

      Was she supposed to put the words, “I am white” on her campaign signs? When you ran for the school board, did you put the words,”I am black” on your campaign materials? “I am a race-baiter and divisive jerk” might have served you better.

      You thrive on inciting political animus and making the lives of other people who you don’t know miserable while bringing attention to yourself. We just want to get to work, be on time for meetings and appointments, and get home at the end of the day, without you inciting disruptions. I find your tactics reprehensible. But then you have no real job, so you aren’t affected. BTW, where did you attain your theology degree? Where is your congregation? Do you preach there each week and minister to your congregants when they are in the hospital? Do you conduct weddings, christenings and funerals? Are you salaried? Is it true you live in a home that your folks own?