Donald Trump being undermined by AZ RINOs

Political consultant Brian Seitchik appeared in Politico a few months ago identified as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Arizona state director. He carried a strange bag of credentials, having previously opined that, “Trump’s impact on congressional races and other down ticket races could be disastrous.”

This past Saturday at a Trump rally in Mesa, Seitchik, exercising his newly found authority, attempted to pick a fight with twice elected, former Maricopa County chairman Rob Haney who was in line to pick up Trump/Pence campaign signs for himself and distribution to others.

How did this onetime California political operative with an obvious vendetta against GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump end up being appointed his Arizona state director? Who’s responsible for making such a detrimental appointment? 

Earlier this month we posted “McCain colluders Graham, Lynch set to scuttle Trump.” It included the list of Arizona Presidential Electors — all appointed by McCain cohort AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham. Remember McCain actually called Hillary Clinton “a rock star he could support for president?

In the case of Jane Lynch, Graham bears the responsibility for choosing a like-minded, known McCain ally, who gives lip service to Republican values, but turns decidedly squishy when backbone counts, like the aisle crossing, pro-amnesty maverick himself. “I don’t like the fact that I’m going to do this,” said Arizona presidential elector Lynch, of committing her electoral vote to Trump. Lynch told Politico, “she’ll likely cast her personal vote for libertarian Gary Johnson or a write-in candidate.” So Jane Lynch, a  Trump elector, publicly announces her defection, which carries no consequence from the state party chairman.

Trump’s Arizona Campaign Chairman state Rep. Phil Lovas, who congratulated McCain on his primary election victory from the podium at Trump’s most recent appearance in the Valley, was soundly booed by the massive crowd of conservatives in attendance. Again we ask, who is responsible for these appointments?

Check out the 3rd briefing in the ongoing series “Never McCain. This latest video is titled, “McCain Not Pro-Life II.”

9 Responses to Donald Trump being undermined by AZ RINOs

  1. azgary says:

    This past Saturday at a Trump rally in Mesa, Seitchik, exercising his newly found authority, attempted to pick a fight with twice elected, former Maricopa County chairman Rob Haney who was in line to pick up Trump/Pence campaign signs for himself and distribution to others.

    what happened, what did i miss?

    • Rambling Rose says:

      You missed showing up to help the Republican presidential candidate. Do you have a Trump Pence sign in your yard? Have you been putting any up along the roadways?

      • azgary says:


        I have been on board with Trump DESPITE the fact he is the republican presidential candidate from the beginning, that includes all of the above and numerous $$$ donations.

        have YOU been giving financial support?

        you should really refrain from invective when you have not idea what you are talking about.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Anyone with a Twitter account should reach out to The Donald.
    His instincts were correct about McCain not being a hero.
    It seems like Pence, who speaks favorably about McCain, has had an impact on Trump’s thinking.

    Meanwhile, here’s a great story about Sheriff Joe’s recent trip to visit some Conservative Repubs in California and what he endured there:


    Also, this from Luke Air Force Base, home of the new F35 fighter jets—-13 jets have been taken out of service due to continued mechanical problems. One F35 from Luke, which had been flown to Mountain Home AFB in Idaho for maneuvers, burst into flames when the engine was started. The pilot was able to jump out of the cockpit to safety.

    • Doc says:

      …and congress wants to get rid of the A-10 Warthog…figures…

      As an Air Force Vet with Flight Line experience, I can tell you that the F-35 is J-U-N-K….it’s mcTraitor’s Favorite, which speaks Volumes! The F-22 Raptor is Twice the jet on a bad day…

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    What a bunch of snakes in the state AZ GOP. Trump, from the start, didn’t like McCain. And it was always clear McCain was not going to support Trump. Hillary maybe, but not Trump.

    These state GOP RINOs are acting like it’s their playground and no one else is to set foot on it. Until McCain is gone, these pitiful games will continue.

    People complain about politicians – they must love to complain because some of the top troublemakers have won their primaries – McCain, Rubio (gang of eight), McConnell – and the national GOP took down the conservatives. People have to stop voting for these people over and over. They won’t though until they bother to do a quick read on the background and voting record of these fools. It’s too much to ask of this low-information, uninformed electorate.

    The two against one “debate” last night was the same old, same old – the Leftwing media against anyone not on their plantation. Trump’s supporters know that and won’t stop supporting him but the all-out assault on him is just sickening to watch.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      All true! What is also true is that the Arizona GOPe (establishment) is, and has been for far too long, in the grasp of McCain-led Republicrats. Robert Graham is their Pied Piper playing the McCain/Flake tune. What a disappointment he turned out to be. He has stacked the presidential electors with known RINOs and not a word passed his lips regarding the recent McCain led purge of longtime conservative precinct committeemen who have spent years toiling for the Republican Party. I am proud to be among those who voted for McCain’s censure. I will also vote against him in the General Election.

      Flake is no better and needs a strong challenger. He refuses to endorse our Republican nominee and acts as though what he’s doing is noble. Instead of taking the option of keeping his mouth shut since he doesn’t like Donald Trump, he is turning up everywhere that will have him, knocking Trump. His defection wins praise from the left wing media outlets he frequents. I refer to him as Jeffie Benedict McArnold

      • State Delegate says:

        East Valley Conservative,
        This finally fed up with McCain movement is a new phenomena. I’ve been an elected Republican precinct committeeman and state committeeman for years and have not voted for him (except against Socialist Obama) for the past 4 elections. I never discussed my negative votes, fearing backlash.How good it is to see there is an actual movement to rid Arizona of him. It would be a fitting end to this deceptive snake’s overly long political career. He should have run as a Democrat.

        Thanks to Rob Haney for the time and effort put into exposing Mccain with these videos

  4. jojo says:

    I will never vote for McCain again. I was just at a meeting where Graham was saying we have to have him because he is chairman of the armed services committee. I asked why McCain doesn’t enthusiastically support TRUMP? Excuses made. Graham was robotic about TRUMP. No excitement. Very obvious. I WILL vote for Kirkpatrick. McCain would Thwart TRUMP at modernizing the military and bad mouth him every day. GO ANN I’m spreading the word. #neverMcCain