Memo to Grant Woods: Grant us a break

The Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic highlights news that is stale — as in years old. The headline, “Former GOP AG Grant Woods endorses Clinton for president,” is a case in point.

Dan Nowicki, John McCain’s unfailingly fawning assigned reporter, describes Woods as “a moderate-to-liberal Republican,” unaware that a liberal Republican is actually a Democrat. Nowicki has spent so much time groveling at McCain’s two left feet, that he doesn’t have that depth of awareness.  There just ain’t such a thang, Dan. McCain is proof positive.

Woods’ endorsement is contrived news.  The only reason McCain’s former Chief of Staff rates coverage at all is due to the fact that has learned he can generate attention by remaining a registered Republican while supporting Democrats. In 2002 he toyed with the idea of switching  parties, but like a spoiled child seeking attention, he knows such a move would render him flaccid as an attraction. He was prominently displayed on Republicans for Janet, during Napolitano’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign and endorsed Democrats Terry Goddard and Felecia Rotellini for AZ Attorney General in two separate races. Leftist Harry Mitchell was Grant Wood’s pick for Congress. 

 Grant Woods is a show boater. This is who Woods is.  It’s how he thinks. It isn’t news.

Check out the 4th briefing in the ongoing seriesNever McCain.” This latest video is titled, “His voting record.” Each new video will appear on the “Never McCain” page.

10 Responses to Memo to Grant Woods: Grant us a break

  1. VINOAZ says:

    When asked why the Democrats did not offer a candidate to run against Woods, Sam Steiger said it was cheaper to buy him. He apparently comes very cheap.

  2. Susan says:

    We cancelled our paper.

  3. jakesez says:

    For those of us who can remember long ago when Grant Woods was Attorney General for Arizona, this is for you. This was a time when “English Only” was passed and was to become law. The liberals found a liberal activist Superior Court judge in Pinal Country who ruled it unconstitutional. Rather than appealing the decision as was expected, Grant Woods let it stand and thus “English Only” died by inaction. Not much has changed with Grant Woods, says one thing and does another.

  4. Kent says:

    As a comparative newcomer to Arizona (12 years), I find a lot of interesting background information on people and issues on this site.

    There was a link in one post I found in a Google search that caused me to look further and I found this 2008 article about Grant Woods being hired by Cochise County to prosecute a border patrol agent accused in the shooting death of an illegal alien. After reading about Woods, none of this surprised me, but it did disgust me. He worked on two cases to potentially put the agent behind bars for decades. Fortunately, both juries hung up. I wonder why an outside prosecutor was brought in on this case. Doesn’t Cochise County have their own.? The border agents are doing the tough work to keep Arizona citizens safe in their homes where crime is rampant along the border. I’m glad the agent is free.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    There was a day in Sept of 1997 when Jane Dee Hull was sworn in as Gov after Symington resigned. Grant Woods was State A.G. at the time. He was accompanied by his dad that day.
    The senior Mr. Woods was overheard, prior to the ceremony, telling his son to ‘be nice to her’.
    The “only child” syndrome.

    Speaking of singular children:
    Obama takes on a Gold Star Mom, addressing her as if she were the enemy.

  6. William Heuisler says:

    The Arizona (AZ) Republic has been an acute embarrassment to our beautiful State for many decades. Allow me a brief reminder:

    The Republic invented and then accused new Governor Evan Mecham of various corruptions which were all proven untrue in Maricopa County Court – and never corrected by the Republic.
    “But why no libel suit?” you ask innocently. Read on.

    AZ Republic Publisher Tully was a “Stolen Valor ” fraud. Darrow “Duke” Tully, pretended for many years to be an Air Force Colonel “Ace” fighter pilot. Tully was aided, abetted and covered for by Pat Murphy, AZ Republic Editorial Page Editor. Pat Murphy (a known and vicious drunk) killed elderly Viola Faber in a drunken daylight Hit and Run at a Flower Street intersection in Phoenix.

    The AZ Republic suborned witnesses, threatened politicians and Police Chiefs while I tried to expose Murphy. Pat Murphy libeled me in the AZ Republic for years. My suit against Murphy and the AZ Republic (Heuisler Vs. Phoenix Newspapers) was only a modified success because Judge Cecil Patterson declared me a “Public Figure”. Judge Patterson said I needed to show “Actual Malice” on Murphy’s part – mind reading intent and purpose. But Judge Cecil Patterson refused to allow me to introduce more than 35 pages of my H&R investigation for the Viola Faber family. Murphy is now retired in gentile comatose comfort and our docile Phoenix Police Department has the killer of Viola Faber listed as unknown. Judge Cecil Patterson was duly appointed to the Federal Appellate Bench.

    The Arizona Republic also covered up the car-bomb murder of their own reporter, Don Bolles by a man named John Adamson (who was named in Bolles’ dying declaration) and who confessed in court to having been paid $50,000 by Scottsdale Billionaire, Kemper Marley to kill the reporter who was trying to write a series of stories about Kemper Marley’s Mafia and race track wire-service (Emprise) ties.

    The Arizona Republic is a well-known national disgrace. They have been at the silent heart of more scandals, frauds, intimidations and killings than almost any big-city newspaper in our nation. We can only hope my repeating unpleasant Truth will spur their lawyers to attempt more courtroom intimidation – and hasten their departure.

    Look all these names up and note the coverage … or the lack of it.
    Or, my Roman a Clef “Casual Executions: assassination in Arizona” features a light hearted romp through the AZ Republic’s trash heap.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did the rag report on the great work that our Border Patrol agents have been doing at our southern border?

    Take a look:

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Why would they report on something that harms their beloved illegals ability to earn a substantial living? The Arizona Republic always configures the southern border drug problem as responding to the desire of Americans for narcotics. God forbid they should acknowledge the criminality of Mexicans as they attempt to hook more and more young Americans and destroy lives.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    RE: The blow-back from the endorsement made by the AzRep.
    Here’s how they are keeping subscribers from canceling:

    • Casper says:

      A possible solution? Get the editorial page editor on the line and then blow a shrill whistle. If you have an exposed outgoing phone number, block it before calling. Without giving your name, tell the editor why you’re calling before blowing the whistle. They’ll get the drift, just as we have with the long waits.