Opposition to Trump features link to Muslim Brotherhood

Both Arizona U.S. Senators lacking rational thought

Staying on top of the news is an all-consuming effort. With jobs and family responsibilities, the task often seems overwhelming. Still, we know we have an obligation to remain as well-informed as possible for the well-being of our families and to vigilantly make the right decisions as we vote to secure America’s future.

With those thoughts in mind, we are providing a direct link to The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse.  This recent post, The Emerging Connections Between the Muslim Brotherhood and “Never Trump is an important key to your arsenal of information.

The post provides in-depth information, stating, “The “Never Trump” coalition has always consisted of a few noisy and indecent politicians within Washington DC.  Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Jeff Flake and Representative Adam Kinzinger the most noteworthy and vitriolic.”  It also links the far-past-his-prime, octogenarian John McCain to the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, who McCain mischaracterized as “freedom fighters.” The pictures aren’t new, but substantiate the allegations.

Dan Nowicki, John McCain’s assigned reporter at the pro-McCain Arizona Republic, reported in 2014 that McCain vehemently denies ever meeting with and posing for photos with the ISIS militants. Do you believe the very senior senator or your lying eyes?

Arrogance does strange things to marginal people. But the question remains, “How did Arizona get so lucky as to have both of our U.S. Senators on the wrong side of crucial issues?”

We invite you to check out A trip down memory lane with John McCain.

8 Responses to Opposition to Trump features link to Muslim Brotherhood

  1. MacBeth says:

    This morning’s edition of USAToday, owned by Gannett, the same parent company that owns The Arizona Repulsive came out with its “historic presidential endorsement.” It was Hillary, of course.

    Recently the AZ Repulsive made its own historic endorsement.What a surprise! It was scandal plagued Hillary! Makes me wonder if the tail is wagging the dog or the other way around. In any event, watch for ALL Gannett newspapers to trounce Trump. There is a phony opportunity to vote on whether you agree or disagree with the USAToday endorsement. I voted, but the lock is in.

    USAToday is given away free at hotels, meaning Gannett pays hotels to take it! It’s the news equivalent of People magazine aimed at less than deep thinkers with short reports, deflecting bright colors and entertainment based drivel. No one seeking news takes it seriously.

    • azgary says:

      • Justin says:

        I’m an early morning jogger. When I fist moved into this neighborhood, several years ago many of the homes I passed had newspapers in the driveway. Few do today. That’s my gauge that the Arizona Republic is the dying relic it deserves to be. I find the newspaper’s political endorsements amusing. Few of the state, county and legislative candidates they endorse actually win. It’s a toothless lion….or should I say lyin’?

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        WSJ columnist urges voters to pick Clinton over ‘unstable’ Trump – Sep. 30, 2016


        I used to admire Rabinowitz. Not anymore. Her needless evisceration of Trump and support of one of the most evil, corrupt, devious women in the world, Hillary Clinton, is appalling.

        WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch and is for open borders. Murdoch is set to attend a Hillary fundraiser in October. They’re all running scared.

  2. Kathy says:

    UN Tweets – vote against Trump, then deletes after 20 min. – then claims they never sent the tweet!!! Their target was Ex-pats to sign up and vote – funded by non-other than McCain’s bud Soros!

  3. Longtime GOP PC says:

    John McCain and Jeff the Flake are Arizona’s embarrassments. I sincerely hop someone with credentials and name ID is gearing up to challenge The Flake. He’ll be running for reelection before we know it. CD 3 Congressman Paul Gosar is the consistent conservative in AZ’s congressional pack.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look at this—–

    In the British press today, a big article about the “conservative” Arizona Republic newspaper and its staff are receiving death threats.


    Meanwhile, a Trump supporter in Florida got mighty angry after his yard signs kept being stolen. So his DIY project was to run an electric current through the sign. The results were shocking—to quite a few reprobates.

    Obama and company in Israel today for the funeral of Shimon Peres.
    And he had the audacity–out loud— to compare Peres’ legacy with his own.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      My response is that it’s impossible to issue death treats to the putrid carcass of a long dead newspaper. The Arizona Repulsive is dead and doesn’t know enough to lie down.