Paul Penzone: Facts get in his way as he challenges Sheriff Arpaio

This is a redacted copyof the March 18, 2003 Glendale Police report referred to in a campaign ad that is garnering protests from Maricopa County Sheriff candidate Paul Penzone. At the time this report was filed, Penzone was employed as a Sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department.

Penzone, a Democrat, challenging Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a second time, claims Arpaio’s television commercials drawing attention to the two count criminal offence of domestic violence against his then-wife, Susan, is unfair.

Indignant Penzone has hired a lawyer, righteously alleging the allegations contained in the police report are “defamation, old and untrue.” Since when do the police agencies take time to file “untrue” reports against one of their own? And does the passage of time lessen the crime? The couple was living separately and had filed for divorce. Rarely is this a time of cordiality. But facts are facts. In the intervening years both parties have remarried and their son is now an adult. For whatever reason, Susan has now backed off her charge of being roughed up by Paul.

The people of Maricopa County still have every right to expect our law enforcement personnel will enforce the law, not break it.

Penzone touts his liberal endorsements, including Republicrats such as Democrat endorsing  Grant Woods and Jerry Lewkowitz a nearly 90 -year-old former Phoenix city councilman, who are tucked in among the myriad left-wing labor unions and political Hispanic advocacy groups.

Laurie Roberts, a columnist in the daily newspaper, who has full employment taking the side of victims of abuse, has taken a left turn, calling the commercials “despicable.”  Roberts concludes her column with the reliable slur used by the newspaper, writing Arpaio is “nothing but a politician.” That was the same description editorially used to negatively describe Jeff Flake. While running for the U.S. senate, Flake deceptively employed political expediency, briefly backing off his commitment to amnesty to get elected. The newspaper needlessly went apoplectic. Flake, partnering with amnesty proponent John McCain, reverted to his old shenanigans as soon as the ballots were counted.

Seeing Red AZ stands with Republican career law enforcement professional, Sheriff Joe Arpaiowho does the job Maricopa County citizens elected him to do for six consecutive terms. He speaks plainly and speaks the truth. It’s not difficult to understand. 

*Police report later mysteriously removed

6 Responses to Paul Penzone: Facts get in his way as he challenges Sheriff Arpaio

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Penzone lost to Arpaio in 2012. He’ll lose to “America’s Sheriff” in November 2016. The open border advocates at the AZ Repulsive newspaper, have devoted barrels of ink to defeating the popular sheriff and lose every time, also. Sheriff Joe Arpaio still rates the loudest cheers at Maricopa County (every other year) mandatory meetings for elected precinct committeemen. The AZ congressmen who attend can’t even begin to generate the volume that Joe gets beginning as he walks from his seat to the stage and then continuing till hands are red from applauding and voices strained from cheering. He’ll have this families vote as long as he runs!!

  2. Doc says:

    So, maybe penzone is related to mcFlake or mcTraitor?

    …other than that…I got Nuthin’…

    • Realist says:

      From Penzone’s endorsements, it’s easy to see he’a going to turn a blind eye to the illegal invasion, identical to John McCain and Jeff McFlake who openly court illegals. Remember the “Gang of Eight” where our two deceptive senators put together a group of liberals and Republicrats? The sole purpose of that scam was to “normalize” all illegals and “bring them out of the shadows.” They’re looking for votes….not from American citizens who mostly deplore their schemes, but from illegals they hope to turn into voters. The two are no different than any liberal Democrats. They both have to be replaced!

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Problem is—we’re stuck with recycled Phoenix PD cops.
    And this guy isn’t the only one who has had domestic violence charges that somehow got swept under the rug.

    Hells bells, Surprise hired a guy who retired from PPD with similar baggage and now he’s making over $150,000 a year after being promoted from the Surprise PD chief’s job to assistant city manager.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Although there have been a number of elected Maricopa County Sheriffs who came from Police Departments, the ones who integrated best with the office were those who rose up through the ranks of the MCSO though they might have started with a PD years earlier. When John Mummert was elected, one of his first acts was to de-westernize the deputy’s attire, meaning no boots, western yokes on shirts and jackets and no Stetsons. Senator Barry Goldwater stepped in and said that was the Western image of Arizona that made us unique. Mummert backed down.

      • Ajo Joe says:

        I meant to add that Paul Penzone carries too much baggage to be elected sheriff, even if Joe Arpaio wasn’t in the mix. As long as he runs, I will always support Arpaio. He’s proven himself to be exactly the sheriff I want.