Trump energizes supporters in Prescott Valley

Endless line of supporters not dissuaded, as they wait hours to hear Donald Trump

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have been at the Prescott Valley Event Center for the Trump rally Tuesday, scroll through this Daily Courier photo gallery to get a sense of the excitement generated by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during his appearance in Prescott Valley. People waited in line for hours to hear Trump.

A large screen jumbotron, typically used for sporting events, was provided for the outdoor crowd unable to enter the Prescott Valley Event Center, which was filled to its 7,500 standing area capacity.  As a seated concert venue, the auditorium holds a capacity crowd of 6,200. It was a balmy 70 ° making the wait and time outside pleasurable, with strangers in line, united in a cause, amiably chatting.

Arizona elected officials, current and former, were on hand to greet Donald Trump. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has appeared with the GOP presidential nominee at numerous national events, was on stage, as was former Gov. Jan Brewer. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu,  now seeking a U.S. House seat in CD 1, was among the throng who were onstage with Arizona  State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who is the Trump campaign’s national chairman and state Rep. Phil Lovas, Trump’s state chairman.

This event marks Donald Trump’s sixth appearance in Arizona, where he continually draws massive crowds of ardent supporters.

The Daily Courier reporter Scott Orr covered the event under the headline Trump whips Prescott Valley crowd into a frenzy.”

To watch the event* click this link.

* Video courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting

6 Responses to Trump energizes supporters in Prescott Valley

  1. Realist says:

    I keep reading that Arizona is turning “purple” and the Dems think we are ripe for takeover. How wrong they are! Only the ill-informed and those who can rationalize support for this lifelong practiced liar, will vote for Hillary. Arizona voters are with Trump and the state stays bright red.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    I wasn’t able to attend this rally, tho I very much wanted to. Trump has my vote, which is what matters most.

  3. azgary says:

    Rumblings on Social Media: RNC Is Taking Advantage of Trump Volunteers

    Is the RNC lying to Trump volunteers?

  4. Pima Pal says:

    I attended this Trump rally. What a pleasure it was!! Everyone was courteous, many even sharing food in line. No complainers, no pushing. Even if we had never previously met, we were united “friends” for the morning, all concerned about the direction our country is taking and united it a string desire to take it back for our children and grandchildren, I drove up from Oro Valley. It was more than worth the long drive!

    PS For those of you from Maricopa County. please keep your spectacular Sheriff Joe Arpaio in office!! Wish I could vote for him, but I’m in the People’s Republic of Pima. It’s a few degrees cooler and a thousand degrees more liberal.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Two stories impacting Arizonans that I wish Trump had known about:

    —PHX VA still not fixed and 200 additional Veterans have died while waiting for medical services (story on drudge today).

    —60 Thousand self-employed Arizonans have been notified by
    BC/BS that their Obamacare insurance policies will be canceled in the next month. Apparently, a company named “Centene” may step in, but no one has any info. Blue Cross/Blue Shield did tell the folks who they are abandoning that they always have the option to

    If you check drudge today, you will likely see the photo he has posted of Hurricane Matthew. It looks as if it has been photo-shopped to appear as a skeleton face. However, that is Exactly how it appeared on the National Weather Service radar as it completely covered Haiti with its ominous visage.
    I still believe that Obama will use this to monkey with the upcoming election.

    And, if you still do not believe that Obama is a Narcissist, please read this story regarding a recent interview that he gave.
    He states that, even after being a U.S. Senator and President for eight years, his world views still have Not changed.

    He truly believes that he will have a brilliant legacy. But he does not realize that a legacy only exists if mankind is still around to read about it.