Vote NO on Prop 205: “Recreational” marijuana is no party

The proponents of legalization of recreational marijuana have an agenda and it has nothing to do with the reliable string puller of  “getting more money into the classroom.” Rather than helping children, Proposition  205 is actually a negative factor in their lives, impacting brain development, cognitive thinking and memory. Today we bring you the Arguments Filed In Opposition to the passage of this intentionally cast-in-stone law, which is written in such a manner that it cannot be amended.

Members of the medical, legal, educational, faith-based. public safety and business communities along with elected officials and private citizens who have been personally impacted by the drug epidemic that has ravaged families, have come together to explain the negatives associated with the passage of Prop. 205  The downside to passage is monumental, as evidenced by data available from  Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, states which passed legalization and are now dealing with the consequences. The potency of today’s marijuana is as high as 60% — compared to marijuana of the 1970s with THC levels — the psychoactive chemical that makes people high, then often at less than 1 percent.

Retail dispensaries can be located just 500 feet from schools The drug is marketed as edibles, snacks and candies to appeal to children. Ingesting the drug in this form tends to be two or three times as potent as marijuana that is smoked

Pot smoking is not benign. It’s important to acknowledge that marijuana has distinctly detrimental effects particularly for teens and young adults, whose brains are still developing,. creating a crisis of addiction and mental health problems and increasing DUI deaths and pediatric THC exposure.

Fox News reports a recent study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals fatal car crashes involving pot have doubled in Washington state which legalized the drug for ‘recreational’ use.. CBS Denver reports Colorado hospitals are seeing increasing numbers of newborns testing THC-Positive

Because the devastation is so great and the arguments in favor of this issue are so misleading, we have chosen not to print the link to them.


Thanks to a “good call” request from commenter Kathy, the full 19-page text of Prop 205 can be read here,



10 Responses to Vote NO on Prop 205: “Recreational” marijuana is no party

  1. Kathy says:

    Also written in prop 205 is a statement regarding no charges or lawsuits could be brought against anyone under the influence of marijuana! SRAZ please post the portion of prop 205. VOTE NO on Prop 205!

    • Kathy says:

      Please, please read page 13 of the prop 205: #36-2860, #4 B, C and D. Cannot prosecute!!!! Again please read and get the truth out!!!! Thank you

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    If legalizing marijuana in any form was good for Americans, do you think George Soros would be spending millions to do it. He knows it’s detrimental to a society and one society he detests is America.

    No on 205.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      George Soros has also been funding John McCain since 2001. What an atrocious connection! For countless reasons McCain will never get my vote again, but this association makes it all the easier.

  3. Patriot Dad says:

    What a swell message to send to Arizona’s kids. Being stoned is so cool, we’re giving you the green light to grow it, buy it, eat it and smoke it !!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Make no mistake, the drug epidemic and now the legalization of drugs is part of the plan to ruin America. It’s been leading up to this point for years.

    Remember how the U.S.S.R. used alcohol to keep their people in an altered state? The shelves in food markets were mostly always empty, except for the booze. When the people cannot think clearly, the government runs the show.

    Marijuana should never be used for so-called recreational use.
    There is plenty of radiographic evidence to show that marijuana does damage to the grey matter of the brain, and it is irreversible.

    Go ahead and believe the politicians and those who stand to make mega zillions of dollars—-they are the ones who say it’s no problem.
    But the CT scans and the autopsies prove otherwise.

    Marijuana has long been known to be a “gateway drug”.

    Heroin and crack cocaine can immediately change the chemical structure of the brain. It has you at ‘hello’. Nothing else matters.

    For those who are A-OK with legalization of drugs, please explain your reasoning to the 7 year old girl who went to school on Monday in Pennsylvania and told her teacher that she could not wake up her mommy and daddy.

    When the police arrived at the house, there were three tiny children there unattended and in filth. The parents were dead from heroin overdoses.
    The relatives of these children had tried repeatedly to get the State of Pennsylvania to intervene, even to the extent of posting photos from inside the hellish, filthy house. No help whatsoever from any government agency.

    Please, if you are so inclined, pray for those who have and will be impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Here are some photos that you may not see elsewhere.

    Obama’s going to use this to monkey with the election.

  5. kylelyles says:

    By no means am I a rabid anti-pot guy. But 205 is a train wreck of legislation.

    The faux medical marijuana laws today allow much better control and frankly, any pot smoker can legally gain access to it in this manner.

    Vote NO!

  6. D.B. Cooper says:

    The so-called medical marijuana was the foot in the door for recreational legalization. Remember how it was sold as a panacea for glaucoma? That turned out not to be the case. Studies in the 1970s showed that marijuana can lower high eye pressure for a few hours. When someone tells you research shows marijuana is effective for treating glaucoma, they may be referring to these studies. However, what actually causes blindness in glaucoma is damage to the optic nerve, which connects the eye to the brain. Each eye only has one, so it is important to protect it. Because marijuana lowers blood pressure as well as eye pressure, it can reduce the optic nerve’s blood supply. With glaucoma, that nerve has already suffered damage. Lowering the blood supply increases the detrimental effects. Also, Smoking pot, just like cigarettes, does no favors for your lungs. Both damage the lungs and are cancer causers.

  7. Truth in advertising says:

    Perhaps someone should actually read the AAA article and check the facts before citing it in an article because traffic fatalities in Washington have not doubled since legalization. In fact, they have only increased approximately the same amount as the increase in the states population during the same time period, or about 6%. The article is very carefully worded to make it sound as if traffic fatalities have doubled, when in fact the article is only reporting that drivers who test positive after a fatal accident has doubled. And, testing positive is not necessarily an indication of impairment, nor is it an indication of who was at fault for the accident.

    The proposal also does not say those under the influence cannot be charged. It says testing positive cannot be the sole evidence used to charge someone, and that is not new wording in AZ state law. It is simply repeating what the AZ Supreme court already ruled in 2014. Testing positive for marijuana cannot in itself be used as the sole evidence to prosecute for DUI, they must actually prove impairment. Unlike alcohol, a person can test positive for THC weeks after using but is no longer active in the bloodstream.

  8. Joseph Bigley, Sr. says:

    Not for publication—— Before you archive this gem, you might want to delete the little period that sneaked into your draft . . . ” . . . young adults, whose brains are still developing,.”