Newt solicits for McCain, omits key facts & Update

McCain finally out of the closet, seeking Democrat support as fed up Republicans abandon him

John McCain hardly qualifies as needy. Married to a major beer distributorship heiress he’s number 29 on  Roll Call’s Wealth of Congress Index. But that doesn’t keep Newt Gingrich from emerging from relative obscurity to beg on McCain’s behalf. “Send what you can,” we are told. Even $25 will help him in his fight to defeat U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.

As an inducement, Newt says, “I have worked with John and watched him chair the Senate Armed Services Committee.”  Many will remember how chairman McCain insulted Delores Alfond who spent decades until her death seeking information about her MIA brother, records McCain has inexplicably kept “classified” and inaccessible.

Newt writes, “You may know Ann Kirkpatrick as a faithful servant of Barack Obama.” No doubt it slipped his mind that John McCain has been a frequent visitor to the Obama White House, assisting him in crafting his legacy. McCain’s senate protégé Jeff Flake is so tight with Obama that he traveled with him to Kenya and Cuba and regularly joins in a game of “hoops” with the Prez, but refuses to endorse the GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Newt again: “I know how hard John works for veterans, for the military, for our national security-and I know that John McCain is a national treasure.”

Few will forget the deplorable Veterans Administration scandal resulting in needless deaths of hundreds of vets erupted in Phoenix, under McCain‘s nose, within a short distance from “national treasure” McCain’s penthouse — one of the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 homes he and Cindy ownHe’s not sure.

As to our nation’s security, McCain and Jeff Flake were the architects of the notorious Gang of Eight amnesty bill, crafted with a coalition of senate leftists and a couple of other RINOs — the aim of which was to normalize millions of illegal invaders.

Newt says: “We cannot afford to lose John McCain’s voice in the Senate. We need to fight back against the Democrats’ millions in Arizona and stand strong with John.”

Let’s not forget that “the voice we can’t afford to lose,” is the same one that lied with impunity, preposterously accusing his primary election challenger, physician and former state senator Dr. Kelli Ward, of having a “weak and dangerous record regarding Islamic terrorism.”  Even one as marginal as John McCain should comprehend that state legislators do not deal in matters of national security.  That’s McCain’s own purview in the U.S. Senate, where he has failed miserably.

“McCain’s voice,” so adored by Newt Gingrich, is also the one that has been integral to confirming Obama’s far left cabinet members and the most liberal federal judges. Republicans have every right to expect those of our own party elected to represent us in Congress will not collude with Democrats.  What good is electing someone who conveniently hauls out a Republican cloak when it’s beneficial, only to toss it aside and return to his mavericky ways after the ballots are counted?

McCain so disdains conservatives that he has worked overtime to have them purged from their elected precinct committeeman positions, using out-of-state Obama donors to accomplish the deed. PCs are unpaid party workers, dedicated to getting Republicans elected   McCain’s operatives, on his behalf, even tried working with the IRS to target conservatives for IRS scrutiny.

We can’t get worse from Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and she is running on a term limits pledge.  McCain, now in his 80s is arrogantly running for another 6-year senate term. Haven’t you had enough?


Finally, John McCain has come out of the closet — launching Democrats for McCain. Back in 2006, the Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) website was rife with McCain surrogates and staffers. His border stroll with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, declaring he was going tocomplete the dang fenceto keep out illegal criminals from Mexico doesn’t reach his intended audience this election. 


17 Responses to Newt solicits for McCain, omits key facts & Update

  1. State Delegate says:

    Thanks for this, SRAZ. I’m sending the link to this post to those on my list who view McCain as a harmless old man. .That’s hardly the case. He not only doesn’t represent Republicans, but stabs us in the back at every opportunity. I haven’t voted for him for years, but my passivity has kept him in office. This election, I’m doing the previously unthinkable and voting for Ann Kirkpatrick.

  2. Disgusted in Arizona says:

    State Delegate you are so right a vote for the McSlime is more costly than for a ineffectual woman who barely shows up to vote in congress her rating is about 16% show up, his is over 50% and we all know they both vote Dumbocrapic. For those that worked for McSlime’s censure you sure are going to look foolish supporting him now. As for losing the Senate, really??? we never had it with the likes of Juan, Flack, Rubio, Collins, Lucy Gramnesty McConnell to name a few.
    We owe Rob Haney a huge thank you for all he has done to defeat this vicious back stabbing nasty old man who has hurt our Party and driven so many to leave it as they could see no difference between our Republicrat leaders and the Dumbs. I too am casting my vote for the one (B)itch who will NOT be able to do much as a junior senator and will never make in a 2020 run. Let us not be spineless and back down on our principles and enable a vile man to continue to betray us again and again!

  3. William Heuisler says:

    Excellent synopsis SRAZ, you’ve convinced me to vote for the Democrat against (worse than any Dem could be) McCain. This will be my first Dem, but her term limitation eases my mind and she has promised to actually punish the VA hospital staff who stand by while Veterans die on waiting lists within walking distance from McCain’s home in Phoenix.

    • Doc says:

      1st time in 37 years of voting (r)….I’ll be (instead of writing in Dr. Kelli Ward) voting for a (d). mcTraitor absolutely MUST be stopped.

      …So, it’s come down to that. It’s a damned shame….

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The fact that McCain is now soliciting Democrats tells me he senses he’s in trouble. I’m a conservative who will be doing the previously unthinkable and voting for Democrat Kirkpatrick. It’s so important that I’m confessing my new stance to my friends, some of whom are initially shocked. They don’t stay that way when I explain why. I’ll be sending them this link. Thanks again, SRAZ. You guys do great work.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Some of Johnny Mac’s spite has worn off on me.
    I will be voting for Ann Kirkpatrick.
    For the first time in my adult life, voting for a Dem. or whatever she is.
    However, it is doubtful that McCain’s influence will end, enough if he loses the election.
    Just look at Obama, who is not leaving Washington. Has already rented a very large house in D.C. with a garage that can house 10 cars. These mini-mansions are rare in the District.

    Starting today, October 7 at many Harkins and AMC movie theaters in Arizona, the docu/movie entitled “Torchbearer”, produced /directed by Stephen K. Bannon of fame and starring Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty

    It is a look down through the ages of what happens to a society that moves away from God.

    • MacBeth says:

      McCain is too old to wield much power if he’s kicked out. Kyl and Shadegg earn more lobbying in DC than they did in the House and Senate. It’s unlikely the doltish McCain will be in demand if he’s kicked to the curb at his age.

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    “Never McCain” is a motto I take to heart. I will vote for Kirkpatrick and not consier it betrayal, since that’s what Republicans have gotten in spades from Mr. McCain. I won’t give him the courtesy of using the title, Senator, since that implies that as a Republican he represents us. He hasn’t. He doesn’t. This fraud’s defeat would also send a strong message to others that we’ve had enough backstabbing. Jeff the Flake needs to be primaried and shown the door also.

  7. Longtime PC says:

    “Conservative Lives Matter,” should resonate in his empty head. McCain was responsible for the purging of conservative precinct committeemen this time around. It’s been his MO previously. Jon Kyl’s as well. McCain needs a good dose of payback. Flake might be engaging in the same BS, but I don’t know what’s going on in other parts of the state.

    • Disgusted in Arizona says:

      I just love that “Conservative Lives Matter” and can see that as a tee shirt with McSlime’s ugly face, going to send that idea to someone who could do that art work. thanx Longtime PC you are an inspiration.

      • Longtime PC says:

        Do it! Do Ir! Time is short. I predict they’ll sell like hotcakes. Tell us how to order them here on Seeing Red AZ. Include your email address in your comment. I suspect they won’t mind at all.

  8. Disgusted in Arizona says:

    I got a wonderful pic of him with the text on it and under his pic is how he is the point man for DNC. My art source does not want to be identified nor do I so maybe SRAZ will email me for the pic and I will send it on to let them post it and we can see if people would want it and get it done. When he is gone I will no longer be disgusted in AZ.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Confidentiality is the buzz word around here, also. Jobs and associations are not worth risking. If you want to send it to Seeing Red AZ, use the same email address that you use for commenting, but place a number 7 following the name and before your @ address. No spaces. We will see it although no one else will. Hopefully we can post it in the comment section. In the event it works, how would they be ordered and what would the cost be?

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Are you able to post a link to the photos? In the event this doesn’t work, do you have a second option? The tee shirt concept is terrific.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just heard this event being advertised on local radio today:

    AZ Chamber of Commerce
    Arizona Manufacturing Summit and Luncheon
    October 21, 2016 8 AM to 1:30 PM
    AZ Biltmore Hotel

    Featured guests are John McCain and his sidekick Jeff Flake

    For a fee of $12,000 (twelve thousand dollars) you can secure a
    one minute turn at the microphone during lunch and also meet an elected official or a VIP guest, whatever that means.
    Rubber chicken included, of course.

    There are other, less expense, opportunities to pizz your money away by purchasing sponsorships.

    Or you could peel off 120 one dollar bills for a seat at the summit and luncheon.

    Maybe the Chamber and the two Useless.Shameless. Senators will be talking about how they are giving all of the manufacturing jobs to refugees who don’t speak English or take a bath.

    Meanwhile, across the pond, the British pound sterling took a major dive for a short time today. Soros manipulating, no doubt.
    A little revenge for the BREXIT vote. Not that their new P.M. is making any moves to actually exit the EU.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      What arrogance. Much like the invitation only, closed town halls these two try to pass off as public events, when they are nothing of the sort.