AZ Senate debate tonight: Kirkpatrick vs. McCain

Difficult choice is the only rational choice in AZ Senate race featuring renegade McCain

This evening, Monday, Oct. 10, at 7:00 p.m. Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick will debate Republicrat John McCain. The hour-long event will air on AZ PBS Channel 8.

Growing numbers of conservative Republicans, many of whom as elected state delegates voted overwhelmingly to censure the very senior senator, are weary of his career long deceits.  He has taken his wrath out on them by purging them from their elected precinct committeeman posts, via an expensive campaign utilizing deceptive mailers. Though now in his 80’s, and scoring an F rating by Conservative Review, McCain is running for yet another six-year term.

Conservatives  have had their fill of the radically leftwing McCain and many are doing the previously unthinkable — planning to cast their ballots for the Congressional District One U.S. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick. Former twice elected Maricopa County Republican chairman Rob Haney has launched theNever McCaincampaign.

Kirkpatrick is far from perfect, but McCain, who runs as a Republican and then repeatedly colludes with Democrats, is worse.  Republicans have legitimate expectations that voting for someone who claims the GOP mantel will be with us the majority of the time. Actually, the man who configures himself as a “maverick” has voted to confirm many of Barack Obama’s far left cabinet nominees and his nominees to the federal judiciary. As McCain’s close associate Hillary Clinton and actual presidential choice famously asked, “What difference does it make?”

As a freshman senator, Kirkpatrick will not have the clout to do the same damage.  She has also campaigned on term limiting herself. Decades of the disastrous Reign of McCain has made that an appealing option.

The debate will hosted by Arizona PBS and the Arizona Republic. Count on “Horizon” moderator Ted Simons and Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez to lob softballs in McCain’s direction. Cunning liberals running as Republicans are nearer to their hearts than actual Democrats.

Reminder: Be sure to view the sixth briefing in the Never McCain series, titled “Betrayal.” Like those that have preceded it, this segment is well worth your time.


8 Responses to AZ Senate debate tonight: Kirkpatrick vs. McCain

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Quite a post, guys! It’s actually where I am, but haven’t had the guts to discuss it with anyone. Nice bold move, SRAZ!!

  2. Ellsworth says:

    I have reason to believe a lot of us will be watching this debate intently tonight, looking for a reason to justify our own defections. I’ve spoken to several friends who are on the verge of bucking the party with this senate race, saying there is no justification for supporting McCain again. None of us are Flake fans either. We are all conservatives and three of us are PCs.

  3. Malaine says:

    I have always voted Republican. It is with a sad heart that I will not be able to vote for Sen McCain. He is absolutely terrible. I will not be voting for Flake either when he comes up. I believe their treatment of Trump will make America have a strong new Independent Party. Republicans establishment have left the people.

  4. William Heuisler says:

    SRAZ you laid it out concisely as usual. We are getting screwed.

    Some of us remember when Romney and Scranton undercut Barry Goldwater’s run for President; Goldwater in turn advised Nixon to resign his Presidency under fire and many Republicans sniped at Reagan all during his time in office. What kind of Party are we in?
    Here in Arizona our Party is barely Republican any more with the Kyl, McCain, Flake charades mocking thousands of hard-working Conservative PCs with disloyalty and Liberal votes.

    The last straw in my opinion (after McCain) is the treachery that took the Haney’s PC seats – along with hundreds of other faithful PCs losing positions to unknown place-holders through deliberate fraud.

    What do we do? We either give up or build another Republican Party on the rotten bones of the McCain/Flake Dem-lite creature.
    We must also face the destructive ballot harvesting that allows McCain to declare victory immediately after the polls close. He knew it didn’t matter what happened at the polls on election day; with his surrogate Judas Goats he already had enough votes to counter any anticipated turnout. His minions were paid to oversee/deliver mail in ballots convince the many unsophisticated voters door to door and collect those ballots for delivery to Elections. All this done with no oversight and very little complaint.

    There is a law against this. It was not enforced this year. Why not?
    1) We must monitor mail-in ballots and enforce the Ballot Harvesting Law.
    2) We must vote these bastards out of office – from Ryan in Wisconsin to McCain and Flake here – no matter what we have to do. And that includes voting in Democrats to break this massive Washington scheme that allows scum like Graham and McCain to buy their offices and spit in our eyes.

    • Doc says:

      Mr. Heuisler-To answer your question as WHY th’ law wasn’t enforced…State A.G. mark brnovich is a water-boy for th’ mcTraitor crime syndicate. This same group of bootlickers ran a Good & Honorable Tom Horne out on a rail!

      Great (as Usual) post SRAZ! Ya’ know…Another reason my blood pressure is at Lunar-orbital levels is that mcSkidmark has tainted & tarnished AZ’s ?senatorial? representational reputation that we, Arizona’s TRUE Conservatives, ARE FORCED TO VOTE FOR A GOD-BLESSED dim-0-crap!!!


      …..sorry….I believe that I’ll soothe myself with a dash or 2 of Kentucky’s Finest Whisky…may I recommend th’ same for anyone else that’s having as hard a time with this as I…for Purely medicinal purposes ONLY…

  5. Del says:

    Sad, can’t vote for Kirkpatrick but I can’t vote for McCain again. The man’s has too many issues for another vote. Go back to Cornville, if they’ll have you and get lost! So long John! The Republicans have left me not I’m leaving them. If the Soros donation has legs, your through in more ways then one. The AZ. Republican party doesn’t need you! You can’t support Trump, I can’t support you!!!

  6. Doc says:

    Off Topic but on POINT: This from “The REAL REVO”:

    This is what’s gonna’ start here if shrillary get’s the office…