The 2nd debate night belonged to Donald Trump

Which is more vulgar? Trump’s locker room type braggadocio — just words — or Hillary’s actions as a defense attorney, as she laughed about getting a child rapist off on a legal technicality and attacked the young victim as “emotionally unstable”?

The naysayers who predicted the demise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign after the first debate with Hillary Clinton, were wrong.  Pollsters were giving him last rites. But much to their dismay, Trump continued traveling the country, generating ever larger crowds. Then a nearly dozen-year-old audio tapemysteriously surfaced in which he engaged in coarse descriptive language regarding women.  Now, the pundits were predicting the end had finally come.  Republicrats were falling over one another in an effort to withdraw their lukewarm support for the nominee. Even his VP nominee chastised him.

Then came Round Two, the second debate with Hillary Sunday night. Those of you who watched it saw what only can be described in terms of the memorably triumphant scene fromRocky.” Trump was measured in his responses, but let Hillary get away with nothing.  Her vacuous and inappropriately timed smirks gave her the aura of a sarcastically reproaching schoolmarm in a bizarre penguin-like costume. 

Prior to the debate, Trump readied himself for the onslaught by introducing a panel of women who reiterated their years-long assertions that Bill Clinton physically forced himself on them — actions which far outstripped the racy words on the old tape — for which Trump has apologized. They have also alleged that Hillary threatened them as she continued to enable Bill’s sexual exploits.   The Clinton’s paid accuser Paula Jones approximately $850,000 as settlement in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Hillary, who configures herself as a defender of woman and children was also caught on tape, laughingly gloating over successfully defending a 41-year-old admitted child rapist, getting him off on a technicality and trashing his 12-year-old victim. Hillary is not only NOT a defender of women and children, she is has demeaned them while in the courtroom and throughout her 41-year marriage to chronic sexual predator Bill.

These are Donald Trump’s top 5 moments from the 2nd presidential debate. Whether enjoying them as a rerun or for the first time, be sure to watch the clips.

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  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    I find this ironic:
    On the same day as the 2nd debate, 15 cannonballs from the Civil War era washed onshore at Folly Beach, just a few miles down the coast from Fort Sumter, S.C.—where the first shots of the
    Civil War were fired.

    Several of the cannonballs were detonated onsite by the military, and others were removed from the site.

    Here’s the link:

    And check out the story about Trump inviting the press to a pre-date presser where the reporters found themselves face to face with Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims.
    Story on

  2. Rob Haney says:

    Never forget that McCain just pulled the biggest hypocritical farce of all time when he withdrew his lukewarm support of Trump because of some off color words Trump used over ten years ago.

    Remember what McCain publicly called his own wife? Remember when McCain said Chelsea Clinton was so ugly because Janet Reno was her father?

    The truth is that McCain wants to purge the Republican Party of Trump, the conservative, just as he has done repeatedly to conservative PCs in AZ. McCain was always opposed to Trump and working behind the scenes with Robert Graham to bring Trump down.

    McCain has now clearly laid his lying cards face-up on the political gaming table for all voters to see. Join the NEVER McCain Campaign and vote Kirkpatrick to finally end the betrayals of the Forked Tongue Express.

    Better to have an identified Democrat enemy attacking from the front than a Trojan Horse in your midst attacking from the rear.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      That’s the exact reason, as lifelong conservative Republicans, we’re voting against McCain this coming election. Describing McCain as a Trojan Horse couldn’t be more on point. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone but himself and his own self serving interests.

      The Kirkpatrick-McCain televised debate is this evening. I’m hoping she knocks it outta the park!.

      Publicly withdrawing his iffy support for Trump tells me that he will be voting for his friend Hillary. He’s previously called her a “rock star he could support.”. Jeff Flake won’t vote for Trump, either. Another solid Hillary supporter. .Any Arizona conservatives who vote for either of these RINO senators again should realize they are helping the left with their vote.

      • jakesez says:

        Write in K WARD for senator. We want McCain to see how many republicans left him standing in the cold.

      • Doc says:

        Jake-Please re-consider your write-in idea. I too, was bent & determined to do th’ same as you. Then, I watched The Honorable Mr. Haney’s videos. This Fine Conservative has tossed more than I’ll EVER Know about True Conservatism. If you write in Dr. Ward, who was my gal in this, you’ll hand mcSkidmark a vote…

        …I Personally hope this shady dim-0-crap wins by a Landslide…just to pour salt into th’ ugly wound in th’ Fabric of the space/time continium created by th’ spawn of satan we know as mccain…

  3. Maggie says:

    Donald Trump was the clear winner of the debate last night. I wasted precious time being concerned based on the news I was reading. I was proud of his performance and will proudly vote for him.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I happened to catch a few minutes of Fox’s “Outnumbered” this morning. The subject was Trump’s decade-old tape. Their guest was the bloviating blowhard Bill O’Reilly who really went to town on how bad the tape was. (Guess he forgot about the recordings his ex-producer had of him saying disgusting things to her while he pursued/stalked her. She sued him and was granted unspecified millions of dollars. All this while he was married.)

      The next thing that was discussed were polls showing Hillary well ahead – taken before last night’s debate. O’Reilly, who talks first and then sometimes thinks, said Hillary will win the election. You’d never know he’s ‘friends’ with Trump – going to baseball games, etc. together. I guess he’s trying to show that he’s ‘fair and balanced.’ To throw Trump under the bus at this point in time shows O’Reilly’s character, or lack thereof.

      • Capt. Marvel says:

        I agree with your assessment of O’Reilly, and especially your “lack there of” portion. Fox has become to “balanced” for me. “Fair” flew out the window a long time ago. Most of their paid guests are liberals.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        O’Reilly had a very ugly divorce because he tried to drag his wife through the mud. As a result, his two children who are now teenagers, wanted nothing more to do with him. He repeatedly has taken his ex-wife to court and has forced his children to spend time with him. When the court appointed a psychologist to meet with the children, O’Reilly took the bold and probably illegal move to hire that female psychologist and made her part of his “household staff”.

        The ex-wife went on to marry a police detective and O’Reilly used his influence to plant false rumors about this man, prompting a internal affairs investigation and witch hunt.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Late Breaking News!

    Paul Ryan tells lawmakers he will neither defend nor campaign with Donald Trump
    House Speaker Paul Ryan told lawmakers Monday he will not campaign with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, and that they should do what is best for their own districts. (FoxNews)

  5. 1776 says:

    The term we’re looking for is Quisling. Generation snowflake probably never encountered it, history being a subject absent from most of our schools. But they are quislings who are the Republican Party establishment and who abandon our candidate at the first opportunity.

  6. Retired in Mesa says:

    Ryan is right to bail on Trump. Like the song says, you gotta know when to fold ’em… Time to save as many down-ballot candidates as possible. The Republican Party is facing an electoral bloodbath of epic proportions.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Sen. Mike Crapo (Mormon) pleads guilty to DUI charge ( but cannot support Trump)

    Trump is looking like a choir boy compared to his critics.

  8. East Valley Conservative says:

    A much needed bit of levity: