Trump: “Disloyal R’s” far more difficult than Crooked Hillary”

Do GOP Trump disloyalists led by Maverick John McCain, Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake care that they can cause irreparable damage to the Republican brand and incite anger toward  down ticket races?

Dealing with the endless fallout from a 2005 video, suspiciously revealed in the final weeks of the presidential campaign, and for which Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump has repeatedly apologized, is getting his dander up. And who could blame him? The entire episode complete with the showy defection of iffy supporters exposes the empty shell of the GOP establishment — as Republican voters and grassroots activists remain loyal to Trump.

It’s widely reported that the video “leak” was perpetrated by a Ryan staffer, which is no surprise since Ryan and Rubio are said to be colluding on the formation of a 2020 presidential ticket 

Donald Trump clearly defines the double standard that permeates politics, as he continues to be held to a higher criteria than his radical Alinskyite presidential opponent Hillary Clinton, (as revealed by Conservative Review) and recent detractor John McCain.

If the video elevates the issues of candidate temperament and retaining women voters, where is the clamor for the heads of Hillary Clinton and John McCain as each of them have been far more offensive. Where Donald Trump was speaking privately in what has been characterized as “locker room” style generalities, John McCain called his own wife a painted trollop and a c**t in front of aides and reporters.

An even more vile and vulgar Hillary Clinton was also caught on tape being interviewed by a reporter, where she  can be heard raucously laughing and gloating over successfully defending a 41-year-old acknowledged child rapist — facing 30 years to life — getting him off on a technicality as she trashed the 12-year-old victim in the process.

The Daily Wire reports that Hillary alsothreatened, smeared and targetedthe victims of hubby Bill’s ongoing sexually predatory actions to keep them from going public with their accusations, as she calculatingly referred to them as “Bimbo eruptions.”

Where is the coverage of these offensive actions? Why is Donald Trump the only one held accountable and for far less reprehensible acts — now morphed into a contrived crisis? Is this smear campaign and accompanying feigned moral outrage all part of a calculated effort to topple his chances and put scandal plagued Hillary back in the White House to serve out Obama’s third term? The ongoing WikiLeaks data dumps clearly indicate that’s the scheme.

11 Responses to Trump: “Disloyal R’s” far more difficult than Crooked Hillary”

  1. azgary says:

    uniparty’s lobbyist owners demand amnesty, and their minions will elect hillary to get it.

    Report: Most #NeverTrump Defecting Republicans Supported Amnesty

  2. Rambling Rose says:

    I’m a happily married wife. I am also the mother of three grown sons, all with advanced degrees, good jobs and families of their own. None of private conversation of Trump’s shocks me. McCain’s crude comments about his own wife stated in front of others disgusts me. Hillary’s bragging about getting a child rapist off on a technicality should be the impetus for wholesale abandonment by the DNC and her liberal hangers on. Obviously that’s not the way it works. How anyone can claim membership in the Democrat Party never ceases to amaze me. They are unprincipled. Or as Hillary called s, “A basket of irredeemable deplorables.”

  3. Jp Jp says:

    I suspect that after the Hildebeeste with the rotundabundant rump cheats her way into the WH, the GOP will meet a long-deserved death and be replaced with a national Patriot party, with Trey Gowdy as presidential candidate…PROVIDED our republic survives four more years of Marxism. Sadly, today’s Repugnicans provide one of the two wings of the same loathsome socialist carrion-feeder.

  4. Former GOP PC says:

    After my wife and I were screwed over by the McCainiacs in the AZ GOP and taken out as elected precinct committeemen after years of dedicated volunteer service to the Republican party, we reregistered as Independents. We were part of the McCain purge of conservatives. It’s still taking place in legislative district after legislative district. We were replaced by Vietnamese McCain loyalists who I’ve been told never have shown up at a district meeting. Conservatives need to wise up to what’s actually being done to our once Grand Old Party.

    My wife and I are voting for Ann Kirkpatrick, not because we like her liberalism, but because we’ll get nothing different from her than we get from the despicable John McCain and his seat mate Jeff the Flake who has also abandoned Donald Trump.

    • azgary says:

      John McCain Criticizes Trump For His Language “About” Women. Here Is John McCain’s Language “To” Women

  5. azgary says:

    I’m Getting closer and closer to voting Trump and a straight D down ticket, there seems to be ZERO chance of redemption of the gop, they are just a branch of the lobbyist owned and operated uniparty.

    The Latest: House GOP campaign ad assumes Clinton victory

    The House Republican campaign organization is airing an ad for a House candidate that is premised on the party’s presidential nominee losing to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

    The spot says that House Republican candidate Claudia Tenney will “stand up to Hillary Clinton.” The Republican presidential nominee is Donald Trump, whose campaign is staggering after the revelation of a recording in which he brags about groping women. House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday told Republicans that he would no longer campaign for Trump, a move that suggests he fears Trump is headed for defeat and will drag down Republican House candidates.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee is following that strategy with the 30-second TV ad for Tenney.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here’s info from the AZ resident who was scapegoated by the Obama administration to protect Hillary’s evil doings.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Whoa! Is this allowed?

    Arizona Republican Party chair splits with McCain on Trump