AZ Republic glowingly endorses abuser for sheriff

Arpaio’s flawed challenger Paul Penzone funded by radical leftist billionaire George Soros who despises national borders

It’s no secret the open borders crew at the left-wing Arizona Republic have a vendetta against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They’ve spent years bashing him, advocating for his defeat and hurling invectives his way. The in-tandem assaults are most often done as three prong attacks, using contrived stories masquerading as news reports, backed with hits from the two compliant columnists and a vicious cartoon thrown in, depicting career lawman Arpaio as a bozo with a badge.

This is the newspaper’s modus operandi.

No one listens to the rants from the newsosaur, which serves a diminished demographic of those who prefer day-old news in their driveway to the instantaneous internet. An endorsement from the Republic has increasingly become a political kiss of death. Much to their dismay, popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to get reelected, despite the pre-primary endorsement of Dan Saban — who, as a Democrat, had previously lost to Arpaio and reprised that performance, this time as a newly minted Republican. The facile party switch was worthless. He still lost.

Now we see that the newspaper has turned its editorial page into the comics page. After going ballistic over Donald Trump’s decade-old taped private guy talk conversation, which we now know to have been intentionally leaked, the newspaper treats a violent man with a penchant for roughing up his former wife to its endorsement.

Where they are all too happy to pile on Donald Trump for words, the editorial board is more than willing to give Paul Penzone a pass for actions that resulted in orders of protection. In the weakest finale, the newspaper says “Penzone wants to try.  Voters should give him the chance.” 

The citizens of Maricopa County deserve more than problem-plagued retread candidate “trying” to do the tough work in one of the nation’s largest counties, in a state abutting the sieve-like border. He’s never uttered a word of commitment to doing so in either his previous or current campaign.

Sheriff Arpaio has been endorsed by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, The Arizona Police Association, Arizona Association of Detention Officers, and National Border Patrol Council, representing the nearly 3,000 rank and file men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol in the Tucson Sector. Most importantly, he has repeatedly been endorsed by the voters of Maricopa County

Read Sheriff Joe’s impressive bio. Vote for him secure in the knowledge you’re voting for the best man for the job — Sheriff Joe Arpaio


13 Responses to AZ Republic glowingly endorses abuser for sheriff

  1. William Heuisler says:

    SRAZ you are a light in the “journalistic” Darkness. Thank you.
    Please bear with me for repetition, but the AZ public needs to be reminded about the decades-long corruption of the AZ Republic.
    The Arizona (AZ) Republic has been an acute embarrassment to our beautiful State for many decades. Allow me a brief reminder:

    1) The Republic invented and then accused new Governor Evan Mecham of various corruptions which were all proven untrue in Maricopa County Court – and never corrected by the Republic.
    “But why no libel suit in Superior court?” you ask. Read on.

    2) AZ Republic Publisher Tully was a “Stolen Valor ” fraud. Darrow “Duke” Tully, pretended for many years to be an Air Force Colonel “Ace” fighter pilot. Many knew; no one cared.

    3) Tully was aided, abetted and covered for by Pat Murphy, AZ Republic Editorial Page Editor. Pat Murphy (a known and vicious drunk) killed elderly Viola Faber in a drunken daylight Hit and Run at a Flower Street intersection in Phoenix.

    4) The AZ Republic suborned witnesses, threatened politicians and Police Chiefs while I tried to expose Murphy. Pat Murphy libeled me in the AZ Republic for years. My suit against Murphy and the AZ Republic (Heuisler vs. Phoenix Newspapers) was only a modified success because Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Cecil Patterson declared me a “Public Figure”.

    5) Judge Cecil Patterson said I needed to show “Actual Malice” on Murphy’s part – mind reading intent and purpose. But Judge Cecil Patterson refused to allow me to introduce (more than 35 pages of my H&R Murphy Murder investigation for the grieving Viola Faber family). The judge would not allow the truth about Pat Murphy.

    Murphy is now retired in gentile comatose comfort and our docile Phoenix Police Department has the killer of Viola Faber listed as unknown.
    Judge Cecil Patterson was duly appointed to the Federal Appellate Bench in payment for his judicial blindness (his misconduct?).

    6)The Arizona Republic also covered up the car-bomb murder of their own reporter Don Bolles by a man named John Adamson (who was named in Bolles’ dying declaration) and who confessed in court to having been paid $50,000 by Scottsdale Billionaire, Kemper Marley to kill the reporter who was writing a series of stories about Kemper Marley’s Mafia and race track wire-service (Emprise) ties.

    7) County Attorney Donald Harris declared Adamson’s confession and Bolles’ dying declaration were sufficient for a Grand Jury indictment of Marley. But AZ’s Attorney General, Bruce Babbitt, cancelled the grand jury and AZ Republic Publishers Pulliam and Tully completely ignored the murder of their own reporter. No official prosecuted, investigated or bothered to interview Kemper Marley, the man accused of paying for the car-bomb execution of an AZ Republic reporter. The Republic hardly ever mentions Kemper Marley… and ignores each anniversary of Bolles’ murder.

    The Arizona Republic is a well-known national disgrace. They have been at the silent heart of more scandals, frauds, intimidations and killings than almost any big-city newspaper in our nation. We can only hope my repeating unpleasant truths will spur the AZ Republic lawyers to attempt intimidation of me. But they probably understand I can hardly spell the word “intimidation” and more exposures will only hasten their departure.

    Look all the names up and note the coverage … or the lack of it.
    Or, my Roman a Clef “Casual Executions: assassination in Arizona” features a light hearted romp through the AZ Republic trash heap.

    8) Due to my suit the Murphy H&R is mentioned (denied) on a well-hidden Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona), Sunday, June 5, 1988, Page 18

  2. Villanova says:

    Proving that the federal judiciary is not above politics, we are now witnessing the bogus and purposely timed criminal contempt charges emerge against Sheriff Arpaio just as early ballots are arriving in the mail. No wonder the federal judiciary is held in such low esteem these days.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Most disgustingly, Phil Boas director of the Arizona Republic’s editorial Department, is married to Joe and Ava Arpaio’s daughter. Anything for a buck….even when it entails crucifying his wife’s father.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    So, Penzone wants to try and we should give him a chance.
    That is the stance of the AZragsters.

    It’s public safety we are talking about.
    Public safety of one of the largest counties in the country.

    Not exactly like giving Tim Tebow a chance at playing baseball–because he wanted to try– after having been a football player.

    Law Enforcement Update:
    Since last weekend, 3 police officers in Palm Springs, CA were shot—Two are Deceased. Responding to a “family disturbance”, they were ambushed by a 23 year old gang-banger who was already suited up in body armor and holding an assault rifle behind a closed door. HIs father reported after the incident that the shooter stated that he wanted to kill police. The killer’s roots are from south of the border.

    One officer was due to retire in December, after a law enforcement career spanning 35 years. The second deceased officer was a rookie who had just returned to duty following maternity leave.

    Now, in Boston, two police officer shot and in extremely critical condition after responding to a “dispute between roommates”.
    Again, the shooter was already outfitted in body armor and used an assault rifle on the responding officers. An ambush.
    The shooter is an angry-looking guy who could be Obama’s relative.

    Do we, the citizens of Arizona, really want a police agency that is headed up by some guy who just wants to try?

  5. jakesez says:

    Who is most corrupt?? The sheriff or a Federal Judge who uses his status and power to arrange for criminal be brought forth just days prior to an election. This is the same judge that made public statements concerning his guilt or innocence prior to the trial. Ethics should dictate a change of judges in this case. The wheels of justice may grind slowly but true unless politics are involved.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Speaking of corrupt judges:
      A New Jersey municipal court judge issued a summons for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday, seemingly in relation to Christie’s alleged involvement to the closure of two lanes on the George Washington Bridge in 2013 in a supposed act of political retaliation.

      Roy McGeady, presiding judge of the municipal courts of Bergen County, issued the summons, in what could become a new state prosecution. The summons will require Christie to appear in court but does not give law enforcement the authority to arrest him. The case will now go to the Bergen County prosecutor’s office, which will determine whether to indict Christie.

      And all of this stems from a complaint filed with the court by
      an ACTIVIST citizen who has burdened NJ courts for years with filings.

  6. Blaine Dunning says:

    I wonder if they have ever endorsed him? We know how this paper operates, so not shocking in who they support. They could never beat Sheriff Joe at the polls, so they are using the federal courts to do so.

    They support open borders and the illegals who are in our country illegally. They want a Sheriff who will turn their back to this problem, no matter how many citizens or cops they kill.

  7. Frankly Speaking says:

    Judge Murray Snow has shown himself to be biased from the onset. He should have recused himself when it became known that his wife’s anti-Arpaio comments were overheard in a restaurant and then were made public. She was telling her friend at lunch that Murray Snow had no use for Joe Arpaio. Staying on the case exposed the judge and his actions as purely political. He should be charged with contempt, not Sheriff Joe. Snow holds the people of Maricopa County in contempt.

    • Braveheart says:

      Political payback for opposing liberal stances should have no place on the bench. This judge should be degaveled and disrobed. Too bad for us, federal judges don’t stand for retention, a smoke and mirrors gambit intended to make voters feel they have a say in the judiciary.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Now This is serious stuff:

    Email from Podesta written 4 days before Supreme Court Justice Scalia is found dead seems to indicate that they knew it was about to go down. Written in gangster slang.

    you can find the story, with the screenshot of the email, on site today:

  9. Doc says:

    So, a vague resemblance to th’ topic of Sheriff Joe (America’s Sheriff) vs. wife-beater penzone…may I now present the Utah Senatorial Debate between Senator Mike Lee (R) vs. candidate “Misty Snow” (d) (WARNING: DO NOT HAVE ANY LIQUID IN YOUR MOUTH WHILE WATCHING THIS.):

  10. laura4272014 says:

    I moved to Tucson, 34 years ago. For many years I did not order a paper but finally ordered the Red Star (AZ Daily Star) and didn’t realize it was such a leftist newspaper. I finally got so fed up with it, I cancelled my subscription. Several months later (after enjoying Doug Maceacharn’s articles), I subscribed to the AZ Republic which I have gotten everyday until recently when they endorsed Hillary, I cancelled my subscription with them, also. I like getting and reading a paper everyday. DO YOU KNOW OF ANY NEWSPAPERS THAT DELIVER TO TUCSON, AZ THAT I COULD ORDER EVERY DAY OR EVEN 1 OR 2 A WEEK IF I HAVE TO??? LAURA (520)881-4408