Donald Trump recipient of Robert Graham’s major reversal?

Where’s that leave petulant John McCain?

In July 2015 it wasn’t just the mid-summer Phoenix temperatures that were soaring.  The intra-party Republican establishment versus conservative grassroots activists feuds had reached fever pitch. With that as a backdrop, we wroteAZ GOP’s Robert Graham’s spiteful retribution,” detailing the pettiness and punishments meted out to early Trump supporters, such as Tyler Bowyer, Maricopa County GOP chairman and conservative elected precinct committeemen.

The intro to that post began with these words:

In a clear case of intra-party punishment aimed at Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer for having the audacity to buck AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham and his McCain-led establishment allies, comes this inexcusable retaliation. Bowyer hosted and appeared onstage at the July 11, 2015 Phoenix event featuring presidential candidate Donald Trump. That kind of independence doesn’t play well with those who want to dominate the party and, like John McCain, consider the conservative base “crazies.”

Now it appears Robert Graham has not only experienced a change of heart, but along with his epiphany has decided to buck his mentor John McCain, who just days ago haughtily announced he had pulled his shallow support — and even his and Cindy’s votes — from Republican presidential nominee Trump. The effect of that absurdity is to ensure a victory for Hillary Clinton, who McCain has called “a rock star” he could support.

Can it be that Graham, a committed Team McCain player, is now thumbing his nose at McCain’s ruthless antipathy towards Trump? Graham promotes “forgiveness” and calls for Republicans to come together in this well reasoned column Forgiveness for Some,” posted at Townhall.

Based on past experiences, trusting Robert Graham is a difficult concept for conservatives to wrap their arms around. Who has arms that long?

The latest news is that McCain has warned his volunteers and staff to prepare for a backlash over his denouncement of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.  This NewsMax report includes a YouTube video.

Briefing number seven in the “Never McCain” series is titled Betrayal 2. Click link to view.

13 Responses to Donald Trump recipient of Robert Graham’s major reversal?

  1. azgary says:

    polling has mccain up big, 11 poits last i saw.

    graham is just covering his backside because he knows amnesty juan is going to win handily.

    he will still tote jonny amnesty around where he is not wanted after the election.

    kabuki from graham, dont let him make chumps of folks AGAIN

    • Ellsworth says:

      McCain won’t win with my help. First time ever I’m voting for a Democrat. She’s awful and he’s worse. She won’t be as damaging since she won’t have seniority and she has said she will term limit herself. The voters of her district have already term-limited her once. She regained the House seat because of redistricting. I want John McCain kicked to the curb as a fitting finale to his miserable career dedicated to screwing over conservatives.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain claims he and Cindy will write in the name of Lindsey Graham on their ballot. Lindsey Graham never got out of the low double digits in his attempt to win the GOP nomination. I have no doubt liar McCain will not bother writing in any name. He, Cindy and Meghan will all connect the arrows on their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

    I’ll be doing the same for Ann Kirkpatrick. There is nothing that would induce me to vote for McCain again.

  3. American Patriot says:

    Let’s not forget that Donald Trump won the nomination fair and square over 16 other Republican competitors. He worked hard to get where he is and deserves our votes.

    John McCain foolishly spent more time defending Obama than waging a campaign for himself. I believe he actually voted for Obama in the end.

  4. Rob Haney says:

    A vote for any write-in candidate is a vote for 6 more years of McCain betrayals. As distasteful as it might be, you must vote Kirkpatrick to rid us of McCain.

    Can you name one piece of conservative legislation McCain was responsible for in the last 35 years? But I bet you can name plenty of liberal legislation McCain championed with his fellow Democrat liberals.

    Don’t let the write-in votes be the difference that could have defeated McCain. You will live to regret it.

    • azgary says:

      a vote for a write in or no vote only counts as one in a sense, a vote for *ugh* kirkpatrick is more like a two vote swing.

      I will be voting kirkpatrick, mccain and his gope cabal need to be squashed

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    It is disgusting to see the political ads on TV featuring very young female spouses of members of the U.S. military. They proclaim their full support for McCain, who is old enough to be their grandfather.

    Too bad that these women do not have the ability to do some research. Too bad they don’t know about the wealth of material which can be found on SRAZ.

    There was another guy, not too far back in history, who realized the importance of using lies and propaganda to muddy up the minds of young people. And we know how that ended.

    To All Those on Medicare or Who Are Nearing that Time:
    Earlier this year, Obama issued 962 pages of changes and restrictions on physicians and other healthcare providers pertaining to Medicare.

    Now, more restrictions have been issued regarding payment to doctors as to services rendered for Medicare recipients.
    In the name of “efficiency”, healthcare providers are essentially being told to limit services and access to services. Sounds like the old HMO system, but even more restrictive.

    Guess the Medicare pot of money is being diverted to the hundreds of refugees that are arriving daily to our country.

    Already, in parts of Maricopa County, various fire departments which provide EMT and paramedic services have come to an agreement regarding 9-1-1 medic calls from the elderly.
    Be aware that they will be making decisions that should only be made by physicians, and they may decide to not transport.

    It used to be that people arriving via ambulance would get immediately triaged, versus someone arriving in the family vehicle.

    With this new system in place, it may be wiser to have someone take you to the hospital unless it is an in-your-face life threatening emergency that the FD cannot ignore.

    It’s a very different world in healthcare now.
    Do not assume that the system will work for you.
    Not even if you are at one of the top-rated health care facilities in the country.
    Be your own advocate. And talk to your family about this before an emergency occurs.

    • Hunter says:

      What do you expect from a government run medical welfare program? At least it isn’t as bad as the VA yet. Why would you ever expect a government run health care system to work for anyone except bureaucrats?

      Instead of complaining about changes in the Medicare program, you should be advocating for abolishing it. Providing healthcare or health insurance is not a constitutional function of the federal government. It is also bankrupting the country – even if no money is diverted for other purposes.

      Don’t whine that you paid into an “insurance” program and now deserve the benefits. You paid taxes to pay for a welfare program. Now, that welfare program is being adjusted in ways you don’t like because it is going bankrupt (and NOT because of paying for non-Medicare expenses). Since it is a welfare program rather than an “insurance” program, there are no guaranteed benefits. Congress can change the rules any time it wants.

      How do you make an old conservative into a liberal? Threaten to cut either Medicare or Social Security. Unlike other government welfare programs, those are “essential” and “reasonable” because people “paid into them” (though they rarely pay enough to actually finance the benefits received) and old people deserve unearned benefits (as opposed to other government welfare beneficiaries who are just shiftless bums).

  6. Jill says:

    Hello? Robert Graham just endorsed McCain 3 days ago folks…
    There are two things I’m sure of. Robert Graham doesn’t fool me, and John McCain will never receive my vote.
    As an elected LD11 Precinct and State Committeeman, my vote will be going to Ann Kirkpatrick to counter any votes for John McCain.

    • Seen It All says:

      Quite often this good conservative site refers to Robert Graham as Robert McGraham. It’s a fitting and proper name for this slippery guy who should be selling used cars instead of selling conservative Republicans (who are the backbone of the party) down the river. McCain has fomented his viciousness in purging dedicated elected precinct committeemen and women from throughout our ranks. We rankle him and he repays us with insults and traitorously working with democrats at every opportunity. When we called him out for his repeated transgressions by censuring him, his operatives saw to it that many of us were ousted from our VOLUNTEER POSTS. Ann Kirkpatrick is a liberal but at least she doesn’t try to con us as McCain has for decades. I watched the debate and she made me cringe. But he makes me shudder.

  7. Doc says:

    L’il robbie mcGrahm-crackhead has always been mcTraitor’s local boot-licker. A LOT of us got fooled (see-LIED TO) when this piece of garbage ran for State Chair.

    …he needs to be _ _ _ _ _-slapped. Repeatedly.

    I too, after much thought, will, for the 1st time in my LIFE, vote for a dim-0-crap for our open U.S. Senate seat. This lyin’ rude, hypocrite mcSkidmark, put us Good Arizonans in this position.

    …thanks, richard mcKnoggen. You ALSO, need a good _ _ _ _ _-slappin’…repeatedly.

    Lastly, L’il jeffey mcFlake, (a.k.a. Chief mcNasty slobberin’ boot-licker) you worthless, lyin’, weak, spray-tanned, MEAT-SACK…you might wanna’ bone-up on…oh…wait a minute…you’re a SPINELESS gelatinous, small minded automaton. So, you’re incapable of “boning-up” on anything…except your big-eared basketball buddy.

    As a medical professional, while l’il jeffy NEEDS a good _ _ _ _ _-slappin’ I must Strongly advise against touching, in ANY WAY What-so-ever, mcFlake, (even though GOD Knows he deserves it) due to possible exposure to bio-hazardous fluids that he may or may not be contaminated with…

    Once again, I’d like ya’ll here @ SRAZ to congratulate me on my moratorium on CUSSIN’ about these miscreants…Ya’ll are welcome.


    • Night Owl says:

      You needn’t have been so “controlled,” Doc. Most of us agree with you!! Conservatives get damn tired of being played for chumps by the so called party elite. I’ve bowed out for a while, but my anger is firing me up again. Last I looked, none of us have rings through our noses, tho McGrahamnesty and his ilk regard us that way.

      • Doc says:

        Thanks, Night Owl. I miss your comments here! As for being controlled, my freekin’ blood pressure’s so HIGH over this crap…but I’m just plain-‘ol Too Mean ta’ DIE!

        …and I’m Most Certainly NOT gonna’ let these people of low character & integrity attempt to kill me!