2016 Election rigged? Of course it’s rigged

Donald Trump’s allegation is right on target

For most Americans, questioning the integrity of elections has not qualified as a front burner issue. We believed in the righteousness of the process. Whether or not the winner was our choice, we dutifully accepted the results of what we have long considered an unquestionably equitable system.

But like a brick with a threatening note hurled through the window, we have been shocked from our complacency. Though we have every right to expect neutrality from the press, it’s not news that the media lean left, which affects reporting.

Now WikiLeaks reveals how deeply embedded reporters are in the 2016 presidential election, even funneling questions to Hillary Clinton via DNC Chair Donna Brazile in advance of a televised debate. A new data dump, reported by Zero Hedge, including thousands of Podesta email exchanges underscores the deceit. Lobbyist John Podesta is the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He was previously Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton and advisor to Barack Obama. His organization Center for American Progress is funded to the tune of $ millions by anti-American George Soros.

Deception has permeated the highest levels. This morning’s Daily Caller reports that according White House records, Robert Creamer, a key operative in a Democrat scheme to send agitators to create chaotic disruptions at Donald Trump’s rallies has visited the White House 342 times since 2009.

The Center for Public Integrity has illuminated the collusion of the press with the Clinton campaign, in an article titled,Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash.”

Those identified as journalists, reporters, news editors or television news anchors — as well as other donors known to be working in journalism were identified in federal campaign finance filings as having donated nearly $400,000 — of which more than 96 percent has benefited Clinton.

Evidence of dead and ineligible voters on voter rolls is highlighted by former DOJ voting rights section attorney J. Christian Adams on Fox and Friends. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, says dead voters typically vote as Democrats.

The elections director in Indiana, the home state of Gov. Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s VP running mate, says she has found thousands of incidents of altered voter registrations which she characterized as potential “voter fraud.”

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe has video evidence of a liberal deputy political director of a left-wing group boldly admitting to engaging in grand scale voter fraud.

In 2012, we posted another Project Veritas video revealing shocking conversations with election officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When questioned by the undercover videographers whether they were acting within the law by requesting numerous registration forms without any IDs, the election department workers said, “We’re not the police.”

Those are the same words used by Maricopa County Recorder and inferred by Arizona Secretary of State referencing their intentions not to enforce the state’s new law prohibiting ballot harvesting.

The integrity of election is no longer a given. After eight years of Obama and the prospect of Hillary leading his third term, Republicans have much to be concerned about.


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  1. azgary says:

    Committee on Presidential Debates Is not Neutral

    Chief members of the Commission on Presidential Debates have historically donated to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and to the Democratic party overall.

    The Commission on Presidential Debates was founded in 1987 to ensure that debates are nonpartisan and provide the general public the best possible information. It is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that has sponsored all debates since 1988.

    Co-Chairman Michael D. McCurry donated to Hillary Clinton campaigns from 2000 to 2008, giving her a total of $5,650 over eight years. In 2006, during her first push for the White House, McCurry gave Clinton $2,100. There is even a Federal Elections Commission lawsuit that alleges McCurry gave $7,500 to Hillary Clinton from 2008 to 2012.

    Richard D. Parsons, member of the board of directors for the commission since 2011, gave $7,900 to Hillary Clinton while she ran in 2008, and contributed again during the 2016 cycle. Interestingly, Parsons was invited to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007, just one year before his first large donation to Clinton in 2008.

    Continue reading…

    We always lament WHY does the gop agree to debates knowing who the moderators are and who the networks favor.

    its because in reality there is really not two parties, R and D are just two branches of the lobbyist owned and operated uniparty.

    • azgary says:

      and for those who believe FOX (FAUX) is ANY different than the others….

      SHAMELESS=> FOX News Debate Anchors Actively Planned Zingers – Prepared to Escort Trump From Stage

      FOX News debate anchors knew they would have a record audience tune in to their Republican debate because of Donald Trump.

      So they purposely planned several zingers to get under his skin.

      Then they all congratulated themselves for their debate antics.
      And they opened the floodgates of hell on the candidates for future debates by liberal anchors.

      They are shameless.

      The anchors didn’t even ask a question on the Obama economy, the worst recovery since the Great Depression, until 73 minutes into the debate.

      The FOX moderators won over Media Matters, who said, “The Fox News moderators appeared reasonable, effective, and pointed in their questions to the candidates.”
      They must be very proud.

      They didn’t want to appear conservative – so they unloaded a barrage of personal attacks.

      The LA Times reported:

  2. azgary says:

    Warrior Class Morning Thread: THIS IS IT

    Tonight’s the debate. Hillary’s gonna have her hands full. Problem is, the media has taken blood oaths, cutting their pinkies open and smushing their hands together, to prevent any bad news about Hillary from leaking to the voters they so badly want to “beat the shit out of.”

    And no, this isn’t election day yet, and yes I know you all are going to vote for Trump if you have to crawl across broken glass soaked with alcohol on your bloody, naked stumps in ten feet of snow uphill both ways.

    But we still have one last thing we need to do for Trump.

    It’s TIME.

    TIME to get off your purty little tookus and do something to help Trump.

    Trump has pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor (which is being impugned 24/7 by the dirty media) for YOU. Not for HIMSELF. He has nothing else to gain in this world. He truly wants to leave this country better than he found it. Not that that’s a high bar to clear these days. But the man has sacrificed for us. And it’s TIME we got out there and did some GOD DAMNED SLUGGING.

    So here’s what we’re going to do.

    We’re going to tweet. We’re going to Gab. We’re going to email. We’re going to Facebook. All our friends. Media. People we don’t know. We’re going to push this JAMES O’KEEFE video (taken from our threads of course) and demand that these people share/spread/report it.
    Continue reading…………

  3. azgary says:


    and about the az repukelick poll showing hillary beating Trump here in Az….

    they polled 57% Democrats and 23% Republicans and 54% female to 46% male ratio of polled voters


  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Apparently HIllary Clinton has been allowed to change the format for tonight’s debate, as it pertains to the families of the candidates and how they enter the venue.

    Did you see the story of Hillary’s traveling campaign bus which was photographed while emptying raw sewage into a sanitary public sewer line in Lawrenceville, GA? And, of course, it was just a mistake, even though HAZMAT crews had to be called to deal with it.

    Last Night at the White House:
    State Dinner with the elite from Italy.
    The Obamas, despite their top notch staff, felt it necessary to hire a “celebrity chef” to prepare the meal.

    And who provided entertainment? Among others, a guy who goes by the name of “Chance, the Rapper”. His brother was videotaped with the older Obama daughter smoking marijuana in August.

    And you may be familiar with the story of the golden ox from
    Exodus, chapter 32.
    Well, here is the story and some revealing photos of the golden azz.
    Scroll down to get the complete picture of what YOU are paying for

    Last night at the whore house:

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    SRAZ comments and links above are priceless. Why is voter fraud even a question. It’s been getting worse and worse over the past 50 years. Obama called Donald Trump a ‘whiner’ because he rightfully brings out ‘rigged elections’ and voter fraud.

    The Republican establishment seems to be taking this very lightly and they have the most to lose. It will be the end of the Party. Can they despise Trump THAT much?

    Ed Rollins, GOP fossil, was on with Lou Dobbs last evening. He and Lou were red-faced arguing with each other. Lou said there’s voter fraud – Ed Rollins scoffed at the idea and fervently argued it’s not a problem. What’s with these guys! John Fund, a ‘moderate’ Republican wrote a book a few years ago on voter fraud. It’s real. And provable.

    I was so sure Romney would win in 2012 with the horrendous previous four years taxpaying Americans had to deal with. I still feel voter fraud put Obama back in office.

    The Left is on a jihad. This election means the end of America if they get their way and Hillary gets in. Just what they’ve been working toward for decades.

  6. William Heuisler says:

    Trump asked Black voters, “What have you all got to lose?”
    Someone else asked, “Why do Republicans allow these debates to be run by Liberals who never ask Hillary about her lies and emails?” Republicans??? Right. And McCain says he is a Republican.

    My family are Republican since before the Civil War. My first vote was for Goldwater. I am a Rabid Republican, but my Republican Party is gone – US and Arizona – my “Party” hates Conservatives.
    What must we do? We must win the War against our enemies…
    And our only chance to win the War is Trump in the White House.

    So November 8th I am voting for Trump… and for Kirkpatrick.
    Kirkpatrick will be a weak first termer we can defeat in 6 years. Moreover she is by far the lesser evil. McCain ALWAYS betrays Conservatives; to believe he will oppose any Hillary SCOTUS appointment is as foolish as believing he will care about fellow Veterans dying a few blocks away from his house in Phoenix.

    Trump is heading for a Brexit-style victory; I believe it, you must.
    When Trump wins, McCain’s SCOTUS vote becomes irrelevant because Trump will only nominate Conservatives to the Court. When Trump wins McCain will probably pretend to support him.

    If, God Forbid, Hillary wins McCain will join his “Rock Star” buddy and will stab Conservative Arizonans in the back as he always does.
    So Conservatives, just this one time vote for the Damned Democrat. What in God’s name do you have to lose?

    • State Delegate says:

      Not a thing. McCain and Kirkpatrick are interchangeable. I don’t let my concerns about the Supreme Court influence my decision to support this awful Democrat, since John McCain has voted to confirm nearly all of the Obama extreme liberal appointees to the federal bench. He was also on board, first with Jon Kyl and then with Jeff the Flake to confirm Obama’s cabinet members regardless of how terrible they were known to have been. I so badly want McCain out that I’m voting for a Democrat for the first and I pray only time. Liberal Charlatans who run as Republicans need to realize there are consequences to their charades.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Because of my profession, I come into contact with dozens and dozens of senior citizens every day. I overhear conversations; sometimes see what they are watching on TV monitors, and am often privy to their views on political matters. Make no mistake—they are very opinionated despite not always being oriented to time, place or person.

      The majority of these folks are WWII or Vietnam veterans and/or their spouses. The majority are voting for McCain simply because he is a veteran. They are oblivious to his record in Congress. The majority are voting for Hillary because
      1). she has experience—–she used to live in the WH.
      2). it’s time for a women to have a chance.
      3). Trump will destroy the world—-as per Hillary’s TV political ads.

      Please understand that I am not disparaging our Veterans or elderly people. This is just a peek into what I see and hear every day.

      It’s stunning to see that the very people who are no longer safe to live alone or to safely drive a car or to wisely manage personal financial decisions are voting in vast numbers.
      And this doesn’t even take into account the number of
      non-citizens and felons who will be voting this time around.

      Also stunning is the number of my colleagues (who are, for the most part, foreign born or are first generation American) who are voting for Hillary because they just hate conservatives —because of what they see on social media—-and generally have no respect for American values at any time–not just during the election cycle.

      In my line of work, I have seen miracles. And I have also seen instances when God has withdrawn His hand.

      I continue to ask everyone who is so inclined to please pray to God and ask Him to defeat the works of satan.

  7. jakesez says:

    There is more to this election that just the selection of our next president. The future of the way we are represented is also at stake. The liberal gang that has been installed by Hillary is beyond comprehension. There is real evidence that voter fraud ranging from ballot harvesting to the bussing of illegals from poll to poll. Tapes confirming the use of provocateurs that go into the oppositions rallies and cause disruptions and fights. These tactics are right out of pre-Hitler Germany.

    If Hillary, Soros and the rest of the left wing radicals do win this election we can say good-by to all the protections of the constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights and the constitution are just pieces of paper and are worthless if not revered and respected by the people who would abide by them.

    Once Hillary is elected she will control the Department of Justice, the courts, prosecutors, IRS and Homeland Security. Once that has occurred no democrat will ever be investigated or charged with any crime against the opposition to their way of thinking or oppose them in any way. The only republicans or other party representatives that will ever be elected will be those which the liberals need to keep up the façade of bipartisan government.

    The press is committing suicide. They are now voluntarily submitting their articles to the Hillary campaign for censorship so as not to offend the liberals. Once Hillary is elected the voluntary censorship will become mandatory. So long free and independent press. Some people are so stupid or are so impressed with their our worth that they must think they will be a part of the power rather than the minions like the rest of us. Remember that revolutions usually eat their young. Could they be so stupid that they don’t deserve freedom?

    You may not want to believe that this can or will happen. Wait until the next election. But, by then it will be too late. Good intentions are not worth warm spit.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      He is certifiable. Really. And Arizonans (not here) allow this crazy behavior and keep reelecting the old fool.

  8. Maggie says:

    I hope Donald Trump can stay on topic and moderate his bombastic presentation and overuse of adjectives (Yuge, really, really, amazing, awesome, etc.) making him sound like a teenager with limited language skills. Part of his debate prep should have included watching Reagan speeches.
    As to McCain, who trusts anything he says? Senior citizens who buy into his contrived heroism and Arizona newcomers who don’t have a frame of reference.

  9. azgary says:

    Anti-Gaslighting: Raw and Current State Vote Data Not Remotely Close To Media Polling…

    Earlier today on CNN Clinton Campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon stated: “in the next three weeks we expect the polls to tighten significantly“. Wait, huh.. wha?

    The reason for Fallon’s prediction is brutally obvious, the current media polls are nonsense. As a result, the polling averages are nonsense. As a result the electoral maps the media want to sell today -based on those polls- are nonsense…. In essence, the same bias media coverage is embedded in their biased media polls.

  10. azgary says:

    WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’s License….

    In the latest Wikileaks Podesta documents John Podesta actually says it is OK for illegals to vote if they have a driver’s license.

    Trump says the system is rigged.
    Then we see this email the next day.

    John Podesta: I think Teddy’s idea scratches the itch, is pretty safe and uncomplicated.
    On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.

  11. Saguaro Sam says:

    MIchelle Obama to campaign for Hillary in AZ tomorrow (Thursday), according to this story in the dailymailonline.com—–the very last line in the article.


    Wonder how many “mentally ill” people the DNC and their minions have hired to be in Vegas tonight?