Why voting for Donald Trump is an all out urgency

In an article titled Trump closing argument is battle cry against Clinton corruption, the Washington Times appears to comprehend the calamity Americans could be facing with the Nov. 8 election. The choices are stark as America confronts decline, mired in nearly $20 trillion of debt.

None of this concerns Hillary Clinton, who is committed to expanding that historically out-of-control economic nightmare by adding another $ trillion over ten years. The ten-year plan is significant since it concludes two years after a two-term presidency —- calculated to assure responsible parties are far enough removed to be held accountable.

Hillary Clinton promises free college tuition to all comers, free child care and 3 months of maternity leave for new parents. Also on her agenda are expanded health care funding, expansion of entitlements and raising taxes, not only on those she deems “wealthy“ and not paying their “fair share,” but also middle class Americans. To keep her BLM voters on board, Clinton wants to double funding to retrain and reform police agencies. 

Nearly a year ago McClatchy News, hardly a beacon of conservatism, questioned 17 new spending plans, noting her “failure to fully explain how she would pay for the spending.”

Know this: If she is elected it will usher in a new and unimaginable era of expanded big government from which future generations will be unable to extract themselves. The standard of living we know can go nowhere but down as we emulate socialist European nations experiencing banking system collapses, terrorist attacks and floods of unvetted, uneducated and unwilling to assimilate Muslim “refugees imposing their traditions on host nations. Formerly homogenous Sweden is now viewed as the west’s rape capitol. America is far from exempt as communities are being overrun under United Nations mandates, even as terror attacks have bloodied our soil.

This is not about fear.  It’s called knowledge. Use your brains as you vote.  

Whether the top of the Republican ticket was your first or sixteenth choice, our choice now is to unite and support our GOP nominee Donald Trump over the scandal plagued Saul Alinsky radical liberal, Hillary Clinton. We must save our nation.  

And as you cast this most crucial vote of our lifetimes, keep in mind that Arizona’s two U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are not supporting Donald Trump. McCain is on the ballot this time.  Treat him accordingly.


18 Responses to Why voting for Donald Trump is an all out urgency

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Hillary Rodham was introduced to Saul Alinsky when she was still in high school. They were introduced by a “youth pastor” in Illinois.

    I have noticed recently that photos of John Podesta bear a resemblance to photos of Saul Alinsky. Certainly, their views on America are very similar.

    Meanwhile, in Syracuse, New York this happened to a white man, walking with the use of a cane, who asked a bunch of thug teenagers to get off of his property.
    He got the crap beat out of him by two of the females.
    How is this Not a hate crime?
    Take a look.
    Perhaps the man will end up getting charged for trying to protect his property.


    Please try to communicate with elderly American citizens, especially Catholics, regarding the importance of this election.
    I have heard at least 200 elderly persons, over the course of the past month, indicate that they are all in for Hillary (and McAmnesty).
    And they don’t give one jot about the fact that Medicare has been the victim of a mob hit.

  2. CultureShocked says:

    Regarding the last paragraph of the article, I would like to call attention to my latest revelation on the general disdain for McCain and the predicament we face here in AZ. Aside from the fact that any write in vote for Dr. Ward will not be tallied and therefore not a factor in why (if it happens) Fitzpatrick could score a victory and therefore would not set in her mind that a victory was a gift from the disgruntled R’s. This could be a problem in her legislative outlook and re-election in 6 years. Also a factor in this dilemma is article 16 ARS which in my reading says that in the event of the death of a U.S. Senator the office will be filled in the next general election. The average age of death in the U.S. is 79 years old. So this could be a factor in McCain’s “public service”.
    Please forgive for I am trying my best on how handle this situation. The thought of voting for a Dem is causing many restless nights and along with the idea of 6 more years of McCain finishes out the night with no sleep. I just have a hard time viewing Fitzpatrick as a reasonable representative for the citizens of AZ but as far as McCain goes, it brings to mind the maxim “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.
    The fact that Dr. Ward either did not or was ineligible to become a authorized write in candidate, changed the whole game for me.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Ann Fitzpatrick is our only choice in ridding ourselves and the rest of America of the vengeful, deceitful and evil liberal John McCain. He has done more harm to Arizona conservatives than she could ever do, since he and his operatives work within the Republican Party structure to take down conservatives. State Chairman Robert Graham has been a willing toady for McCain. Gov. Doug Ducey ‘s first job when he came to our state to attend ASU was working for Cindy McCain’s beer distributorship. McCain’s reach even goes into precincts, where his operatives worked double time to overfill PC slots with establishment backed RINOs, who never attend the legislative district meetings and have no intention of doing so. Their aim is to eradicate conservatives so McCain will have like-thinking Republicrats filling the important intra party offices when the state and county GOP elections take place in January.

      This is not conjecture. This is all fact. Withholding a vote from McCain or engaging in never-win write-ins is daydreaming. The only way to get this liberal fossil out is to grow a spine and vote for Fitzpatrick. She’d be a newcomer with little power replacing a longtime player who hates conservatives. I had to be convinced to engage in this effort, but I am now a believer. She is not invincible. She was was ousted after one US House term, sat it out and ran again in a newly reconfigured district.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’m doing two things at once. I’m voting for Donald Trump and voting against Saul’s daughter. What’s pointed out about her in the above SRAZ post will kill off our country once and for all. I’m hoping and praying Americans think seriously about this election and ignore the media who make light of how they’re both unlikeable, Trump this and Trump that. We cannot let Hillary in the White House door. She’s toxic for America.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Soros group is accused of violating Arizona election law | 12NEWS.com


    Is it too late to fight back?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Some U.S. military personnel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan ten years ago are being ordered by the Pentagon to re-pay their enlistment bonuses to the government. Pentagon blaming it on an “audit”.

    The Pentagon. One more institution which we can no longer trust.


    Be very concerned about the possible merger of mega communications companies.
    Aside from being a huge anti-trust concern, it is coming suspiciously ahead of the election. If Hillary wins, she will rule everything.

    If you are so inclined, please increase your prayers to God in Heaven.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      This is an outrage!!! Our military personnel risked their lives in global hot spots. They were promised bonuses for doing so at the time. Now, years later, being told they have to repay those bonuses is beyond belief. Isn’t trust supposed to be a two way street?

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Let us think about this for a moment. All the troubles that we as a nation are having today were not caused by Trump. They were caused by the elite members of the establishment, both liberals and conservatives. So, why would we elect a member of that group to fix the problems they created. Remember, they have yet to fix any of the major problems that were caused by them. Having experience in government does not mean you know how to fix anything. The fixers of this world are not in government.

  7. azgary says:


    too bad this wasnt recognized sooner by you “conservatives”

    destroying the nation because you neverTrumpers are politically correct sell outs for phony words over deeds and semantics.

    Trump won the primary because he was THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO OPPOSED OPEN BORDERS GLOBALISM.

    you pretend conservatives who attack trump are no different than soros.

    but you are crying because your candidate wasnt as strong.

    you are explitives that i cannot post here

    • azgary says:


      and this includes you SRAZ.

      you attacked and threatened me for doing much less than those who opposed Trump did to me for my post while ignoring those attacking me.

      you might just be reaping what you sowed.

      it would be funny is it were not so gawddammned sad

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        Get off your high horse, azgary. You might hurt yourself. At least get your facts straight. We were never “Never Trumpers.” While it’s true Donald Trump was not in our top dozen choices, once he became the Republican nominee we rallied behind him, hoping only that he’d learn the art of self discipline and stow his puerile antics. Campaigning for the most important job in the world calls for skills he has not shown an interest in honing. That appears to be his style.

        We at SRAZ are conservatives. There is no question we support Trump and want him to win. On his worst day he’s phenomenally better than Hillary Clinton on her best. Unlike Arizona’s two offensive U.S. Senators, we have voted for Trump and wish him well. Pick your battles elsewhere.

      • Frankly Speaking says:

        WoW! You must have delusions of grandeur thinking everyone must march in lockstep to your drumbeat. If you felt threatened by a blog, you must have a very low threshold for tolerance.

        I’ve been reading Seeing Red AZ for many years and have never regarded it as anything but conservative. It’s the only readable alternative to the liberal BS i’ve found.

      • Hunter says:

        Gary, what is really sad is you and your ilk! If any of Seeing Red’s top 12 choices had been nominated, Republicans would be sailing to victory even against a biased press.

        Trump wasn’t the only candidate opposing open borders globalism. Other candidates expressed views against illegal immigration at least as strong as those Trump is now promoting.

        Reducing free trade agreements aimed solely at reducing tariffs and redundant inspection requirements is not “globalism” unless you regard free trade and expanded opportunities for all Americans as globalism. It reduces costs for all Americans and provides opportunities for those in export industries.

        A huge reason Trump became the GOP nominee is that the media (including many with liberal bias) heavily promoted him and held back negative stories until after the nominating convention. They knew he would be one of the few people Clinton would have a chance of beating.

        Ultimately, though, Trump and his supporters have no one to blame except Trump himself. He is undisciplined, a whiner, and ignorant concerning public policy.

        In spite of that, he is still better than Clinton, but that message is obscured by Trump’s own failings. That is soley on Trump – not on real conservatives.

        Trump might get lucky and pull out a victory, but he will have to get very lucky. Or, more to the point, we will have to get very lucky.

        Trump has created a situation so bad that the US Senate could fall to the Democrats. He may be the reason Republican voters feel stuck voting for McCain since, though he is a RINO, would help keep the Senate from being run by Chuck Schumer and other leftist Democrats.

        Gary, we are reaping what you and your fellow Trump supporters sowed. Suck it up and stop whining.

      • Observer says:

        So you call the shots for all of us and we have to march to your tune at the exact moment you deem it appropriate. There can be no individual thought in your bizarre world? Do you see yourself as a God or a dictator? To clarify. You say you were threatened. This is not a “threat”. It’s an observation. This is not the playground. Seeing Red AZ is not the recess monitor. None of us even know who you are, so it’s doubtful you were too battered. We use this section to comment, not to whine.

  8. jakesez says:

    Heard a couple of good ones this AM on the radio.

    An investment manager talking about Hillary’s tax plan was saying that it could not happen the way she wants and it is the first of many errors in her plan. The host asked it this was in the same category as the “read my lips, no new taxes’ and “you can keep your doctor” promises. The investment manager stated it was not a broken promise since Hillary had not planed to keep it when she said it.

    In the same program it was a news burp that the Clinton Foundation had given a $1,000.00 donation the wife of an FBI agent who was running for public office., The FBI agent also happened to be one that worked on the Clinton investigation. Poor FBI, what has become of you??

  9. LD 28 Voter says:

    Trump has had my vote for quite some time. But Today I finished my Early Ballot. It took 3 beers + 1 boiler maker and I checked Kirkpatrick. I didn’t feel a thing.

    Bye John – I hope