Why is open borders fan Soros backing Paul Penzone & Diego Rodriguez?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a multi-billionaire opponent shoveling copious sums of cash into the effort to defeat him in his reelection bid. Oddly, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has the same opponent.

Democrat Paul Penzone, the tough dude who roughed up his former estranged wife in a fit of temper several years ago, isn’t the affluent one. It’s his far leftist benefactor, George Soros, a committed open borders proponent who is the guy with the big bucks.  Soros has bankrolled the ‘Maricopa Strong’ Political Action Committee to the tune of $300,000. The group’s been cranking out dishonest mailers timed to land in Valley mailboxes to coincide with early ballots.

For Paul Penzone, a former Phoenix police officer to have caught the attention of  socialist global player and radical megalomaniac George Soros, raises more questions than there are answers. Back in 2011, Human Events polled its readers and  listed theTop 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous,” referring to him as “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.” Discover the Networks has a Guide to Soros’ Networks. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the header over each section of bullet points, for an insight into what his actual agenda is

The local newspaper, long bonded to unrestrained illegal alien crossings on Arizona’s sieve-like southern border has endorsed Penzone over Arpaio. It plays down the unseemly involvement of George Soros, though noting that he was listed as the sole contributor to the high dollar PAC. Penzone denies coordinating with Soros, which would be illegal. The mystery is how Penzone who lost to Arpaio in 2012, caught the attention of the unsavory tycoon with a penchant for destroying America on every level.

In the race for Maricopa County Attorney, incumbent Bill Montgomery, is being challenged by an unknown Democrat also funded by George Soros. Phoenix attorney Diego Rodriguez says he represents change.

The change he represents is demonstrated solely by Soros’ involvement in prosecutor’s races throughout the country, as he promotes laxer criminal prosecution.

Among the myriad groups funded by Soros is Black Lives Matter, which engages in flagrant destruction, looting, torching of businesses and cars, including police vehicles and dangerously blocking main thoroughfares impeding the passage of emergency vehicles.  Most importantly, BLM has incited violence against police. Officers have been ambushed and slaughtered by its cowardly members.

If elected, we can only imagine how Paul Penzone and Diego Rodriguez would express their gratitude for George Soros’ generosity.

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  1. Maggie says:

    It’s mind boggling to even try to guess on that “repayment” plan Penzone and Rodriguez would implement.

    Democrat Phoenix Mayors Phil Gordon and now Greg Stanton have each worked toward implementing Sanctuary City status for Phoenix. It has created a magnet for increased criminality and places a drain on taxpaying citizens who fund the ever increasing social benefits that illegals quickly access, even including year round free breakfasts and lunch at valley schools.

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    As I canvas my precinct, the vast majority of those I speak with are supportive of “Sheriff Joe.” Although just a snapshot of a particular neighborhood, I consider that a very good sign.


  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Tons of big signs for Penzone in the West Valley.
    There is one planted right in front of the Sun City West Sheriff’s Posse office.

    Regarding government corruption and pay-offs:
    Today, in San Francisco, the Millennium Towers 58 story hi-rise apartment building has sunk 16 inches since it was opened in 2009.
    It is also tilting.
    Leaked documents show that the city and the developer knew that the building was sinking before the first apartments were occupied.
    Some of the apartments were sold for millions of dollars, with the penthouse units having gone for 10 million.
    Built on a landfill.

    A 58 story building for residential use allowed to be built on a landfill in an earthquake fault zone.

    Looks like Clinton operative Terry McAuliffe paid the wife of a high ranking FBI official a tidy sum of money for. . . . .?

    Politicians and government officials who accept money or other material things to the detriment of those who they are supposed to serve are guilty of Greed. One of the seven deadly sins.

    George Soros may be in charge of a lot of organizations and can pull all kinds of strings.
    But, for sure, he will not be the one guarding the Pearly Gates.
    So guard your soul. Because that’s ALL that you are allowed to take with you for eternity.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I had forgotten how evil Soros is until I read the above info. He lived and breathed getting rid of George W. Bush. Couldn’t do it with all his money. Now it looks like he’s trying to turn Arizona blue with the unlikely choices for office.

    Kurt Davis of First Strategic was on Politics Unplugged last night and said Trump would win AZ in a squeaker – the other guy an Independent inferred that Hillary will win AZ. I’d be surprised if AZ went so blue as to elect Penzone and the unknown Diego Rodriguez. There’s also a Democrat running against Helen Purcell whose campaign ads can’t hide that he’s a far leftist, using the guise of being a U.S. Marine.

    The Left is on a crusade this election to take over the country. They’ll have one less radical voting this year – Tom Hayden died today – he of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and radical protests outside the Democratic National Convention. Every fiber of his body had hatred for America and its people. Here’s an example from Wikipedia:

    In 2007, Hayden made news for his speech at the wedding of his son Troy, where, as Hilton Als wrote in The New Yorker, he “said that he was especially happy about his son’s union with actress Simone Bent, who is black, because, among other things, it was ‘another step in a long-term goal of mine: the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race.'”[11]

    • Seen It All says:

      Why quote Kurt Davis? Kurt Davis worked for John McCain and along with numerous with other McCain operatives, including Wes Gullett who wanted our support as he ran and lost the Phoenix mayor’s race, signed on as supporters on the notorious Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) list. Davis even donated to liberal Congressman Ed Pastor, when there was a conservative in the race.


      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        I left out the sarcasm. So sorry. He almost had to take a deep breath when he used the term ” in a squeaker. ” It almost killed him.
        First Strategic is all about John McCain. They don’t even try to hide it. They’re all a bunch of sleazes.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Anti-pot effort gets $1M from state 2019s richest man | The Daily Courier | Prescott, AZ


    Let’s give Discount Tire our business.

    Also this: More recently, the chain drew criticism from some Latino groups for posting signs in store windows urging the reelection of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Here it comes:
    Sooner or later we knew that Mr. Gabby Giffords (aka Mark Kelly) would come out into the Dem spotlight.
    He’s been hanging back in the shadows for years with his PAC.

    Now, Politico is in love with him and calling him a “congenital badass”.

    From the story, it appears that oxygen depravation was an issue long before NASA stuck a rocket up his azz and sent him into orbit.


  7. Jean McGrath says:

    The Black Lives Matter signs that are printed by a sign maker have
    REVCOM,COM printed on the bottom. Google REVCOM.COM and you will find it is the communist party USA,

  8. Fed Up says:

    To answer the question posed in the headline, the answer is simple. Soros wants the malleable Penzone because talk of a wall would be all but forgotten. There would be no consequences for illegally invading Arizona as the invaders use our southern portal to fan out throughout our nation. We’re fed the line that these “are just good people looking for a better life” for themselves and their families. What gets scant attention is the high rates of crime that come across the border with these illegals. Besides having no respect for our laws, they are willing to work for less and depress the wages of American citizens, whose jobs they take. Construction is but one industry where illegals are hired over citizens. Paul Penzone has sold his soul to Soros, a radical globalist, who believes in a borderless world. Joe Arpaio has our votes and support!

    Sheriff Arpaio is under the gun by a federal judge for enforcing the law. All of this is calculatingly timed to coincide with the election. The judge is out to oust Sheriff Joe.