Need proof that the feds have things bassackwards?

Obvious political double standards

When it comes to scandal-plagued and utterly dishonest Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch clandestinely meets on the tarmac of Sky Harbor airport for a tête-à-tête with Hill’s husband Bill aboard a private jet — ostensibly to discuss grandchildren.

And, though  FBI Director James Comey found compelling evidence of concerning issues in Hillary Clinton’s use of multiple private email servers, he concluded that he would not recommend charges against her, though he conceded Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” in handling classified information. Comey refused to recommend an indictment against Hillary Clinton, despite “evidence” she violated laws pertaining to the handling of classified information, jeopardizing U.S. national security. These breaches occurred during her term as Secretary of State. “There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position  should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that information,” Comey acknowledged.

Additionally, Comey noted that other individuals in a similar situation would not necessarily be let off the hook with no charges, and would probably face penalties. “But that’s not what we’re deciding now,” he glibly fed us, the sheeple. “We are expressing to Justice our view that no charges be made in this case.”

“Justice,” of course, is U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the tarmac meeting fame.  Addressing the people of the United States, the FBI director actually said that “no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear” on the investigation. He neglected to mention the inappropriate meeting between former president Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch aboard a private jet.

Hillary Clinton is free to run for the U.S. Presidency, guaranteeing Obama’s third term.

Here in Arizona, we have what clearly appears to be a personal vendetta carried out by a federal judge timed to coincide with the General Election in which popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio is on the ballot running for a seventh term. He was formally charged Tuesday with criminal contempt of court for ignoring U.S. District Judge Murray Snow’s order in a three-year old racial-profiling case. Arpaio acknowledged violating Snow’s order but insists the breach wasn’t intentional

Arpaio’s challenger in the race is once again  rough ‘er up Democrat Paul Penzone, funded by multi-billionaire Socialist George Soros, who is contemptuous of national borders. Soros also funds Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

If convicted, Sheriff Arpaio could face up to six months in jail. A misdemeanor conviction would not bar Arpaio from serving as sheriff.

Sheriff Arpaio’s interview with Lou Dobbs is worth your time:



16 Responses to Need proof that the feds have things bassackwards?

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    The Fed govt is rotten from the inside out.

    On October 15, the GOP hdqtrs in Orange County, North Carolina was firebombed and completely destroyed, with the words ‘Nazi Republicans Leave or Else’ spray painted on an adjacent building.

    It is now learned that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) SPRAY PAINTED OVER THE INFLAMMATORY THREAT and decided against calling this a politically motivated criminal act.

    As to the extremely troubling matter with Sheriff Joe being put through the ringer, we now see why the last several years have been leading to this place. Penzone+Soros.

    Now Soros is sharpening his nails to go after Bill Montgomery by funding the Rodriquez guy with the slicked back hair.

    And it appears that Mark Kelly is next in the wings to get a little Soros juice.

    Seems like our little backwater State of Arizona is ripe for the picking, just as hoards of liberals from California, Oregon, and Washington are relocating here permanently.

    Trump, Pence, Rudy, and Newt know how to fix this mess of a country.

    It’s going to take a Miracle.

    Please pray to God on this matter. He is not interested in making a
    king for us. The Old Testament proved that in spades.
    Perhaps the prayer could be that we ask God to show us HIs Mercy and ask Him to defeat the works of satan.

    The entire world is under the influence of evil.
    Look at Europe.
    You cannot safely travel in most of the major cities of Europe now.
    The editor of an Austrian newspaper has been arrested for running a front page story about the crime wave caused by the “immigrants”.

    Earlier this week, Putin rolled out his new rocket which can deliver a nuclear warhead that would immediately wipe out all of France, or all of England & Wales.
    He dubbed the rocket “Satan 2”.
    Get it?

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The long knives have been out for Sheriff Arpaio for years. The AZ Repugnant newspaper trounces him each and every day. Joe is tough and as a career lawman who previously worked for the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, he knows the law. He’s been enforcing that law here in Maricopa County longer than any of his predecessors since statehood. Arizona is fortunate to have him.

    To say the contempt charge is politically motivated is an understatement. Amazing that Hillary Clinton gets a pass for imperiling our national security, while Joe Arpaio is hammered for enforcing the law. The Dems want a flood of illegals to increase their ranks and skew the election results. Think it doesn’t happen? Register to vote online. Request a Spanish language ballot. Vote that ballot at the kitchen table. Then mail it in. Voters never have to have contact with a live person. What a recipe for corruption. the governor of Virginia who was previously the DNC chairman now allows felons to vote.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    The reason Joe Arpaio has been elected six times is because he is following the law and the citizens of Maricopa County (and elsewhere) appreciate him for doing so. Today the headline on the Drudge Report highlights the fact that even greater hordes of illegals are flooding across the southern border worried that Donald Trump will be elected and the gravy train will come to a halt.
    They might be illiterate and often criminals, but they’ve learned to claim “refugee” status.

  4. azgary says:


    James O’Keefe

    BREAKING: Rigging the Election – Video IV: $20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned
    @PVeritas_Action @woodhouseb

  5. azgary says:

    BREAKING: @HillaryClinton’s E-Mail Server Company Got Almost $1 Million In Gov’t Loans After Wiping E-Mails

    • Vince says:

      WikiLeaks has done a masterful job of displaying the blatant corruption that is ingrained within the Democrat party, its elected officials and candidates who run under the Dem banner.

  6. Kimball says:

    If you’re interested in what motivates Judge Murray Snow, read this double talk from the LDS (Mormon) Church regarding the illegal invasion of the United States. The majority of the church’s outreach is to illegals. Utah, where I still have many relatives, is now a “Sanctuary State.”

    This all flies in the face of the church’s Doctrines and Covenants Section 134 which demands obedience of the laws of the land in which believers live. Now increasing the membership roster takes priority to doctrine. They tithe and gratefully fill the pews.

    VOTE FOR SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO. Did you know that federal judges never stand for either election or retention? Once appointed they are there for as long as they desire.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just a few days after tens of thousands of muslim men surrounded the Colosseum in Rome, Italy and did their little shout out to their false prophet———Earthquake reported at 5.4 magnitude in that area today.

    If you didn’t see Newt take on Megyn Kelly last night on her home turf, it is very much worth watching the video. The transcript doesn’t do it justice.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    More interference by the corrupt politicians in the District of Criminals:

    With Obama’s Help Eric Holder Seeks to ‘Break GOP Supremacy’ by Redistricting the Country | Truth Revolt

  9. azgary says:

    Are There Signs of A Voter Fraud Scheme in Broward County Florida? A Handful of Mistakes and 173,000 Solutions…
    Posted on October 26, 2016 by sundance
    Small “Mistakes” and 173,000 “Solutions”…

    Anyone with any political knowledge is aware the best chances for Hillary Clinton in Florida come from two specific counties, Broward and Dade. It is not coincidental that both counties continue to be the historic nucleus of multiple voting irregularities.

    This year is no different. In a recent series of events Broward County is at the epicenter of another voting malfunction. However, this one might not be a mistake, it might be by design. The essential outline of the current year concern surrounds a scheme to present double voting to benefit Hillary Clinton:

  10. Braveheart says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio still rates the largest standing ovations and cheers whenever he enters an auditorium. He’s one of the few I stand for anymore. He’s spent a lifetime earning our respect. Many of the rest of them are more bonded to the offices they hold than they are to the voters who put them there. The automatic adulation shown by leaping to our feet and applauding is foolish. All they have to do is enter a room or walk toward a podium, and without saying a word the slavish nonsense begins.

  11. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The latest issue of Gun Owners of America rates AZ senate candidates as follows:
    Ann Kirkpatrick (D) D
    John McCain (R) D-

    The NRA refused to endorse John McCain this time around.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      There’s not any difference between them It won’t be easy voting for a dem, but I want McCain out of office that bad.

      A few years ago, when the NRA held its national convention in Phoenix, John McCain was the honored keynote speaker. I immediately resigned my lifetime membership purchased for me years ago by my dad. It wan’t easy, but he would have understood. My dad knew the value of principles and honesty.