If you missed Donald Trump’s 7th Arizona visit Saturday…..

…..You can be there, via this video, with the many thousands of enthusiastic supporters who did show up:

Meanwhile, Saturday’s edition of the Chicago Tribune — Obama’s hometown newspaper — has called for Democrats to ask Hillary Clinton to step aside in favor of her VP nominee Tim Kaine, amid the re-opened FBI criminal investigation into her ongoing lies and reckless disregard for national security as Secretary of State. WikiLeaks plans to release another 15,000 emails to add to the already damning evidence against her. Election Day is 10 days away.

9 Responses to If you missed Donald Trump’s 7th Arizona visit Saturday…..

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    The fact that my niece’s Saturday wedding was an evening affair contributed to saving my marriage. I was able to see Donald Trump AND attend the nuptials and festivities.

    • Maggie says:

      I hate to think which event would have taken presidence if there was an actual time conflict!! You’re a lucky man.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Keep in mind that Tim Kaine is a Real Obama Insider.
    Kaine would be the mole in the WH should the fraudsters steal the election. And remember that BHO is only moving down the street into a huge mansion there in D.C. and is Still fundraising all over Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

    Trump held an awesome campaign event in PHX, including that speech given by that very articulate 13 year old young lady.

    Meanwhile, at the HIllary event in Miami, another singer/actress/diva (Jennifer Lopez) took to the stage barely dressed and shook her azz at the crowd.

    Here’s the latest regarding FBI Director James Comey:

    I’m still thinking that Obama, Jeh Johnson and Loretta Lynch will come up with some reason to cancel or somehow monkey with the election.

    I again make this plea to you:
    If you are so inclined, please pray to God and ask Him to defeat the works of satan.

  3. azgary says:

    From thegatewaypundit:

    IT’S COME TO THIS=> Hillary Clinton Campaigns at Bar, In Florida, Mid Morning, On Sunday…

  4. azgary says:



    Folks, if Trump wins Michigan we could be looking at a landslide of EPIC proportions.

    According to DetroitNews.com, more than 20,624 MORE ballots have been cast for Republicans than Democrats!

  5. azgary says:

    Donald Trump is holding three events today in three seperate states. Nevada (2pm EDT), Colorado (6pm EDT) and New Mexico (10pm EDT). The first event takes place in Las Vegas NV at The Venetian at 11:00am Local / 2:00pm EDT:

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    What in the world do we make of this?!

    Ivanka Trump, Megyn Kelly meet in New York | TheHill


    • Kent says:

      Good question….
      Maybe, “please treat my dad better than you have, or we could be dealing with looney tune Tim Kaine as president and America will never forget you led the charge to put that nightmare in place”?

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Megyn Kelly’s lawyers and agents are in the process of negotiating a new FOX contract. It is said that she is demanding twenty million per year.
      Old Rupert gave a statement last week saying that they have a deep bench at FOX and there are others who would give their right arm for that time slot.
      However, it is also being floated that James Murdoch “loves” Megyn and that she dines with him often.

      Megyn is already locked into co-hosting the “Live with Kelly Ripa” TV show on November 9. There is no doubt that she will supply enough hateful remarks and rhetoric to fill a sewer treatment plant.

      Perhaps she’s trying to nail down interviews that would increase her value in old Rupert’s eyes.

      Female narcissists are rare. But she meets the diagnostic criteria.
      Her house-husband and 3 little kids must be satisfied with crumbs.

      Megyn Kelly’s book comes out in November.
      It’s all about her.