Kelli Ward challenges Hillary-supporting RINO Jeff Flake in 2018


Republicrat egocentric contrarian needs to go

In an email titled, “Help me drain the swamp!,” Kelli Ward announces her intent to challenge first term Sen. Jeff Flake in 2018. Flake has determinedly worked to undermine Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump while essentially giving his full-throated support to corrupt, scandal plagued liberal Hillary Clinton.

In one of her final essays, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly exposed Jeff Flake as a “disreputable globalist.” She had previously written “Trump battles globalist Republicans,” which we covered in Schlafly: Trump treated with hostility; Flake leads the pack.

Except for a stint leading the Libertarian, “limited government” Goldwater Institute, a fiscal but not social conservative group, Flake has spent his career at the public trough, even breaking his own pledge to term limit himself to stay in the heady atmosphere of Washington, DC. Searching all of the laissez-faire Goldwater categories, even “regulations,” we were unable to find a word either pro or con on Prop. 205 the disastrous effort to legalize recreational marijuana on the Nov. 8, General Election ballot. Silence often speaks louder than words.

In the early 1990s Flake was a registered foreign agent for Rossing Uranium, a company operating a mine in the South African country of Namibia that is among the world’s largest suppliers of nuclear fuel —- partially owned by Iran. He earned approximately $7,000 monthly opening doors in the our nation’s capital and promoting the firmaccording to records obtained by National Journal, which writes, “Flake’s little-known time in the influence industry stands in contrast to his carefully cultivated image as a Washington outsider.” As a lobbyist he gained D.C. access for the nefarious uranium dealers.

Flake is oozy with Obama, as a regular traveling companion and White House basketball teammate. Senate Conservatives Fund noted that Flake was one of only two Republican senators who disappointingly didn’t vote on whether to cut off debate giving the Democrats the power to fund Obamacare. The conservative vote was “Nay.” His leftist votes on matters of extreme impotence can be seen here. Conservative Review rates Jeff Flake an “F along with is mentor John McCain. Gun Owners of America asks,How Many Times Will Jeff Flake Stab Gun Owners in the Back? — One time? Or four?Flake rates a zero from the League of Conservative Voters.

Despite the Arizona Republic’s super-sized efforts at whitewashing and repackaging him, Flake is beatable. Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician and two-term conservative state senator has been through the McCain wood chipper— he actually accused her of being soft on ISIS terrorists! — and is ready to take on the marginal Flake.

Though Flake gives lip service criticizing government waste and advocates reducing federal spending, he is a committed proponent of the illegal invasion of the United States. The two issues are incompatible with one another, with costly benefits and numerous other services illegals access soaring astronomically, as they displace American workers in a still depressed economy.  Don’t look for Jeff Flake to address what Immigration and Customs Enforcement refers to as acrisis situationon our porous border as illegal aliens boldly invade the U.S., claiming “refugee” status.

In fact, Flake and McCain were the architects of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill on which they colluded with the most liberal Senate Democrats, including Charles Schumer and Richard Durbin, and a couple of other Republicrats.

When Flake was in the House of Representatives, radical leftist Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) Flake’s close associate and co-sponsor of amnesty legislation, wrote an article, “The Numbers Are On Our Side,” for Progress Illinois, in which he specifically thanked Jeff Flake for helpingturn more red states blue.”

In 2012, flagrant phony Flake was given more than a lift by McCain and retiring Sen. Jon Kyl. Even so, he barely made the cut against former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona.

As evidenced by his actions, his associations and his votes, Jeff Flake is beatable. Conservative Kelli Ward is up to the task. She needs our help to be competitive.


16 Responses to Kelli Ward challenges Hillary-supporting RINO Jeff Flake in 2018

  1. Disgusted in Arizona says:

    Kelli Ward could not win her way out of a wet paper bag. We need someone with smarts to beat Juan Jr.

    • Villanova says:

      You misrepresent yourself. You are not “Disgusted in Arizona.” You are actually “Disgusting in Arizona.” Kelli Ward is a brilliant, accessible and accomplished woman. We are fortunate to have someone of her caliber willing to take on the entrenched RINO establishment, flush with lobbyist and George Soros’ strings-attached money. The ethically changed McCain outspent her 10 to 1 and irrationally accused her of giving aid and comfort to ISIS terrorists. The state senate where she served doesn’t deal with international issues.

      You can be assured that Kelli Ward will never hold “invitation only” town halls, that block access to all but selected attendees. You can also be sure that she would not publicly disparage the Republican presidential candidate, or send shirtless pictures of herself as Jeff Flake has done. Flake js as close as Arizona has come to to another appropriately named political hack; Anthony Wiener.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Sounds like you’re on the McFlake payroll. It’s a good bet Dr. Kelli Ward has far more educational credentials than you do. More also than McCain and Flake. As Washington insiders who have both previously worked as lobbyists, they have access to that endless supply of big bucks. McCain and Hillary are both recipients of the generosity of globalist multibillionare George Soros. I would imagine Flake also taps into that bottomless well of Soros is also funding democrat Paul Penzone for Sheriff over Joe Arpaio and Bill Montgomery’s democrat county attorney challenger Diego Rodriguez.

  2. jakesez says:

    Can I also assume that the normal list of John McCain surrogate candidates will soon be joining the campaign? I m sure they will be happy to help Flake as well as McCain.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Dirty, filthy games will be played. Count on it. Flake is not popular so the underhandedness will be something to behold. I’m sure Flake and his team picked up some ‘pointers’ on how to “win” from his basketball bud, Barack Hussein Obama.

      Flake needs to go. That fake smile turns my stomach never mind all he’s done to undermine conservatives and come down on the side of progressives. He needs to be smacked down.

  3. VINOAZ says:

    Flake has to go. Powerful evil forces will be trying to save him. The folks have to wise up and step up. Save our country. Rescue our state.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Senator Jeff Sessions just released a “critical alert” statement today.
    You can find it on the Washington Examiner site.
    He states that in fiscal year 2016 over 817,000 illegals have come across the border in the Southwest U.S.

    Take a look at today. Take a look at
    Many columns regarding the complete breakdown of control of our southern border.

    McCain and Flake and a whole bunch of other politicians and federal employees should be charged with violating the civil rights of legal American citizens. They have committed treason, in my opinion, but apparently no one has the gonads to even say the “T” word.

    If it wasn’t for Judicial Watch or James O’Keefe or WikiLeaks, the American public would still be in the dark.

    As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stated last week, all of our federal institutions are being destroyed. And for making that statement, the Left found another bimbo who was willing to claim that Clarence Thomas “groped” her in 1999. Now, old Anita Hill is being trotted out to opine on this allegation.

    Meanwhile, take a look at the story about the man who is “absolutely terrified” of Hillary Clinton. After reading his story, you will realize that he has every reason to be terrified.
    Possibly 3 murders????

  5. CultureShocked says:

    Probably not going to go over to well on this blog, but I find Dr. Ward’s decision to take on Flake somewhat disturbing. Keep in mind I supported her and donated $$ and therefore rcvd the same said email.
    Here are my concerns:
    1. I felt she should have done more to defeat McCain in the primary and after the primary, she had chosen to take on the R senator as a fellow R. That can only mean a fight to the finish, no holds barred, a political war. I did not see knock out, drag out effort from her. I believe she should have followed up with a write in campaign to destroy McCain either with an outright victory or his loss to the D by plurality vote on Nov. 8. To my mind that would have shown that she was capable of “throwing down the gauntlet”. Now I am in the sad situation of having to vote for McCain, because at his age he might vacate the office, then the appointment of a R by the governor until the next general election. I mean does any one here really think that voting for the D is anything but insanity.
    2. The next challenge of defeating Flake (who is definitely beatable) will be even more difficult because her method of “fighting the fight” is now known and is perceived to be limited and will encourage a: pseudo challengers (provided by Flake) and b: lesser qualified real wannabes. Thus splitting vote and assuring Flake of the nomination.
    Anybody perceived as being “nice” is not going to win the race with Flake, it will be an epic battle against Flake and the GOPe. As they say “nice guys finish last”
    One of the factors that comes into play in the Flake scenerio is that the only way to win a primary against Flake is to “destroy” all other R challengers.
    Is she capable of “going for the throat”?

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Today, AZ makes news in the Wall Street Journal.
    Obamacare in Arizona:
    Take a look. Catastrophic.
    I hope everyone reads this and passes it along.
    It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    Keep in mind that Obama has, earlier this year, put 962 pages of onerous new regulations and restrictions on Medicare.
    And the restrictions keep coming on an almost weekly basis.

    Again, McCain and Flake were A-OK with Obama’s fraud scheme.

    Last week, our socialist friends across the pond introduced an invention that will soon be used in British hospitals to replace bedside nurses. Yes, the intellectuals have decided that they can install cameras above each bed which will monitor a patient’s vital signs. Vital signs are just a small part of assessing a patient.
    In addition, patient privacy will be violated. And who will be somewhere monitoring the information being taken by the cameras?
    The questions and concerns are endless.

    We are on our own until the Trump Train pulls into Union Station.
    Please, God. . . .

  7. East Valley Conservative says:

    Yesterday’s edition of the consistently left wing Arizona Republic printed Ward’s assertion that she won the votes of 235,000 AZ Republicans despite being outspent 10 to 1 by McCain.

    That vote shows the level of animus Republicans feel toward RINO John McCain. I would never again vote for him….regardless of the circumstances. I’m still convinced he voted for Barack Obama. Obviously, since he withdrew his half assed support from Donald Trump, he’ll (and his buddy the Flake) be voting for Hillary this time around.

  8. Hunter says:

    Why are we talking about this before election day? Focus on what’s important! We can spend time discussing a primary challenge to Flake in a couple of weeks AFTER THIS election. We have a year before a serious candidate against Flake needs to be picked for that election.

    Focus on winning this election before worrying about the next election.

  9. Wm T Sparky Smith says:

    Wow what a tool of the establishment—the reason John McCain is go back to the Senate is because she would not stand down for David or Matt to run—here she goes again working with the Dems and the Establishment to Keep FLAKE in office!!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Hey, Sparky…you’re a few sparks short of illumination. Matt Salmon and David Schweikert both made it very clear that neither of them were seeking that senate seat. The Schweikert’s were in the midst of adopting a baby and Salmon has taken a much better paying job that keeps him closer to home and his family. Their independently reached decisions had nothing to do with Dr. Kelli Ward. She is a conservative who ran an issues oriented campaign that I was proud to support. Entrenched McCain had the lobbyist money and was not adverse to vomiting endless lies about Kelli Ward to keep his aged ass in D.C. He is an unprincipled and vicious man…which by the way, is another reason Salmon and Schweikert decided not to challenge him. Ditto Trent Franks. They all got the message loud and clear that they would regret such a move.

      The establishment tools are people like you who flap your lips without the facts.

  10. Hagar says:

    I haven’t voted for Flake since he he went to Cuba and praised Fidel Castro.

  11. Jill says:

    You guys suck. Just want you to know that ;)
    Kelli Ward won’t take Flake’s seat.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jeff. You needn’t have altered the last three letters of your name.