Local fish wrap: Home of cutups and jesters?


Although it was obviously not the intention of Dan Nowicki — McCain’s sycophantic assigned reporter at the Arizona Republic — his coverage of Mitt Romney’s visit to the East Valley to spread the McCain gospel to his fellow church members was nothing short of hilarious.

Nowicki writes that the “small crowd” which he generously estimated at 150 who showed up at the Chicago Cubs spring-training stadium was “no doubt depressed by the heavy rain, bitter wind and dangerous driving conditions.” Weather, not nearly as ominous as described, is a convenient excuse. Romney has never been able to turn out an Arizona crowd, regardless of the climate conditions, even in Mesa, where he should have cachet.

Romney spoke for all of ten minutes extolling McCain’s experience on the world stage and in the senate as a “bipartisan leader.” For conservative Republicans, who know the self identified “maverick” all too well, that translates as a turncoat colluder with the left.

Our post referencing Romney’s visit was much funnier, reminding our readers that brain-dead McCain couldn’t even remember who Romney is.  Watch this priceless 2012 campaign video as John McCain actually confuses then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney with Barack Obama. Then remind yourself McCain was four years younger then. The deterioration hasn’t improved with the passage of time.

15 Responses to Local fish wrap: Home of cutups and jesters?

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    First of all, McCain’s advisers should know better than to schedule him in a large venue like a baseball stadium, when they know he can’t even begin to fill a high school gym. The visuals are atrocious, especially as Donald Trump draws standing room only crowd of thousands at all of his appearances. This is the same Donald Trump that John McCain, Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake won’t support against Hillary Clinton!!

  2. CultureShocked says:

    Soon I will “have” to vote… I am seriously conflicted/repulsed by having to choose Kirkpatrick or McCain. IMO not voting or writing in someone is folly. It would, more that likely, usher in 6 years of the Dem. Who has not as far as I know, done anything to appeal to the R’s particularly relative to the 2nd amendment and the filling of the SCOTUS seat.
    As undesirable as McCain is (I believe he is weak on 2nd amendment), he has indicated that he will hold the line on a progressive nomination to the SCOTUS and he did not vote for Lynch as AG, as for cloture, I don’t know.
    I want to do what is best for me (as a constitutionally concerned citizen) and AZ. I feel that I am going to have to hold my nose and close my eyes, put aside that I think McCain is a mendacious,vile, potential senile “old” man. With the realization that if he, for reasons of heath or death (due to old age), does not finish his 6 years that there will, by law, a replacement made with an R required by the governor.
    While voting for a Dem is nothing but suicide.
    How does this “argument” not hold up as the most sane way out of this predicament, as in remembering Chester Riley “what a revolting development this is”
    BTW You have to be nearly as old a McCain to get the Chester Riley quote.
    The more I think of this the closer I come to being sick.

    • MacBeth says:

      I share your angst. However we part company on believing anything McCain says. His statement regarding holding up Supreme Court appointments is beyond idiotic and likely unconstitutional. He’s one single vote among 100 senators. But even if others followed, all that would accomplish is setting the stage for Democrat tiit for tat when Republican presidents appoint to fill vacancies on the SCOTUS.. Besides, I see Trump’s momentum bringing him over the finish line. If he is elected, will his non-supporters Juan McAmnesty and Jeff the Flake going to hold up his appointees? Such game playing is dangerous and imperils our Constitutional process.

    • Kathy says:

      Voting Kirkpatrick (yuk), she would be a freshman senator with no power. Then we will vote her out in 6 yrs. McCain will vote with Dems as usual and have powerful positions on committees where he screws us daily. So yes and yuk I will vote Kirkpatrick. Such a sorry position. Next up Get Flake Out!!

  3. VINOAZ says:

    Hopefull Mormons recognize sewer rats when they see them. The fact that liberals like McCain and Romney were ever nominated for president is a testament to the establishment corruption. When these morons try to fool us with “bipartisan” we know it means go along with the morally and ethically bankrupt Democrats.

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    The “Traitorous Trio” are reaping what they have sown. I hope Jeff the Flake’s arrogance is a factor in taking him down when he runs for reelection. He tells us he won’t be voting for the Republican nominee Donald Trump. That means whatever else he does on his ballot, he’s actually supporting Hillary. Think of the long range implications of THAT!

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain strategist giving advice to Trump – several days before we know who will win. The McCain cabal can’t hide their hatred for Trump and support for Hillary.

    Steve Schmidt: Time For Trump Campaign To Prepare A Dignified Concession Speech | Video | RealClearPolitics


    ​(McCain’s concession speech was relief that it was over and his “friend” Obama beat him.)

  6. azgary says:

    Robert McGraham is probably behind it…….:

    Arizona GOP: Leftist Vandals Have Stolen or Defaced Thousands of Trump and Arpaio Signs

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      There must have been 50 of the smaller Trump signs thoughtfully put up on a main road in my town leading onto the freeway, but not on the freeway. There were larger Trump signs put up on sidewalks, along with other politicians’ signs. The Trump signs were glorious to see when driving along. That lasted for 2 days and every single Trump sign was gone. Infuriating. There is not one to be found today. This was maybe 3 weeks ago. Some Lefty has had to be watching making sure no dastardly Trump signs ever go up before the election. It makes you sick to your stomach.

      • azgary says:

        Trump Surge Freakout: More Violence Against Supporters

        Physical attacks on Donald Trump supporters and their personal property appear to be growing increasingly common as Election Day approaches and passions intensify.

        As LifeZette recently reported, there was a foiled assassination attempt at a Trump rally and many Trump supporters have been beaten up or hit with flying objects throughout the course of the fall campaign.

        While the mainstream media has relentlessly promoted Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, it has largely ignored or downplayed these violent attacks against supporters of Donald Trump.

        For example, the national media paid little attention to a Trump supporter being shot by a Trump detractor in Ohio.

        In late July an unidentified 60-year-old man was…..

      • azgary says:

        BREAKING NEWS – Donald Trump is rushed off the stage by Secret Service while speaking during Reno rally after a protester runs at the podium and is tackled to the ground by supporters

        Secret Service agents rushed Donald trump offstage on Saturday evening during a rally in Reno, Nevada after they determined a protester in the audience posed a threat to Trump
        Agents whisked Trump away and a combination of local police and private security wrestled a man to the ground
        A sea of bodies scattered, screams rang out and authorities dragged the man away as he kicked and strained

  7. VINOAZ says:

    Democrats, criminals, liberals and illegals are aligned. That is what they do, commit crimes. They cannot argue the issues or even act decently. I remember the days when Democrats did not support criminals and illegals; and liberal was not a bad thing. That was very long ago.

  8. Joan says:

    I can’t put up a Trump sign. I know my neighbors would vandalize them and take them down. I know my car parked outside would be hit one night. I’ll vote Trump and Arpaio quietly.

    As for McStain, look at it this way: You vote him in & at his age he’s most likely to die in office. He keeps the senate republican. Ducey picks his successor. What is the real worry? Flake! If the count comes down to 50/50 you watch – Flake will go Independent and caucus with the democrats. He sees the demographics of the state: hispanics and california transplant liberals are 60%, conservatives are 35% and 5% are non-denominational. Flake wants to stay in power. Try recalling him and its a open ballot so democrats vote to keep him in. Ducey can’t recall him. Flake’s backers are all open borders. I look at those poll from the Cronkite school of Journalism (based on the campus of ASU) that say 55% don’t want a wall/30% want a wall and 15% don’t know. I question who are they asking – citizens? illegals? a mixture of both? 20-35year olds? Arizona is changing and not for the better imo. Not b/c of hispanics but b/c we’ve imported California politics such as the proposition to make marijuana legal and increase minimum wages to $12 by 2020 – which is 3 years. For some businesses that’s impossible so expect big business to move in w/their homogenized culture and say goodbye to small, independent businesses (many of which are run by women such as hair salons, nail shops, tanning services, yoga or other health support systems, retro stores for books & clothes or candle shops in Scottsdale).

    I am planning on moving in 5 years when my lease is up. I’ll be going to a red state. AZ sadly has turned w/the influx of Californians that never learned their lesson.

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Anthony Kennedy to the rescue.
    Supreme Court permits Arizona ban on third party ballot collection – UPI.com