Donald Trump: Proof Americans are fed up with failed policies….

…..and Establishment elite of both parties


In a stunning repudiation of the establishment, DONALD TRUMP has won the presidency following upsets in Key battleground states: FLORIDA, NORTH CAROLINA, OHIO, WISCONSIN, IOWA, SOUTH DAKOTA, WYOMING, TEXAS, KANSAS, NEBRASKA, OKLAHOMA, SOUTH CAROLINA, TENNESSEE and ARKANSAS — where the Clinton’s began their 4-decade political odyssey awash in sleaze.

Trump’s victory, against all odds, stands as proof that the  Silent Majority across America’s broad expanse has found its voice.

270 electoral votes are needed to win the presidency.  At 3:15 a.m. (ET) Wednesday,  Hillary Clinton had 218. Donald Trump was soaring ahead with 276. No concession speech from scandal-plagued Hillary.

In local news Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump loyalist and the county’s longest serving sheriff, lost to Paul Penzone, a problematic Democrat. Penzone, a repeat candidate was aided this time by open borders globalist and multi-billionaire George Soros. Attempting to reconfigure law enforcement in his liberal image, Soros has been funneling $ millions into law enforcement campaigns including the Maricopa County attorney’s race as well as in other parts of the United States.  Hispanic “volunteers” were bused into Phoenix from around the nation in the weeks preceding Election Day. Their task was to knock on thousands of doors in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods to motivate residents and those they registered for the first time to oust popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The open borders fans at the leftist Arizona Republic, have led the daily assault on Sheriff Arpaio. Most reprehensible, Phil Boas in charge of editorial content for the fishwrap, is Arpaio’s son-in-law.



12 Responses to Donald Trump: Proof Americans are fed up with failed policies….

  1. Suzanne Cavalier says:

    Proudest moment saying Mr, President Donald J, Trump. The entire nation states that had not voted Republican in 30 40 50 years voted for Trump. This election spands all races, even they were tired of the unemployment, the lies from the politicians, and the illegals, the failed trade deals and giving our tax monies to foreign countries and letting our veterans sleep in the streets.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Check out the most recent presidential polling aggregated on Real Clear Politics: They missed Trump’s surge by ten miles! I wonder if they were polling each other….

  3. azgary says:

    so much for the gop/uniparty telling us we have to give the country away to foreigners to win elections.

  4. MacBeth says:

    World leaders are calling today to congratulate Donald Trump. Shocked or not, they will be dealing with the newly elected President of the United States.

  5. Villanova says:

    The best part of this victory is that Trump, not Hillary, will be making the appointments to the US Supreme Court. That’s the biggest relief!

  6. Kathy says:

    VP Mike Pence – Amazing Grace – all glorys goes to God! Praise Him! America won – President Trump & VP Pence!!!!
    Evil Hillary has been defeated – hopefully the house of cards will continue to fall.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Obama is getting ready to “speak to the U.S. and the world” shortly.
    Yes, he really believes that the world is his oyster, so to speak.
    Let’s count the number of times Obama will use the word “I”.
    He’s not going away.

    Interesting that Hillary never addressed her peeps, some who had travelled across the country to share in her victory.
    Oh, the photos of the little snowflakes boo-hooing.
    Guess she was too busy on the phone explaining to her billionaire donors and puppet masters from around the globe.

    The young billionaires of Silicon Valley took to twitter and Instagram to begin their planning on how to thwart Trump.
    Some pledging billions to begin a movement to make California its own nation. Go for it! And keep all your illegals, and we’ll ship you more.

    CNN creeps have come up with a new term: “whitelash”

    And the Bush family wants you to know that they didn’t vote for Trump.

    Can’t wait to see if all the Hollywood ,Broadway, singers, and TV folks who promised that they would flee America if Trump won will do so.

    Today will be a very good payday for psychiatrists and psychologists, if they can drag their liberal buts out of bed.

    On a serious note, Maricopa County is going to be a Lot Less Safe without the leadership of Sheriff Joe. It tells me that Soros and Obama will probably be dumping a lot of muslims off in PHX.

    Obama has a ton of pain to inflict upon US before Trump can reclaim the White House on behalf of American citizens.

    Meanwhile, let’s pray for the continued safety of Mr. Trump; his family, his team and for all of US. And God Bless Sheriff Joe and his dear wife.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      As happy as I am that Hillary is not going to batter Americans with Obama’s third term, I’m heartsick over Sheriff Arpaio’s loss to Paul Penzone, who was given million of dollars by radical leftist Soros. George Soros doesn’t believe in national borders. Penzone’s repayment for getting elected will be to turn a blind eye to the illegal invasion. None of these leftwing politicians think past their own elections. Whether they have to sell out their city, county, state, country, or their own families in order to grasp the golden ring of political office, matters not a lick to them. Joe Arpaio is the best sheriff we’ve ever had. I’ve been here my entire life since the day I was born in Maricopa County at the old St. Joseph’s Hospital which was razed decades ago.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    What a night! It’s almost difficult to absorb – Donald Trump trouncing The Beast on that map of the U.S. He changed the way it’s done. He said he could win and figured out how and it worked.
    Karl Rove and a few others are probably on suicide watch. Rove said last night that one reason Trump won was because of Paul Ryan’s help. I laughed out loud while Tucker Carlson made a fool of Rove over such an idiotic statement.

    Here’s to the people of America! We can do it when we want to.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    More election consequences:

    McCain’s token female lackey, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, has apparently Lost her re-election bid. However, she has refused to accept this. The sitting female Dem. Gov. of NH, who ran against Ayotte, has proclaimed her victory hours ago.

    Be aware of this when you make travel plans:
    Both Nevada and California have voted to legalize the Recreational Use of marijuana. While I’m sure that it is already widely used, this law may have negative ramifications for those who are victimized by people under the influence–such as in the case of traffic accidents.

    And another California head-scratcher:
    Hey, use all the medical and recreational marijuana you want.
    But the State of CA now is going to tax cigarette smokers an Additional $2.87 Per PACK.

    I do not condone cigarette smoking at all. However, I have never had to treat a cigarette smoker for drug-induced seizures or hallucinations, or psychotic behavior. And although smoking cigarettes in a car may very infrequently lead to a fender bender (as in the case of dropping a lit cig on the floor while driving), I have never heard of a cigarette smoker driving down the freeway in the wrong direction.

    Cigarette smoking can cause cancer. Proven.
    Using marijuana definitely causes permanent brain damage and alters areas in the brain that are responsible for problem-solving and judgment. That’s why some in our government like the notion of legalizing drugs for the masses. It’s all about control and greed.
    But mostly control.

    The down-trodden residents of West Virginia have once again missed a chance to elect a Republican Governor. As did Delaware and a couple others.

  10. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Jeff Flake was going around saying “Trump can’t win.” I wonder what he’d say today – I lied?

  11. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look at the sad sacks at the WH today.
    Ole Valerie Jarrett with her arms crossed across her chest.

    And Obama is telling his lies again. He said we’re all now rooting for Donald.

    Meanwhile, is working overtime organizing anti-Trump illegal activities.