Trump’s vow to enforce border security propelled him forward

Americans desire national security, respect for our sovereignty

Think back to when a more bombastic Donald Trump stood on the stage with 16 other Republican candidates and seemed the most unlikely of them all to be the last one standing. But his message that has resonated throughout his campaign remains a powerful yet easily understood one. No amnesty for illegals and build a wall

With that strategy, he was bucking the establishment honchos comprising the Republican National Committee that commissioned this self-analysis after the dismal  2012 elections

Their conclusion was  the party “must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform.” Americans know it more honestly as “amnesty”—- a magnanimous gift for the hordes of illegal invaders. Arizona abuts the porous border and we have been force-fed the “comprehensive” baloney from Jon Kyl, John McCain and Jeff Flake for years.

The RNC’s big tent concept was massaged to remessage the Republican brand to those who think we “don’t care about them.” Whether that is the task before a political party is up for debate. Especially so when they have blatantly disregarded our law to enter the U.S.

In 1992, Bill Clinton’s strategist James Carville coined the phrase “it’s the economy stupid,” as a keep-your-eye on-the-prize objective. Today it’s amnesty for illegals from Mexico, South and Central America as well as Russia, China and Middle Eastern countries that are state sponsors of terrorism. The main job of government is to provide safety to its citizens.

Barack Obama opened the floodgates to all comers looking to increase the Democrat voter base.  Hillary Clinton vowed to go even further. For years we’ve been given a static number of 10 -11 million illegals who are already here. As they continue to flood into the U.S. and have families once they arrive the number is actually closer to 30 million.

Donald Trump understands the significance of the amnesty message, and made securing our border a cornerstone of his campaign .No country exists without enforceable borders. Legal immigration, including assimilation to our language, values and customs, once known as Americanization, is welcomed. Being invaded by lawbreakers is not.

An excellent assessment of Donald  Trump’s ascension to the presidency of the United States, is written by Breitbart’s senior editor-at-large Joel B. Pollak. This excerpt states his case perfectly, illuminating why Trump was elected:

What the Republican establishment underestimated was how deeply Americans — including key Democratic constituencies, and even legal immigrants — resented amnesty. For some, it was a matter of economic competition. For others, it was a matter of the rule of law. And for others, it was a matter of cultural coherence.

Regardless, Donald Trump reached voters that the GOP had long forgotten by promising to “build a wall” with a “big, beautiful door.”

It was not a call to xenophobia. It was a claim that the diversity that Americans have always cherished — e pluribus unum — rested on the foundations of secure borders, and law enforcement, and fairness. If we don’t have a border, Trump argued, we don’t have a country.


5 Responses to Trump’s vow to enforce border security propelled him forward

  1. Mohave Mike says:

    The take on Trump’s election is right on, both in the SRAZ post and the Breitbart link. Illegal immigration is a front and center issue for many Americans.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    These two will undermine President Trump, especially on the subject of securing the border. They’re both committed to globalism.
    I hope Trump can work miracles, however, like he did in crushing the Clinton and Bush dynasties.
    Arizona’s McCain, Flake react to Trump’s victory

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Trump’s victory means little to Arizona’s senators. And today I read that minority high school students across the valley, ditched school to protest Trump’s election. Social media makes putting a crowd together a snap. That was evidenced by the BLM marauding criminals setting fires and stealing merchandise from stores..

      If these AZ students really cared about making a difference, they’d stay in class and learn something.

  3. Kent says:

    Have you ever noticed how the news media soft soap illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants”? Immigrants apply for citizenship and come through America’s front door legally. There is a vast difference between the two groups.

    I sincerely hope Donald Trump sticks with his campaign promise to build a wall which is why I voted for him. I fear he won’t. I hope I’m proven wrong.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Last night, the New York Post published a lengthy column describing how Hillary could still become president.

    Seems that the members (“electors”) of the Electoral College will meet on Dec 19 in each of their respective States to cast their ballots.

    Only 29 States require that the electors vote the will of the people; however there is little penalty if they do not.

    There is already one Republican elector from Texas, Chris Suprun, who has stated that he may cast his ballot for Hillary.

    Notice breitbart today. All the violence and vandalism going on all over the country, compliments of George Soros and his moveon thugs. The MSM is turning a blind eye to it.

    Interesting that the new mantra is “Die Whites, Die”.
    The MSM is pretty much white bread. They don’t seem to be concerned, so perhaps they have security guards to get them from their limos to their TV studios and back to their penthouses.

    As noted today on drudge, “leaders” from around the globe are making reconciliation noises towards Mr. Trump. But not George Soros. satan’s chief agent is orchestrating all of the thugs.

    The photo of the handshake between Obama and Trump, which headlined on the dailymailonline this afternoon shows that we must remain on heightened alert. Obama looks fit-to-be-tied and narcissists like him know very well how to inflict enduring pain.

    Stay alert. Talk to your family about safety.