Trump picks Priebus as chief of staff, Bannon chief strategist

Priebus is GOPe — Bannon represents conservative ideas

Donald Trump ran as an outsider — outside the mainstream Republican construct. Throughout his campaign he was often denigrated by the establishment, horrified at the prospect of a president they couldn’t control.

For that reason alone, naming Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to the chief of staff position is, puzzling, to say the least. To conservatives, the RNC is the establishment personified — everything the populist conservative movement that propelled Trump to the presidency rejects. Priebus, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are what we have just given the boot to in electing Trump.

Businessman Trump was elected, against all odds, for a reason. He won the presidential nomination over 16 other primary candidates. All but Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina possessed arm’s length government resumes.

Donald Trump represents new ideas.  The old ones definitely haven’t worked out all that well as evidenced by the last eight years of Barack Obama’s reign in which he ignored the Constitution and bypassed congress at will. Trump needs to show his loyal, conservative, core base of support that being elected doesn’t mean he’s abandoning the principles he ran on.

The establishment has used a megaphone within its own conferences, repeating the echo chamber tripe that Republicans can’t win elections without embracing amnesty, always slickly repackaged as “comprehensive immigration reform.” Trump’s election has boldly proven that canard is false.

Priebus represents more of the same and will surely counsel President Trump to back away from many of the concepts that put him over the top last Tuesday. Just days ago SRAZ wrote “Trump’s vow to enforce border security propelled him forward.”

Yet following the Romney/Ryan 2012 loss, Priebus, a Ryan ally, released this 97-page GOP “autopsy that concluded Republicans must embrace amnesty in order to remain relevant. “We must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. If we do not, our Party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only,” the report states.

Obviously he couldn’t have been more wrong.  American citizens are not opposed to legal immigration, but are vehemently opposed to gifting citizenship to illegal invaders who disrespect .our sovereign border.

Steve Bannon, executive chairman of the conservative Breitbart News has been named as President-elect Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor. He and Priebus appear to be diametrically opposed on major issues.  Trump’s announcement said the duo “would be working as equal partners to transform the federal government.”

Time will tell.


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  1. State Delegate says:

    Another fine analysis. I appreciate the SRAZ perspective since it so often agrees with mine!! I’m very disappointed with the selection of Preibus as Chief of Staff.

  2. MacBeth says:

    I was hoping Paul Ryan would be replaced as Speaker. With his buddy Reince at the pinnacle of power as chief of staff, I don’t see him going anywhere.

  3. Maggie says:

    I’ve read that Steve Bannon helped shape Trump’s message on the campaign trail. He’s a former Naval officer and investment banker, and has said Trump’s campaign was the American version of the British Brexiit vote to sever ties with the European Union. Another stunner!

  4. jakesez says:

    Let us wait for him to become president, we can’t change anything now.. It could be he is trying to make thing happen with out causing Obama to do something radical. Lets wait and see. Give Trump a few months.

    • CultureShocked says:

      Agreeing with you. We will have to see how this plays out, it is difficult for me to go against decisions made by the president-elect after his “outside the box” campaign success, but this is somewhat sobering.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Trump seems like a pretty good chess player.
    The idea of keeping Reince Priebus in the fold may be a smart move for now.

    Meanwhile, the dailymail offices in Britain have been evacuated due to the discovery of an unknown white powder.
    Could it be that their news site has become so popular here in the States that the Soros crew needs to shut it down?

    Speaking of Soros, it is reported on drudge today that Soros is planning on going to war with DJT.
    Soros has no concept of patriotism, which is to his detriment.

    Julian Assange is being “questioned” by prosecutors in the Ecuador embassy in London today. What could go wrong?

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The country is going to the right and Fox is going to the left.
    Meghan McCain Will Co-Host Fox News Channel Outnumbered| Variety

  7. Hunter says:

    Donald Trump has no consistent political philosophy and is not interested in political philosophy or understanding constitutional principles. He has never been a conservative and is not really even a Republican. Trump is a classic RINO in the sense that he really is just a Republican in Name only. He ran as a Republican because he thought it would be easier to use the Republican Party than the Democrat as a vehicle for himself.

    When it comes to public policy, Trump has no deep understanding of the issues or principles. He is guided by his emotions, by deal making, flattery, and what he can most effectively market. He is also a thin skinned person easily angered by perceived slights and disagreements.

    If this is understood, it is much easier to avoid having unrealistic expectations of Trump as president.

    Conservatives need to understand that Trump is NOT a conservative and doesn’t even understand or care about political philosophy enough to be a conservative – or even a leftist for that matter. The best we can hope for is to hold his and Congress’ feet to the fire to push for conservatism: more liberty, fewer regulations, lower taxes, fewer federal government programs, less government spending, rule of law, originalist Supreme Court (and lower court) justices, and free trade. By the way, with fewer regulations and lower taxes, free trade will work to America’s advantage since American companies and workers will no longer be operating at a handicap compared to foreign companies.

    This will be a long four years for conservatives because it is easier to oppose leaders of the Democrat party who propose bad policies than leaders of your own political party. We should expect the fights between conservative Republicans and other Republicans to become more intense than they were during the Obama presidency because the stakes will be even higher.

    Having Trump as president instead of Clinton is much better for the country, but that is because Clinton was so horrible rather than Trump is so good. It is foolish to assume we elected a conservative president.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I’m not under any false illusion that Donald Trump is a conservative. Name one ‘real’ conservative who could have beaten Clinton. The time was right to snatch victory from the progressives and the businessman was the one to do it, and not a minute too soon. Could you see any ‘conservative’ stand up to Hillary? Called her on her lies without running for cover for fear of what she’d say back.

      Trump is a populist. He and his father worked to get Reagan elected. He did not vote for Obama. Voted for McCain in 2008, as I did because Obama was a far leftist. Trump isn’t a politician – one reason he was elected. Some Democrats, most Republicans and many Independents were sick to death of politicians.

      I feel the chains of socialism leaving this country. Rather than analyze what Trump might do – we have to watch what the progressives are already doing to undermine Trump. They don’t like him. That’s good enough for me.

      • Hunter says:

        Any conservative who was running in the Republican primary could have beaten Hillary. The entire focus would have been on her criminal behavior instead of buffoonish behavior by the GOP candidate. The margin of victory would have been higher and we would have had better results in the Congressional elections.

        Populism is a close cousin of socialism. Trump is a crony capitalist – not a proponent of free markets. I wouldn’t count on the chains of socialism breaking based on Trump. He will need to listen to sensible constitutional conservatives to really cut back on socialism in our government. Trump does not have an instinct for cutting government; his desire to “take care of our people” is more of a socialist than pro-freedom attitude and reflects his populism.

        Still, he’s better than Clinton. I hope he at least sticks to his commitment to appoint only the people on his publicly released list as Supreme Court justices. His feet will have to be held to the fire on this since he only did this to get conservative support in the election – not because he really believes in it.

    • Observer says:

      Thanks for this tough dose of reality. There’s nothing you say that I disagree with.

      We were hoping for a conservative messiah after years in the liberal wilderness and refused to acknowledge all that is glaringly lacking with Donald Trump , since the idea of Hillary in the White House was intolerable. Well, we got half of what we hoped for, with Hillary out and now blaming James Comey for her defeat. She has to blame someone other than herself.

      Trump isn’t even sworn in and he’s reassessing all of the stances he took as a campaigner. He was going to do away with Obamacare, but now he’s going to keep “some” provisions of the Socialist program after his meeting with Obama.

      He was going to build a wall along our southern borer. Then he was going to put a door in it to let the :”good ones” back in. Now he’s backing away fro the wall entirely opting instead for technology. Remember we tried that under the first Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff, Millions upon millions were spend and the technology failed.

      He’s pledged to institute extended paid family leave and subsidize government run child care — indoctrination from birth.

      You’re right, Hunter. Trump is no conservative. His selection of Reince Priebus clearly illustrates that. The best we have is that he’s not Hillary. But he sure is tickiing off conservatives who showed up by the thousands to cheer him on and put him over the top on Election Day. I’m hoping he meets with Steve Bannon after meeting with Priebus on each and every issue. He’ll be more likely to retain the last thing he’s heard.

    • CultureShocked says:

      As previously noted here ( I think), it is nice to know that one may critical of the president elect without having to be labeled a racist. IMO that’s a good start on having differences on policies brought to light.

    • azgary says:


      Trump will NEVER be the nominee….

      Trump will NEVER beat clinton…..


      Trump was the only CONSERVATIVE running, he and carson were the only two not owned by lobbyist.

      believing any of the others were anything other than lobbyist puppets, far, far removed from anything conservative other than if you believe their lies is amusing and quite telling.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        The “conservative” nevertrumpers are almost more obnoxious than the Democrats who despise Trump. Why do they hope he fails. So they can be proven correct? And the heck with the country. Get behind our president-elect. He hasn’t even begun to make America great again.

      • Hunter says:

        Sorry, Gary, Trump is no Conservative! He is barely even a Republican. Still, he’s better than Clinton. If Clinton weren’t so corrupt and emails hadn’t leaked, Clinton might not have disgusted so many people into either staying home or voting for Trump.

        This election was a repudiation of Obama and Clinton. It was not a vote to support Trump.

        Lobbyists are not evil, Gary. They are even protected by the first amendment. Only politicians who shift their political policies based on lobbyist donations or bribes are evil. Of course, the same could be said about those who do the same things based on polling data. Sometimes, though, lobbyists make legitimate cases for their positions and persuade politicians as well as the public that their those they represent have a good position. Lobbying is just a way of talking to politicians to tell your side of the story. Politicians who listen to lobbyists are listening to people hired by people to have their position professionally presented to politicians. This is not inherently evil.

        Trump won, Gary. Given the choices we had, it’s a better alternative than Hillary and could even be positive if he lives up to his promises about the Supreme Court, regulations, and taxes.

        I’m happy for you that you were with the winning candidate all along, but don’t try to delude us or yourself into thinking he is a conservative, is somehow purer than most of the other GOP presidential candidates, or was a particularly good candidate. He won without being any of those things because his opponent was so awful. He won the nomination because the media promoted him so heavily because they thought he would be easier for Clinton to defeat than the other GOP candidates, because there were so many GOP candidates dividing the votes, and because he was willing to say anything people wanted to hear to get votes. How’s that border wall looking, Gary? How about a simple repeal of Obamacare, Gary? What about increasing the minimum wage or mandating employer provided family benefits, Gary?

        I want America to succeed by following constitutional, pro-liberty, conservative policies. I’ll be willing to provide feedback to members of Congress on how well I think Trump is doing that. I hope, for the sake of our country, it will be mostly positive feedback.

      • azgary says:

        Trump was the only conservative running.

        all the others were lipservice conservatives who would have done what the lobbyist told them.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Anyone see or read about the press conference given by BHO today, as he embarked on his last multi-nation tour paid for by YOU.

    He was in full Narcissist mode today. Really, it was all about bashing Trump. No doubt his performance in front of the adoring press corps was just a practice run, so that he could fine tune the Trump bashing before he takes it on the road.

    One of his nuggets from his dissertation:
    ‘You know, there are certain things that made for good good soundbites, but don’t always translate into good policy.. . ”
    He should know all about that.

    Meanwhile, FOX announces that Meghan McCain has been given a full time gig on their show “Outnumbered”.
    Wonder who had to what to whom for that to happen?
    Although the Murdoch boys do seem to prefer blondes.

  9. JCF says:

    Obama’s multi-nation tour financed by us reminds – when will we recapture from the Democratic Party’s treasury the costs of Air Force I, and whatever Michelle flew on when they did all their campaigning for Hillary? JCF

    • CultureShocked says:

      Was or was not the MSM silent on the amount of campaigning being done by the president? I was under the impression that campaigning by an elected “public servant” was not only unethical but criminal if done on the public dime.