Failed prez candidate McCain threatens Trump, Arizonans

Better brush up on our spelling

According to John McCain’s assigned sycophantic reporter at the daily newspaper, the elderly senator is not only warning President-elect Donald Trump that the Republican controlled U.S. Senate “will not be his rubber stamp,” but he won’t rule out running again for another 6-year term at age 86. We can imagine him mumbling under his breath, “No one can do the job like me.” (video)

Dan Nowicki quotes McCain as saying, “I feel great; my mother will be 105 in February.”

Our Monday morning prediction? We’re going to have to learn to spell Giuliani, as in Secretary of State. Mitt Romney was a bridge too far as a 2008 and 2012 candidate.  He‘d be a mega mistake as incoming President Trump’s  foreign policy adviser.

10 Responses to Failed prez candidate McCain threatens Trump, Arizonans

  1. jakesez says:

    And politicians wonder why the voters have no respect or use for them. McCain is the poster child for failed government leaders.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s difficult to handicap this race between these nags.
    McCain, ever the petulant child, goes off at even money that he will leave Washington in a horizontal position. With Mommy.

    Obama, who always give a glimpse of his truth when standing in front of foreign microphones, tells US from Peru that he will definitely be speaking out on Trump’s job performance when he feels it necessary or helpful. Like he’s Ever had a job.
    He, too, goes off a even money for making good on his promise to disrupt.

    And then there is Me-again Megyn Kelly, who will toss a male jockey off her back and refuse to be lead into the starting gate without her glam squad. If you bet on her, you won’t collect on your ticket. She breaks down in the homestretch because she just keeps doing this:

    Maybe someone from the AZR who lurks here should tell Paul Penzone to remove his campaign signs along the length of the Carefree HIghway between I-17 and Scottsdale Road.
    Everyone else seems to have played by the rules.

  3. VINOAZ says:

    What an ass! An embarrassment to AZ and to decent people everywhere. How in the heck did that lunatic get re-elected? Bet he joins Democrats in opposing Trump’s appointments. Hey, Johnny, you lost, Trump won.

  4. Vince says:

    John McCain lies as easily as he talks. He is arrogant and rude, but he was able to get into Annapolis based on the fact that his father and grandfather were admirals. He married a beer heiress and got elected to the US House as a war hero, after dumping his first wife who waited for him while he was in Vietnam. According to many who were imprisoned with him, he was just the opposite. They called him “songbird” for a reason. But he’s lived a charmed life on the backs of others who prop him up. He’s actually a very marginal guy who has been very fortunate by way of his family connections. He is also a liberal and always has been.

  5. MacBeth says:

    Donald Trump’s victory was a repudiation of Obama and the the policies that Juan McCain, Jeff the Flake,(and Jon Kyl before him) Chuckie Schumer and their amnesty cohorts worked so hard to shove down our throats. The American people have had enough and spoke loudly with their votes.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain is an unscrupulous politician, who for some inexplicable reason, gets to stay in D.C. term after term after term. The short video above shows how inept he is, which the media doesn’t cover. He’s got Soros money and trickery helping him. Trump got rid of Clinton but McCain is still taking up space in the Republican party – playing all sides of an issue and getting away with it like he has all of his privileged life.

    He’ll spend his time working against Trump with his partner in crime, Lindsey Graham and a few Democrats since his co-conspirator, Kelly Ayotte, lost her election hemming and hawing about supporting Trump, supporting him but not endorsing him and on and on. New Hampshire LOVED Trump. She blew it by her double talk, McCain style. She deserved to go, but now they have a leftwing Democrat. Hmm – McCain will most likely sidle up to her for more games in the Senate.

    I hope Mitt Romney doesn’t get anywhere near anything regarding the Trump administration. He doesn’t do well in the political arena. He knew he couldn’t win a second term as governor in MA, so he didn’t run again. He was a milquetoast running for president in 2012. I found myself, once again, voting against Obama – not for the other party. Romney should stick to the business world – where, by the way, he had many more bankruptcies than Trump ever did. While he was tearing down Trump, Sports Authority went bankrupt.

  7. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The bozos at the Hillary endorsing Arizona Republic are obviously going nuts. McCain and Flake said they couldn’t vote for Donald Trump, so guess who got their vote? Not-so-hilarious Hillary!!! They and the rest of their ilk are reeling in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory. It was only surprise to RINOs and leftists. I wasn’t surprised at all.

  8. William Heuisler says:

    VINOAZ, McCain got reelected through the now-banned method of “ballot harvesting”. From now on there will be a legal “process” for handling and voting mail-in ballots. Jeff Flake will not be able to harvest ballots among unwary voters with his so-called interns.

  9. Marne Haney says:

    He’ll be the Republican Robert Byrd of the Senate if allowed. We Never McCainers tried to give Pres. Elect Trump the best gift he
    could have had next year in dealing with the weak Senate.

  10. Saguaro Sam says:

    Yuma, AZ
    The not-so-friendly skies, thanks to the man-child Zuckerberg:

    The NTSB is investigating an accident involving a massive experimental drone Facebook Inc. is developing to bring the internet to remote areas of the world.

    No one was hurt in the incident, which came during the unmanned aircraft’s first test flight on June 28. It marks the latest hiccup in Facebook’s plans to wirelessly connect the world, following an explosion earlier this year that destroyed one of its satellites and political resistance to the service in India.

    The high-altitude drone, which has a wingspan wider than a Boeing Co. 737 and is powered by four electric engines, suffered a “structural failure” as it was coming in for a landing, according to a previously undisclosed investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

    “We were happy with the successful first test flight and were able to verify several performance models and components including aerodynamics, batteries, control systems and crew training, with no major unexpected results,” the company said in an e-mailed statement.

    While there has been no previous mention of the NTSB investigation or details about the incident, the company did say the drone, called Aquila, had had a structural failure in a July 21 web post.

    The accident occurred at 7:43 a.m. local time near Yuma, Peter Knudson, an NTSB spokesman, said. The NTSB has classified the failure as an accident, meaning the damage was “substantial.” There was no damage on the ground, Knudson said.

    (from Bloomberg Technology on the net)