Trump should appoint Kris Kobach as Secretary of Homeland Security

If, like many political observers these days you find yourself on information overload, you might wonder why a report in The Topeka Capital-Journal has any relevancy or readers of Seeing Red AZ.

Let us remind you.

Remember Arizona’s much heralded law known simply as SB 1070? Although the far-left Arizona Republic was/is unable to write about it without the accompanying descriptive “controversial” label.

Liberal federal courts gutted parts of the law which ultimately made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The fallout has been ongoing as we noted just days ago reporting on a lawsuit against AZ AG Mark Brnovich launched by Judicial Watch and former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

Copied in numerous states the language of the Arizona bill was refreshing, using the term “Illegal aliens” and not confusing the meanings of immigrant, migrant and undocumented. Immigrants are here legally.  They have not slithered into the United States using trickery and deceit. They want to become English-speaking Americans taking on our values and history as their own, not recreating the barrios they left behind or bypassing our legal system to impose Sharia law in their communities.

Reports on the weekend meeting between President-elect Donald Trump and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach are heartening to border state Arizonans, who live with the results of non-enforcement of our insecure border imposed by Barack Obama. Taxpayers fund the costly benefits and social services, including providing education, medical care and shouldering the burgeoning impact on our criminal justice system.

It was Kobach, an early supporter and adviser who counseled Trump on implementing “extreme vetting” of those seeking refugee status. He advised candidate Mitt Romney on “self deportation.“

Then Senate President Russell Pearce did a masterful job of shepherding SB 1070 through the Arizona legislature. Constitutional lawyer Kris Kobach, was the architect.

 Kobach built a national reputation for advocacy of state voter identification and registration laws intended to thwart illegal voting.  In 1995, he received his Juries Doctorate from Yale Law School and his doctorate in Political Science from Oxford University. Early in his career he worked for the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General John Ashcroft serving as the chief adviser on immigration law and border security. After his fellowship year ended, the Attorney General appointed Kobach as his Counsel. Kobach was a constitutional law professor at the University of Missouri before winning election to secretary of state in Kansas in 2010. These are but highlights, His remarkable bio can be read here.

Kris Kobach will serve America well. Donald Trump can make no more qualified appointment to head the Department of Homeland Security.

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  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Thanks for this in-depth report on Kris Kobach. He is obviously brilliant and clearly on the “right” side of issues that affect each and every one of us. I join Seeing Red in urging Donald Trump to appoint him to head Homeland Security. For the most part, the agency would be better referred to as Homeland INsecurity. Our border is like a sieve, letting in all comers. ICE has had its hands tied by Obama.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Having to do with security:
    RE: The San Antonio police officer who was shot in the head while sitting in his patrol car, and then shot again at closer range by the same perp.

    The facts: The police officer was a white 20 year veteran officer
    The perpetrator who was black, who had a female and a baby in his car, who while driving down a street suddenly stopped his car, then exited his car when he noticed the opportunity of an officer sitting alone in his patrol car.

    The perp shot the officer through the front passenger window, then leaned into the car and shot the officer again. Hitting the officer in the head both times.

    And now the perp has given a statement to the press.
    He says that he was upset with the court system for denying him visitation rights with his son, so he JUST LASHED OUT at the first person he saw.

    What a lie.

    BTW—members of the officer’s family notified the department that Donald Trump had personally spoken to them via telephone.

  3. East Valley GOP says:

    As a law enforcement professional ,and state legislator, Sen. Russell Pearce dedicated years of his life to addressing our insecure border. He and Kobach made a wonderful team. Arizona’s citizens and those in other states are fortunate to have such dedicated patriots working to keep us safe and protecting our country. Immigrants and illegals are two very different groups. I’m glad this post made that important distinction.

  4. PV PC says:

    America currently stands at a precarious crossroad. We were fortunate to have gotten Donald Trump elected, but there are countless younger Americans who are products of the concerted efforts of the far left teacher’s unions who have been propagandized throughout their lives from kindergarten through their college years. They believe Socialism and even Communism are preferable to our constitutionally based representative republic, and regard capitalism as greed rather than providing a means of achievement to anyone willing to work hard and avail themselves of education enabling them to succeed.

    This campaign ad uses the word “crossroads.” Watch it and get a flavor of what I’m describing.

    • Patriot Dad says:

      Correct! That’s why Socialist Bernie Sanders captured the youth vote leaving their parents scratching their heads. That could easily have been averted if the “too busy” parents took the time to check out the brainwashing textbooks and talk to their kids. We will lose America because parents are not involved on the important levels. Coaching or cheering on your kid’s sport teams is the fun part. Augmenting their public school teaching takes dedication!!

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I have followed Kris Kobach for several years – because I found myself to be in complete agreement with him on illegal immigration. It would be the answer to many of our problems to have him as head of Homeland Security. As SRAZ put it – “Kris Kobach will serve America well. Donald Trump can make no more qualified appointment to head the Department of Homeland Security.”

    Of course, Hugh Hewitt doesn’t think he’s a fit for Homeland Security. (Is anyone surprised?!)

  6. azgary says:

    Trump supporter pitches hard-line immigration plan for DHS

    WASHINGTON (AP) — An immigration adviser to President-elect Donald Trump and a possible candidate for a top government post wants to make some changes at the Homeland Security Department, including recreating a system that required certain immigrants, including men and boys from 25 mostly Muslim nations, to register with the federal government upon their arrival.

    Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach met with Trump on Sunday and brought with him a detailed list of proposals for the agency tasked with enforcing immigration laws and securing the border. Kobach carried his “Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for First 365 Days” into his meeting with Trump. It was visible in a photograph from The Associated Press.

    The top suggestion was to “update and reintroduce” the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERS, for all foreigners from “high-risk” areas, a program he helped create while working for the Justice Department in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    The effort, which ultimately included the registration of more than 80,000 foreigners, was widely derided by civil rights groups who said it profiled foreigners based on their race and religion.

    The document, which is partially obscured by Kobach’s left arm and hand, does not specify which foreigners would be required to register as part of an NSEERS update.

    Kobach did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    The Obama administration formally abandoned the system in April 2011, saying a newer data collection program would be sufficient to collect biometric information for all foreigners coming into the country.

    Kobach’s plan also proposes adding………..–election.html

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    A cute little ditty