Sheriff David Clarke perfectly describes Obama’s actions

Obama opens prison doors, allows more refugees, considers additional amnesty for illegals

Barack Obama has been on a clemency roll as he heads out the door. On Tuesday he commuted the sentences of 79 drug offenders bringing the total number of federal inmates who’ve had their sentences reduced by the soon to be exiting president to 1,023. He has now granted clemency to more inmates than the past 11 presidents combined

Feeling emboldened, Democrat U.S. Reps. Zoe Lofgren, Lucille Roybal-Allard and Jeff Flake’s radical left-wing amnesty buddy, Luis Gutierrez, who has longstanding ties to the American Communist and Socialist parties —  recently sent this letter to Barack Obama imploring him to use his pardon authority to forgive the past and future civil immigration offenses of the estimated 750,000 impossible to verify so-called “DREAMers.” These foreign nationals, many now adults with families of their own, all claim they were brought here as young children in violation of the law by their illegal parents. Obama granted them deportation deferrals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. They are still illegally in the United States, taking university placements and jobs from American citizens. Rather than being a DREAM, this constitutes a nightmare, as conservative Human Events reveals.

Obama also plans on upping the ante on unable-to-be-vetted Syrian “refugees,” increasing their numbers in the United States by another 10,000.  

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke gets it.  He says Obama is “like a tenant who has been evicted and will trash the place on his way out.”


6 Responses to Sheriff David Clarke perfectly describes Obama’s actions

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Not that following the law has Ever pertained to BO, I thought that it was not possible to grant a pardon prior to someone formally being charged with an offense.

    On another note, although I am not a fan of PBS, here is an article with video regarding the documentary that has been done by PBS regarding the U.S.S. Arizona. One of the survivors, who was on the battleship at the time of the attack, is seen offering comments.

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    Sheriff Clarke has it exactly right. Obama will do all the damage to America that he can in the next weeks. He was actively campaigning around the country for Hillary hoping she would fulfill the third term the Constitution denies him.

    Allowing federal drug felons loose to ply their only known trade to our kids is reprehensible. Giving amnesty to illegal aliens only encourages more to violate our sovereign border bringing crime and costing taxpayer billions in benefits and criminality and bringing in thousands more Muslims (mostly young men) concealed as “refugees” from America hating nations leaves us vulnerable to more of the same attacks that we;ve witnessed on Sept. 11th, Orlando, Boston, Fort Hood, San Bernadino and countless other places here and worldwide. These unprovoked murderous assaults are all committed while praising Allah.

    The people have had enough. Our congressional delegation have done nothing. Sens. McCain and Flake promote amnesty. That’s why Donald Trump was elected.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    A six year old girl is without her father today.
    Nassau County, FL Deputy Sheriff Eric Oliver was assisting USBP agents who had pulled over a vehicle containing SIX illegals.
    While taking these illegals into custody, one bolted and Deputy Oliver gave chase. He was struck by a vehicle and killed.

    It is now learned that several of the illegals had criminal records and had previously been deported.

    Meanwhile, in the past 3 days FIVE police officers around the US have been shot. In several cases, the perp has been identified.
    Yep, the prez got a lotta sons.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Seeing Red is right on topic again today! This was the garbage in the Arizona Repugnant today. It was above the fold on the front page with an iffy headline unlike the one online. I read it at the office and nearly gagged thinking that these people who are so generous with our money and so disregarding of our kids and our laws have their salaries paid with our tax dollars! Do you need anything else to prove that the education establishment is in the tank for the loony left?

    Newspaper Headline:
    Asking schools to protect ‘dreamers’
    Notice there is no mention in the headline of who is actually doing the asking.

    Online Headline:
    Hundreds of faculty sign letter asking Arizona universities to protect DACA students

    If you still subscribe to this Hillary-endorsing POS pro-illegal alien newspaper you should cancel now. What does it take? Why keep this promotion of insanity in business? I tell advertisers that I will no longer frequent their businesses. The only ones I forced to break my rule with are the grocery stores. I go out of my way to avoid Moon Valley nursery which is more convenient than Whitfills and Berridges, but we put our money where our mouth is whenever possible.

  5. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Message to “American Patriot,”
    After reading your lengthy diatribe in which you repeatedly asked the question, “How does it feel?” referring to President-elect Donald Trump supposedly “conning” us. Our response is, why has Trump’s victory caused you such anguish? Why would you sign in as “American Patriot” when your vicious ramblings reveal you as anything but? These questions are rhetorical and only intended for you to ponder. Don’t bother responding. Your inane comments will not be posted. It’s one thing to offer a differing opinion, but quite another to name call and attempt to deceive.

    As you celebrate Thanksgiving, you might consider giving thanks that you live in a nation where citizens can vote. After eight years in the liberal wilderness, with a national debt that surpasses that of every previous administration combined, and a president who repeatedly bypassed congress to govern by executive fiat, the people have wised up. We spoke loud and clear. No wonder your head is still spinning.