Carrier shutdown averted, Trump saves American jobs

A major reason Trump’s campaign message resonated so strongly

As he campaigned for president, Donald Trump spoke about American companies that were planning on closing their U.S. based facilities and moving to Mexico. Air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier Corp. was one of the companies Trump called out by name.  With its intended relocation 1,400 jobs at its Indianapolis-based manufacturing facility would have been lost. Think of that as 1,400 families wondering how they would keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

With his Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration still weeks away, president-elect Donald Trump has already secured an early victory as he and Vice President-elect Mike Pence directly intervened calling Gregory Hayes the CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Carrier’s parent company, persuading the manufacturer to remain in Indiana.

Under terms of the agreement, Carrier will receive tax incentives from the state economic development corporation to keep the jobs in the state.

Watch this video to see why Donald Trump’s election was not a shock to those who pay attention to what’s actually going on in this country. When a company official told longtime employees, “I want to be clear. This is strictly a business decision,” it moved lifelong Democrats to vote for the man who promised to keep American jobs in America. Carrier workers in Indiana are paid approximately $20 an hour as compared to Mexican workers who would have earned $3. During the announcement, the company rep repeatedly told the disgusted employees to quiet down.

United Technologies Corporation (UTX) took a nosedive on the heels of its announced move to Mexico and is still trying to rebound.

Other companies Trump mentioned during the campaign that were poised to head south are Ford Motor Co. and Nabisco, maker of all-America cookie favorite Oreo.

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  1. Vince says:

    I agree that Donald Trump’s message of keeping American jobs in America resonated with voters. Disconnected from the real world, Hillary went to West Virginia and told the coal miners who met with her that she was closing the mines and put them out of work. She immediately lost their votes on one of the rare occasions she spoke the truth. Then she said her “comments were taken out of context.” By whom? She had just uttered them and was confronted by a miner. When that didn’t work, she said she “misspoke.” This was all at the same meeting. She was not misquoted.

    • Braveheart says:

      The differences between Republicans and Democrats are clearly illustrated in the post about Donald Trump’s efforts to keep Carrier Corp. in the USA and Hillary Clinton’s total disregard of the miners sitting around the table with her. Watch her assume a crossed arm pose and annoyed expression when one miner asks her to look at the photograph of his family who would be hung out to dry when he was put out of work in order to placate the green activists. She dismissively glanced at the photo, leaving it on the table.

  2. Maggie says:

    Keeping jobs in America is the most important ingredient in keeping America strong. If companies move to Mexico, China, India or any other low wage country there should be consequences for their practices. It’s their right to make the move, but they need to feel the pain they are causing in their own bottom line. Imposition of high tariffs might be the answer. Boycotting eventually loses its steam and is not effective in the long run.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Those in the business world who try to cross Trump will do so at their own peril.

    Interesting that on Nov 9, the French-born stylist who has dressed Michelle Obama for 8 years sent an open letter demanding that all in the fashion world should refuse to dress Melania Trump.

    Now, billionaire designer Tom Ford, who is also a Hollywood bigwig,
    says that he will not dress Melania Trump, but that he felt honored to have dressed Michelle Obama on occasion.

    In this article, you can see Michelle Obama decked out in his creation–it’s no show-stopper, in my opinion:

    And those in the music world are refusing to perform at the inauguration festivities. No big deal—–we have enormous and wonderful talent that can be found in our military bands.

  4. Kathy says:

    Meanwhile Lindsay Grahmnesty & Flake are teaming up to save the Dreamers with legislation to stop Trump from possibly deporting them. Typical elitest globalists RINO’s. Of course McCain will be on board, thanks to those who still believe his “border hawk” lies.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      These losers, along with McCain and Paul Ryan (yes, Paul Ryan) will live to undermine Trump. Who needs Democrats as the enemy. A good conservative out there somewhere in Arizona should be looking to get Flake out of office by running against him. He’s a bad example of a “Republican” by helping the far-left Obama (above article included) as he’s done and constantly firing shots (figuratively) at Trump. For a red state, we sure have two doozies as senators who call themselves Republicans.

      • Kathy says:

        CSB – they are NOT Republicans they are for themselves only. They only use the R label to get elected – sadly!

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Donald Trump loves this country and its people. The Carrier situation is a great example – and it’s a Christmas present to the 1,400 employees and their families.

    We might get mad at Trump once in a while for whatever reason, but after eight years of an Anti-American president and how he’s destroyed so much – Trump is a dream come true at the right moment.

  6. Michael Bryan says:

    As soon as UTX runs through the tax incentives doled out by Pence (note that the jobs are staying because of a tax give-away, not because of Trump’s empty threats) they will quietly shift the jobs to Mexico anyway once the press is focused elsewhere. The whole idea of the President “saving” individual jobs is absurd: every three months almost 7 million jobs are “lost” and more than that (if the economy is healthy) are created to replace them. The President intervening to save jobs is like Lucy trying to keep up with the chocolate conveyor belt. The best a President can hope to accomplish is create a favorable business climate for job creation. See for some elementary economic literacy.

    Your authoritarian fan-boy fantasies of El Hefe Trump ordering American companies to keep jobs here displays deep ignorance of how a modern industrial economy works. The reality the story reveals is not a strong President Trump delivering on a campaign promise, but of a master con-man bribing an American company for a headline that he can use to fool the weak-minded.

    • azgary says:


      your tears are delicious.

      • azgary says:

        The current Carrier HVAC story is an example of economic cognitive dissonance. Allowing Carrier to keep a larger portion of their own income, to afford a larger labor force, is not a government expense. Government does not own the income, Carrier does.

        The reason Mexico was the better play was simply because by changing locations the company could: A.) make more, and B.) keep more – of its own revenue. Donald Trump is attempting to reverse this cancerous economic system and create the better play right here in the U.S.A.

        The term “tax expenditure” is the left-wing lingo to describe a person, company or entity being allowed to keep its own earnings. The implication within “tax expenditure” is the government owning the earnings, they don’t. Period.

        There is a big difference between a real tax expenditure vis-a-vis Solyndra where the government actually pays a private entity with taxpayer funds (crony capitalism) as part of the income within their P-n-L – and a company like Carrier being allowed by government to keep a larger portion of its own revenue.

        The former is an actual tax expenditure, the latter is not. Left-wing ideologues who discuss economics conflate the two examples in order to advance their own illogical and false arguments. Remember Obama’s infamous “your didn’t build that” speech?

        Government allowing you to keep your own earnings, is not an expenditure – unless you align with the ideology that all earnings are the property of the state, a socialist principle, and the state can then apportion those earnings to whomever it desires, ie redistribution.

        President-elect Donald Trump is a free marketeer; a Main Street capitalist.

        To understand the change within the fundamental economic proposals of President-elect Donald Trump a person must be able to make the distinction between who owns your labor: you or the government?

        Trump’s economic principles -to generate an expansive GDP- are………

    • Observer says:

      You wear your arrogance with a pride only attributable to ignorance. It’s clear you despise Donald J. Trump. What a shame. I feel the same way about Barack Hussein Obama, but showed him deference since he was twice elected as president. His intentional sowing seeds of division in this countryhas all but destroyed the decent interaction between races we have seen for the majority of my life. Obama did not govern, but reigned, bypassing congress to issue one “executive order” after another, You must like his tactics, which stand in opposition to the Constitution.Though as with most liberals I know, it can be said that the Constitution is merely a piece of paper—much like a marriage licence

      Since you have your own leftwing blog and don’t like what we say here, why do you stalk us?

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    MORE OUTRAGE! Carrier Got $5 Million In Obama Stimulus Cash Before Moving American Jobs To Mexico US Herald


    The Trump train has already left the station and Obama is trying to sell tickets for the ride.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:


  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    MORE OUTRAGE! Carrier Got $5 Million In Obama Stimulus Cash Before Moving American Jobs To Mexico US Herald

  10. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years”

  11. Saguaro Sam says:

    white house issues statement today claiming that obama saved over
    ONE MILLION American jobs.

    Apparently the so-called journalists did not ask for specifics in order to fact-check.

    Meanwhile, please pray for the two police officers shot in Tucson today by one Jose Gomez.

  12. Michael Bryan says:

    Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports that 1,100 OTHER Carrier jobs are still going to Mexico… You guys have really been taken in my a con man pretending to be a Republican. I suppose if I claimed to be a Republican you would believe me, too. Sad.