Jockeying for RNC chair begins in earnest

Ambitious Robert Graham picked the wrong team with anti-Trump McCain and Flake

In mid-February we reported AZ GOP chair Robert Graham maneuvers for top RNC post which included an ASU Cronkite News video with Graham replicating a McCain gaffe confusing Barack Obama with what appears to be any Republican. McCain confused Mitt Romney with Barack Obama. In Graham’s case he mistook “Mr. Trump” for Obama — not  a recommended move for a guy angling to lead the Republican National Committee.

Both mortifying videos and more are included in the linked report.

The hurdles are getting trickier for the ambitious and vindictive Robert Graham to navigate. Graham’s quest to replace former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus — who has been tapped as President-elect Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff — appears to be evaporating.

Though other names are being mentioned, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an early Donald Trump supporter, is said to be considering running for the lead spot in the Republican Party. 

With Priebus now busy with the formation of the Trump cabinet and transition team, there is an urgency to fill the intra-party post. Unlike a cabinet position, the RNC chair doesn’t require congressional confirmation.

Christie, who formerly chaired the Republican Governors Association and has relationships with many of the party’s key donors appears to be in the advantageous catbird seat.

It should be remembered that neither Robert Graham nor his mentors John McCain and Jeff Flake attended Donald Trump’s initial rally when thousands of supporters waited in line for hours in the scorching July 11, 2015 heat at the Phoenix Convention Center to hear Trump speak. Maricopa County Chairman Tyler Bowyer hosted the event and he and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were onstage with now President-elect Trump. The two senators and Graham boycotted Trump’s subsequent Arizona appearances. McCain, who has referred to conservatives as “crazies” and has worked to purge them from elected precinct committeemen posts, eventually withdrew his lukewarm support of Trump. Blowhard Flake made headlines by making the rounds of broadcast networks telling whoever would listen that Trump was not worthy of his support — a traitorous message the liberal media were all too eager to air. With Donald Trump letting no grass grow under his feet as he puts together his team prior to his Jan. 20, 2017 inaugural — Graham should be dismissed out of hand.

Obama’s frequent traveling companion and basketball teammate Jeff Flake, always eager to promote amnesty for illegals, will be a candidate for reelection in 2018 and should feel the same sting of rejection. He represents no one but his own ego.


4 Responses to Jockeying for RNC chair begins in earnest

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    It ain’t gonna happen, Bobby. You fooled Arizona Republican elected state committeemen once and tricked us the second time you ran for Republican chairman, having us vote and then clearing us out of the auditorium before the ballots were ever counted. It was while we were all shuttled outside you led McCain Who NEVER appears at state meetings and his boy Jeff Flake in through the back door. They arrived with a bunch of McCain’s Vietnamese fans waving Vietnamese, not American, flags from the balcony. They were seated before the doors were opened for committeemen to reenter. I remember when you brought McCain and Flake out from behind the curtain, and the balcony commotion began, many committeemen walked out and others stood at their seats and turned their backs.The boos were angry and loud. If I had any doubts before that day, they were confirmed by Graham’s actions. If by some fluke Robert Graham is selected as RNC chair, I’m reregistering as an Independent.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Conservatives in Arizona are going to have to work a lot harder now that we are seeing a flood of folks from California pouring into our state like never before. They ruined California by electing free-wheeling politicians, and after being taxed into oblivion, now they’re coming here.

    Yesterday it was announced that Phoenix will be the hottest housing market in 2017. So, are we set for another boom then bust?

    Meanwhile, Freedom of Speech continues to be under attack.
    Now, a female American-born physician has been terminated from one non-paying teaching job and may lose her staff position at a Denver hospital.
    All because she made a few statements on her Private Facebook page about Michelle Obama. Check out her posted statements and see what you think.

    . . .”Dr. Michelle Herren, who works at Denver Health Medical Center, holds a non-paid faculty appointment at the CU School of Medicine, and a medical staff appointment at Children’s Hospital, where Denver Health physicians supervise residents and other medical practitioners in training, the Denver Post reports .

    “We are beginning the process to terminate Dr. Herren’s faculty appointment,” Mark Couch, spokesman for the school, said Thursday. “She has expressed values that are at odds with ours and she has compromised her ability to meet the teaching and patient care mission of the School of Medicine.”

    As previously reported on The Root , Herren posted a photo of Michelle Obama yelling on Facebook. Under the photo, Herren wrote: “Doesn’t seem to be speaking too eloquently here, thank god we can’t hear her! Harvard??? That’s a place for “entitled” folks said all the liberals!”

    Herren then added, “Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!”

    It is unclear whether Denver Health will take a similar action against her . . . ”

    Can’t wait to see what the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners will do to her, as they hold the authority to revoke her license to practice medicine—which would essentially end her career.

    Facebook and Twitter—-at your own peril.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Robert Graham has three strikes against him:

    – He’s part of the McCain goon squad.
    – The Trump Phoenix boycott.
    – He’s a lightweight up against the likes of Chris Christie, a powerful guy in the GOP and Trump loyalist from the get-go.

    Graham has a radio show on early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday. He tries to sound like a conservative. So does his mentor, McCain – but actions speak louder than words regarding their snub of candidate Trump, now President-Elect, who has a long memory regarding loyalty. Jeff DeWit, who worked on Trump’s campaign while doing his duties of state treasurer has an inside line of communication with the Trump people. I doubt he’d have a good word for Graham.

    Whoever is in charge of choosing a new RNC chair wouldn’t likely pick somebody who’s anti-Trump.

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    Robert Graham is a Class A phoney with an ego to match. He’s obviously thought cozying up to McCain and Flake would bring him all he desires. He’s got a rude awakening coming. Besides his establishment associations won through boot licking, he’s distrusted by those who spend any time around him. Graham’s all about Graham.