Ex-Gov. Napolitano: The despotic creature that never went away

The nightmare continues

Some childhood stories are so ghastly, looking back we wonder how we survived them. As an example, Hansel and Gretel were led deep into the forest with only a loaf of bread by their widowed father and his new wife, who didn’t take too kindly to children. Hungry, frightened and tired, the brother and sister came to a house made of gingerbread and they began to feast. The old witch who resided within used the house as a lure for satisfying her appetite for tasty kids. As she was about to toss them into her oven, they turned the tables on her, and left her to roast as they followed the breadcrumbs they had purposely dropped and made their way home to their newly single father.  Gruesome? Indeed. The Brothers Grimm were masters of such fables.

This tale of horror is offered for a reason. There is no wicked stepmother in the following story — rather a fanatical and unwilling to enforce the law ogre in ongoing authoritative positions who anoints illegals as having greater needs than our own citizens.

The state of Arizona was once ruled by a rough voiced tyrant named Napolitano who refused to protect the people from hordes of illegal invaders flooding into the state from an impoverished and crime- ridden foreign country directly to the south. When the citizens of Arizona pleaded with the Napolitano to protect them from the influx of crime and violent drug cartels, along with the astronomical costs of the limitless benefits they had to provide the invaders, the Napolitano roared, “Show me a 50-foot fence, and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder,” all too clearly illustrating her lack of commitment to constructing a security wall along the southern border to stem the spiraling criminality.

The Napolitano, a coarse and boorish species known as Democratia Erectus, caught the eye of an even greater power known as the Obama. He whisked the Napolitano out of Arizona and spirited it away to Washington D.C. where he put the Napolitano in charge of doing the same nothingness, only on a grander scale as Secretary of Homeland Security, though not following the plans of her predecessor former judge Michael Chertoff, who eventually concluded militarizing the border was a viable option.

Finally in Sept. 2013 the Napolitano heard the enticing call of Academia far across the great land. The Napolitano’s latest gig is University of California President, which paid a base salary of $570,000, and covered a monthly $10,000 lease of a mansion, and $9,000 yearly for car expense.  And the latest edict?

“Campus police officers will not contact, detain, question or arrest any individual solely on the basis of immigration status.” The Napolitano has announced that system leaders will protect and defend the estimated 2,500 illegal students enrolled across the 10-campus UC system. in the country illegally — and will instruct campus police to do the same —- in effect creating sanctuary campuses. This action is in response to the election of Donald Trump, who has vowed a meaningful response to the hordes breaching our porous border. The UC press release  can be read here.

We are supposed to be concerned that they face legal and financial obstacles to completing their education as our American citizen children are now forced to compete for college placement and later, jobs, taken by those who do not belong here. Yet within the first month  of taking office, Napolitano formed a student advisory council on aiding illegals and committed $5 million to assist UC campuses provide them targeted financial aid and services.

This outrageous action come directly from the same Napolitano previously charged with protecting the nation’s borders.

We knew the Napolitano was a cataclysm when it roamed Arizona. In the intervening years, nothing has changed but its increasingly brassy disregard for Americans.


6 Responses to Ex-Gov. Napolitano: The despotic creature that never went away

  1. Kimball says:

    Reading this account of ‘The Napolitano’ brings visions of a massive tail snapping monster presiding over our prehistoric Sonoran desert. As an Arizona native I can say this with absolute certainty.: Janet Napolitano was the worst governor in my memory. She vetoed so many important pieces of legislation, she came to be known as J-NO. Democrats mourned her joining Obama and leaving Arizona. The rest of us rejoiced!

  2. LD 23 PC says:

    Janet Napolitano is in the same amnesty league as Republicrats John McCain and Jeff the Flake. To my mind the Republicrats are even worse since they work so diligently to con Republicans into voting for them and then traitorously collude with liberal amnesty pushers after they are safely elected and don’t have to answer to constituents until the next election cycle when they invent reasons why they did what they did. ie: “it was going to pass anyway, and I was able to exert influence to make the bad bill better.” All hogwash!!!!

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Since it’s American citizen taxpayers who afford her the cushy lifestyle she enjoys, why does Napolitano treat us with such contempt? She hasn’t been off the taxpayer’s dime since she worked for the Phoenix law firm of Lewis and Roca and tried to bring down Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when she represented Anita Hill in what turned out to be a bogus confirmation hearing.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I never could figure out her ‘success.’ She was unlikeable and didn’t seem to care. She’s probably done catastrophic damage to the already leftist UC system. I hope she never decides to come back to AZ. Those were miserable years. The local news media treated her like she could do no wrong.

    Here’s another export to CA – the old police chief of Mesa, AZ.
    SF’s top prosecutor promises Muslim community protection from hate crimes – The San Francisco Examiner

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Janet Napolitano was brought to Arizona by the Clintons when Bill made her U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona.

    Then, she decided (or someone decided for her) that she wanted to be the Arizona State Attorney General. A side-step for her on her way up the political ladder. But boy, oh, boy (or whatever she is), did she ever go on a hiring spree. Hundreds, yes hundreds, of attorneys were hired. It was “for the children”, you understand.
    She was supposed to fix the foster care system and the child protective services system and protect Arizona kids.
    She did None of that. But the attorneys were still alive and well at their desks doing ??????
    Investigations only happen and only turn into prosecutions if you have an adequate investigative staff. 50 investigators assigned to the Criminal Division in Phoenix along with about a dozen investigators in Tucson—-when almost all of the attorneys were hired on the Civil side in PHX—-is a skeleton crew when it comes to investigating crimes across the entire State.

    Dennis Burke and Patrick J. Cunningham were her henchmen.
    Both were rewarded with jobs at the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona after Janet went to the ninth floor. And both were up to their ears involved in Fast and Furious, but both went unpunished. Completely untouched.

    The Governor’s race in 1998 was between Republican John Kaites, who had been an attorney in the Criminal Division of the AZAG office, and Janet. Then, Grant Woods “encouraged” his pal and fellow employee at the AG’s office Tom McGovern to throw his hat in the ring. McGovern with no governing experience. At least Kaites had spent some time in the State Legislature.
    The wheels fell off Kaites’ run when, at the eleventh hour, he gave the OK to run a particular TV ad about McGovern’s ancient history in New Jersey. And that was it. Over and done for the two Republican candidates.

    Janet, as usual, skated by with her fat ankles hanging over the sides of her skates.

    Meanwhile, yesterday (12/2/16) at the USC Campus in CA, a much admired professor, Bosco Tjan, Ph.D., was stabbed to death on campus. The student who was arrested for the killing is a male.
    Campus police and university administration state that further identifiers will Not be released. (If the suspect was a white male, no doubt we would have been told everything about him, including his favorite flavor of ice cream.)

    Professor Tjan’s death marks the fourth death on the USC campus since 2014 where all the victims were of Far East extraction.
    A pattern?——–don’t ask Janet, she’s only an attorney when she’s out to ruin someone or some thing.

  6. John Slagle says:

    As a U.S. Border Patrol Anti-Smuggling Agent, Tucson Sector our unit worked felony organized criminal human trafficking cases. We had great Assistant U.S. Attorneys in Tucson who were excellent prosecuting officers ensuring convictions for violations of 8 USC 1324. Drawing Janet Napolitano in presenting our cases involving smugglers of illegal aliens was similar to facing two defense attorneys opposed to the Government prosecution. In the Anti-Smuggling Unit, we never believed Napolitano was serious in presenting our cases without open borders bias.