Making the case that the media skew the news

The Daily Regurgitation — yes, the state’s largest newspaper really does shamelessly re-spew its own reports — sometimes a day or two apart and often in different sections of the same edition. The frequency of the repetition quickly took the actions outside of the error category.

Open borders/amnesty plodder Linda Valdez, never one to obscure her far left views, writes columns titled, “How liberals move forward under Trump.” or “The Mexico you need to know.” But she outdoes herself with this rollicking piece titled, “Why Trump’s attack on media hurts you more than me.” She cites  the growing proliferation of “fake news” as being “truly corrosive to liberty,” even managing to stir Thomas Jefferson into the mix. As one who routinely engages in skew, her protests ring hollow.

Valdez quotes President-elect Donald Trump telling an audience that “professional journalists are very dishonest people.”

Even the reliably liberal Washington Post headlines with this admission: “Just 7 percent of journalists are Republicans. That’s far fewer than even a decade ago.”

Chris Cillizza reports: A majority of American journalists identify themselves as political Independents although among those who choose a side Democrats outnumber Republicans four to one.” He cites a study of the media conducted by two Indiana University professors.

It would be beyond rational to believe a reporter’s personal political alignment doesn’t seep into his or her political news coverage. Readers of the Arizona Republic  know better. That’s why there are fewer and fewer of them.

Valdez doth protest too much.


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  1. Casper says:

    The Arizona Republic lost whatever credibility it had long ago. The skew is definitely evident with the pre-election endorsements, which they print not once prior to the election, but several times. I divorced a nagging wife and stopped my subscription for the same reason. Both were positive moves!

  2. MacBeth says:

    It’s clear that the newspaper is trying to exert whatever influence it thinks it still has. When they endorsed scandal plagued Hillary it was heralded as a “first” for the “conservative newspaper.” I nearly chocked on my coffee when I read that, The Arizona Repulsive hasn’t been conservative in decades. Who did they think they were kidding?

  3. azgary says:

    Look for the “newspaper” to be all for jonathan lines for azgop chair:

    Jonathan Lines announced his candidacy approximately 2 weeks ago. He boasted about his endorsements from two congressmen and one Republican Party activist. He seems poised to come in guns a blazing, and ready to take over. That is to be expected from the guy, who is Graham’s hand-picked replacement.

    Sources say that Graham, unhappy with O’Connor, who is rightfully popular with state and precinct committeemen, reached out and offered the role of chairman to Lines. Lines is known to play ball with the establishment. Lines is someone that does not scare many people in power. He is willing to go- along-to get-along and play along with whoever approaches him. On top of that, one political insider stated that Governor Ducey has also “lined up” behind Lines because Ducey and Flake need free reign of the Party.

    Lines “cabinet” appears to be made up of the people responsible for the “Conservatives Purge” in which John McCain and his Independent Expenditure Committee actively went out and recruited precinct committeemen mostly from the Asian community in order to stop his censure for the second straight year.

    Because Lines will be operating in Yuma, Chad Heywood, a field operative who has ties to Flake and McCain, will have tremendous power in a Lines administration.

    The most important for Lines is the man he is expected to make Executive Director, Matt Kenney, should he win. Kenney is not really widely known in Republican Party circles unless you are part of the McCain and Flake machine. This past go around, he……..

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      OMG – this Lines guy should never be the replacement for McGraham. They sound like the same guy. O’Connor sounds like the only acceptable man for the job. State politics in Arizona is awful and will always be awful until McCain and Flake butt out.

      • State Delegate says:

        Butt out or are tossed out? It becomes more difficult to extract the entrenched politicians, even marginal( though arrogant) ones like McCain and Flake, since they have their coffers lined with cold hard cash by the lobbyists who use them for their own purposes. It’s a symbiotic match made in Republicrat heaven., There are no repercussions for their lying ads and mailers. They can say whatever they want with no consequences and the gullible believe the horse pucky they are fed and vote for a familiar name.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    The only time I’m made aware of anything that appears in the pathetic excuse for a newspaper is when I read a post exposing their loony left lunacy here. I don’t even scan the headlines in the newspaper box outside the office building here I work. The rag has lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. Hard to believe I used to deliver this newspaper on my bike as a young teen.

  5. Kathy says:

    Cancelled our subscription to the R & G (at the time) in the late 80’s because of their anti-police bias. At the time my husband caught a bank robber at Chris-Town mall without incidence and no one hurt. R & G did NOT run the story, so I called and asked why. “Because it was not news-worthy”. Right then and there I knew they did NOT report news only propaganda! AZ Gazette went away and every so-slowly the AZ Republic is going away – not soon enough!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    At you will find this statement:
    Media That Drives Action, Not Passive Consumption.

    What a bunch of Fake News creatures.

    If you check the website, you will see a map which shows all the places in the U.S. where Gannett has bought up newspapers.

    Earlier this year, Gannett bought up 6 different newspapers in New Jersey.

    One, the Bergen Record, had been independently owned and operated for 121 years. Yep. 121 years.

    Bergen County is home to a lot of folks who have high paying jobs in NYC.

    Now, the citizens who subscribe to the Bergen Record are already in a tizzy. Investigative reports have ceased; the stories are fluff, and—-horror of horrors—–the paper is full of typographical and grammatical errors! Yes, it’s a very big deal in Bergen County.

    Meanwhile, you deserve a break today—from Obama.

    Here’s a Awesomely Great video entitled “It’s the Most Wonderful Time in Eight Years”, featuring Donald Trump as our benevolent Santa.

    Take a Look Here:

    Hope you enjoy!

  7. JCF says:

    What O’Connor is referred to here? No first name given.