Obama deceives Americans with jimmied unemployment figures

Obama regime’s funny math dramatically alters unemployment statistics

Leave it to the Obama-praising New York Times to score another one for the ripper. After the December Jobs Report was released — Obama’s last — the newspaper ran this headline: “President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor.” The report is slavish in its praise for the outgoing president while extensively quoting the chairman of Obama’s own Council of Economic Advisers, saying Obama inherited an economic disaster from his predecessor.  “It was an utterly terrifying time, the likes of which none of us had ever seen in our lifetimes.” He likened it to the beginning of the Great Depression.

Some pertinent facts are missing. Since the Obama syndicate was unhappy with the manner in which unemployment figures were gathered they decided to change the standard by which they were measured.

Those who are unemployed and have given up on finding a job— including people who are so hopelessly out of work that they’ve stopped looking over the past four weeks, are no longer counted as unemployed by the Department of Labor. In the Obama regime’s skewed labor statistics, though you are desirous of work but remain unemployed you are not counted in the deceptive unemployment figures — currently said to stand at a low of 4.6%. At least 40 million Americans fall into that category. If you are working part-time at a job far below your normal salary, you are no longer counted as unemployed. Consider the example of a degreed former exec now selling shoes. If you perform a least one hour of work a week at $20 you are no longer counted among the unemployed.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics began manipulating unemployment statistics after Barack Obama assumed office in Jan. 2008, perfecting the Big Lie into an art form. Despite spending hundreds of $billions on such as his failed jobs program referred to as “shovel ready, (watch Obama joke about it) his green energy failure, the disaster known as Obamacare, the failed stimulus package, manipulation of the housing market and his unprecedented obsessive spending that has brought our national debt to nearly 23 trillion dollars.

Barack Obama and his administration goons have taken a page from Joseph Goebbel’s Third Reich  propaganda handbook: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…”

Jim Clifton CEO of Gallup Polling wrote this excellent exposé over a year ago when Obama’s unemployment statistics were at 5.6%. His claims have become even more grandiose as he leaves office.

 Ultimately, the American people rose up to elect businessman Donald Trump, who just yesterday called to cancel the contract for the excessively high-priced Boeing $4 billion 747 Air Force One, calling the cost of the plane that purportedly emits less greenhouse gas, “ridiculous.”

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  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Obama’s “miraculous” unemployment statistics will be a big part of his manipulated “legacy.” He’ll go down in the Democrat annals as the “jobs president.” Since there is nothing positive to point to they’ll create something.

  2. Doc says:

    Uuummm…obasturd & his minions can’t do math correctly. They’re all on Crack. When you’re high, ya’ can’t do math…

    …just sayin’…

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It was reported earlier this week that people at the Pentagon have perpetrated a little hocus pocus to make disappear a boatload of documents that would show the extent of overspending and contract fraud that has gone on there for decades.

    On another note, here’s a website dedicated to identifying companies that do not have conservative values:


    The info on Macy’s was eye-opening.

    Meanwhile, a Lowe’s store in Abilene, Texas deserves applause for hiring a disabled Veteran and his service dog.
    Here’s the story with great pics:


  4. azgary says:

    while oBlamer may be the worst with it jobs/unemployment/gdp numbers have been being fudged for decades by both parties occupying the white house.

    there is no honesty about anything in DC by the uniparty

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    It was reported earlier this week that people at the Pentagon have performed a disappearing act on thousands of documents that would have revealed massive fraud and abuse as it pertains to contracts and expenditures.

    Meanwhile, at a Lowe’s store in Abilene, Texas everyone is feeling good because a disabled US military veteran AND his service dog have both been put on the payroll.

    Here’s the great story with pics:

    • azgary says:

      Republicans Join Democrats to Block Impeachment of IRS Commissioner

      “Under his watch, with subpoenas and preservation orders in place, John Koskinen not only allowed 422 back-up tapes containing as many as 24,000 Lois Lerner emails to be destroyed – he then failed to tell Congress about it in a timely manner. John Koskinen has been able to get away with stonewalling Congress, obstructing justice, and breaching the public trust. It’s time that Congress held him accountable for his actions.”

      the Republicans voted with demokkkrats to kill their own proposal 342-to-72.

      the DC gop’ers were delighted with the irs targeting the TEA party, this is just one more demonstration of that.

      the uniparty protects its own, they care not the slightest about voters, citizens or the country. they are there to do the bidding of lobbyist period.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Koskinen stonewalls, doesn’t remember, refuses to answer, answers evasively and smirks at Congress. At least partly because of Koskinen, Lois Lerner escaped going to jail where she belongs. These two learned well from the Frequent Flyer Queen.

        Saw that Jim Jordan, good guy, was meeting with bad guy Paul Ryan on this yesterday.

        As Michelle Malkin said nothing’s really changed. The GOPe will continue with their progressive agenda, ignoring the conservatives that are left in Congress. It’ll be interesting to see Donald Trump’s reaction to the games they’ve been playing for decades.

      • azgary says:

        Jim Jordan is just another poser.

  6. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I haven’t believed the White House unemployment rate for 8 years. I also don’t believe the lamestream media saying that Trump will inherit a robust/booming economy. It’s laughable. Everything out of the White House for 8 years has been nothing but lies, something that Boehner, McConnell and Ryan don’t seem to be bothered by. They gave Obama everything he wanted except Obamacare – but they funded it.

    5 Reasons Barack Obama Will Be Viewed As One Of The Worst Presidents of All Time – John Hawkins


  7. Kathy says:

    Anytime Obama or anyone in his administration opens their mouths or puts out data is LYING!!! They constantly manipulate stats to get the outcome they desire. And that goes for both parties and local government! LIARS ALL.

    • azgary says:

      this is to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues by the late great Johnny Cash
      I hear Ol’ Trump a comin”
      Makin’ America Great Again
      I aint heard the truth told
      since they put the Kenyan in

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    A little good news. But keep your eyes on Ryan. The weasel from the Badger state is still a Cheap Labor Express Republican and deserves to be watched like a hawk.

    Speaker Ryan Retreats on H-2B Visa Outsourcing Program – Breitbart

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Don’t buy the lie that Obama’s leaving behind a healthy economy | New York Post