Phx VA hospital scandal occurred under McCain’s nose

McCain’s abysmal record with veterans includes disgraced Phoenix VA Health Care system

U.S. Senate elections occur only once every six years — long enough intervals for the vast majority of voters to forget pertinent facts about candidates. This political disconnect works in the candidate’s behalf. As Jeff Flake noted, “The beauty of six-year senate terms is that voters have short memories.” With a ballot full of mostly unfamiliar names and intended to confuse ballot measures that urge yes votes when no would be the better option, and vice versa, it’s a difficult time for busy voters who want to stay engaged, but have scant information. That fact alone accounts for the barrage of mailers and media ads, many purposely intended to deceive.

This bit of background brings us to John McCain, routinely portrayed as the veteran’s best friend. During the Vietnam War, he was held as a POW, returning to the U.S. in 1973. But facts can be pesky things, though this Fact Check is from his 2008 failed presidential campaign, it remains relevant.

During his 2016 senate reelection, we were once again barraged with the octogenarian’s Friend of the Veteran refrain. But the stark headline — “Phoenix VA earns worst ranking” — in Thursday’s edition of the Arizona Republic newspaper tells a different story. McCain is unnamed but undeniably integral to the report. The massive levels of neglect and fraud as patient records were altered to hide their excessive wait times for medical care occurred on McCain’s watch in his own hometown.

The scandal-plagued Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center is about 4 miles from McCain’s 7,000 sq. ft. penthouse condo. For a blowhard like John McCain, that’s spitting distance from his balcony. The newspaper account of the Phoenix VA Health Care System details the abuses. As a reminder, news first broke about the miserable conditions resulting in over 200 veterans dying due to extreme wait times for medical appointments over two years ago. Lab results were “lost.” The facility misrepresented results from patient satisfaction surveys and continued to give incentive bonuses to colluding employees. The truth is the Phoenix VA Health Care system is rated lowest in the nation.

This shocking Oct. 4, 2016 VA Inspector General’s Office Review on Alleged Consult Mismanagement at the Phoenix VA Health Care System found that 215 deceased patients had open specialist consultation appointments at the Phoenix facility on the day they died.

The self-proclaimed veteran’s pal, John McCain has never ventured onto the hospital complex demanding answers from administrators. 

10 Responses to Phx VA hospital scandal occurred under McCain’s nose

  1. Army Of One says:

    Here’s Señor Juan McAmnesty trying to bamboozle a vet and the audience. He arrogantly turns his back on the questioner when addressing him, letting the veteran know exactly what he thinks of him for having the nerve to question him. McCain has memorized his talking points and sticks to them, tho they are mostly proven to be false.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    He is going to fix the VA and secure the border. And I am going to win the Power Ball jackpot. He is a disgrace to veteran and Arizona.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      I suspect you’re more committed to winning the Powerball jackpot than double talker McCain is to fixing the nightmare at the VA or securing the border. He is a political con man who lies with impunity when it benefits him. His underling Jeff the Flake is cut from the same cloth.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Jeff Flake has a bill regarding the VA:

    S.3535 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to prohibit the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from employing any individual who has been convicted of a felony and medical personnel who have had their medical licenses or credentials revoked or suspended, and for other purposes.Sponsor: Sen. Flake, Jeff [R-AZ] (Introduced 12/08/2016) Cosponsors: (0) Committees: Senate – Veterans’ Affairs Latest Action: 12/08/2016 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. (All Actions) Tracker:

    This bill has the status Introduced

    He’s gearing up for reelection. While this bill is necessary (and shocking that it ever took place), it does NOTHING to immediately help veterans in need now.

    Here is a profoundly sad news story on one vet. McCain should be ashamed to parade around allowing people to call him a “war hero” and things like this are happening: He’s nothing but a phony.

    ​Vet Found Dead With Maggots Crawling Out of His Wounds, & That’s Just the Start of Facility’s Problems

    • Vince says:

      What a horrific story! I hope the son files a lawsuit against this facility AND its medical personnel, and wins big! That such a disgusting nightmare took place in a VA hospital is beyond shameful.

  4. Vince says:

    I see Arizona has THREE members on the House Armed Services Committee. What do any of them actually do?

    The senate committee is chaired by none other than the miserable excuse for a Republican, John McCain. The only one worth a tinker’s damn is Sen. Jeff Sessions.

  5. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Somewhat off topic, but not entirely:
    Under Communist/Marxist/Socialist (take your pick) Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is becoming a political arm of the radical left. How do thinking political conservatives continue to adhere to the questionable BS being peddled from the Vatican?

  6. azgary says:

    AWESOME! TRUMP Holds interview During Army-Navy Game — Crowd Chants “Make America Great Again!” (VIDEO)

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Bravo to America’s future military leaders for recognizing soon-to-be President Trump in this manner. They renew my faith in America’s future.