What’s Fox News’ fascination with John & Meghan McCain?

How conveniently timed. In less than a week following the Nov. 8, 2016 General Election in which her octogenarian father was reelected to another 6-year senate term, Meghan McCain was named a permanent co-host of “Outnumbered” a Fox News weekday morning show. The theme is to showcase a rotating panel of leggy female commentators, including co-host Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith — along with one male panelist.  The topic is, of course, politics.

In an example of Fox News’ supposedly “fair and balanced” coverage, while Meghan was just an occasional panelist and in the midst of John McCain’s senate campaign, he was the “outnumbered” male seated alongside Meghan.

But his hypocrisy was on display in this interview (30-second video clip) with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, as ingrate John McCain sarcastically bites the hand that fed him as he compares the network to Vietnam radio propagandist “Hanoi Hannah.”

Like her father, coarse and salty-tongued, the newly glammed Meghan McCain, 32, is an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump. Unlike dear old dad, she wasn’t thrilled with Hillary, either, saying she voted for Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. A deep thinker, she authored a whiney “memoir” in 2010 titled, “Dirty Sexy Politics.”

On Tuesday, with the topic of discussion President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state pick, “Can Rex Tillerson ease critics’ concerns? Meghan vacillated between sounding as though daddy was whispering negative talking points in her ear piece to getting testy with David Webb, the male guest.

As we noted in “The like totally inane Ms. McCain,” Fox News’ GOP go-to woman only registered as a Republican in 2008 as a surprise Father’s Day gift during what became John McCain’s failed race for President of the United States.


8 Responses to What’s Fox News’ fascination with John & Meghan McCain?

  1. Realist says:

    When you’re born with a silver spoon as both father and daughter were, you don’t need an abundance of brain cells to propel you to heights you would never have otherwise attained.

  2. Sagauro Sam says:

    She has no credentials. Graduated from Columbia University like another entitled one who we’ve had to put up with for 8 years.

    No doubt, if daddy goes horizontal, she’ll be gifted with his Senate chair. On second thought, they’ll have to order a new chair—and super-size it.

    Her L.A. pad made the cover of Architectural Digest a few years ago, prior to her FOX gig (or is it “gag”?) She had a supposed
    top designer, plus her mother, to put the place together.
    All I noted was a lot of tall windows and black and white furniture and accessories. Very stark and cold. Devoid of any touches of comfort or personality. Traits that seem to run in the family.

    Maybe she can team up with LeBron James and wear one of those silver safety pins on her dress. Yeah, that’ll show ’em.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. Marines have grounded All Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft in Japan after a crash today off the coast of Okinawa.
    All five crewman were rescued from the water.
    Just a week ago, an F/A18 jet went down off the coast of Japan, killing the pilot.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    It only takes a 30-second video clip (above) to see the arrogance of the old, and I mean old, man. The McCain household is liberal. The fact that they’re known as Republicans is a political ploy that far too many Arizonans fall for at election time. The “R” stands for Republican In Name Only. It’s getting very tiresome.

    I can only stand a couple of the shows on Fox – Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, unfortunately on at the same time as Tucker Carlson. Carlson should go to Megyn Kelly’s spot when they let her loose (wishful thinking). I put on “Outnumbered” earlier and Ms. McCain is overflowing with arrogance. Why anyone would listen to her opinion (she voted for that guy from Utah?) is ridiculous. Melissa Francis is terrific.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    O/T Romney’s criticism was over the top. He was nicer to Obama.

    Report: Romney refused to publicly apologize for criticizing Trump | TheHill

  5. Army Of One says:

    John and Meghan are marginal people who have been the recipients of open doors throughout their lives. His father and grandfather were both admirals, which got him into the Naval Academy, but couldn’t keep him from graduating at the rock bottom of his Annapolis class. The reason he is never seen without Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer is because he needs someone with some brain cells around him. I wouldn’t give you two cents for either of them, but they are both smarter than McCain. Joe Lieberman saved his ass here:

  6. Hagar says:

    I no longer watch Outnumbered because the cow is there.

  7. Doc says:

    SRAZ-I must disagree with your last statement in the post:

    “… John McCain’s failed race for President of the United States.”

    mcSkidmark’s race didn’t fail…HE THREW TH’ EFFIN’ RACE! I’ll bet any amount that his sorry @$$ Voted for obasturd! Then, he did it again in 2012! As for meg mcSkidmark, she’s th’ posterbrat for th’ phrase, “th’ ROTTEN apple didn’t fall far from th’ tree.”

    I could go on&on&on…however, ONCE AGAIN…decorum prevents me from carrying on any further.

    (I hate decorum, by th’ way.)…just sayin’…