Obama’s 2016 final presser so filled with BS, reporter faints

In the self aggrandizing style Americans have come to know so well, Barack Obama tried to sell us the falsehood that he is leaving behind a more prosperous and safer country than the one he inherited. Apparently the almost out-the-door president forgot about San Bernardino, Orlando, the Boston Marathon, Fort Hood and other radical Islamic inspired carnage. He’s a busy man after all.  So many golf courses, so little time. Still blaming George W. Bush after eight long years in the White House, he claimed, “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than it was eight years ago.” His bowing to foreign heads of state, despots and tyrants must have worked.

Counting as positives, issues most Americans view as costly blunders or outright failures, Obama touted lower unemployment numbers, reflecting Labor Secretary Tom Perez’ new smoke and mirrors calculating practices, which no longer count those who want to work but are unable to find employment. They are now booted off the list after four weeks.

In citing a tripling of the stock market, Obama neglected to attribute the rise corresponding to the election of Donald Trump, whose message of bringing jobs back to the U.S., resonates with the American people, giving them renewed hope. Obama claimed 20 million more Americans are now covered since he force fed them ObamaCare “affordable health care” coverage — based on continually repeated lies and with unaffordable premiums. Here in Arizona the costs are set to escalate 116%.

On the issue of foreign policy, Obama actually said he “de-escalated” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan” and has forged new relationships with Iran and Cuba. Forging relationships with brutal dictators committed to terrorism and the annihilation of Israel is his curious description of paying the brutal Iranian regime off with $150 billion, allowing them nuclear capabilities and lying about doing so.  To this day, Obama refuses to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.” Cuba? Ninety miles off the coast of Florida, Cuba is still under the oppressive thumb of Communism, but Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Castrophile,  was all too happy to accompany Obama to the island nation and plant a big wet smooch on Raul Castro‘s red derrière.

Of course, Obama mentioned his climate deal to combat what he calls “man-made climate change,” and numerous scientists discount as a cyclical phenomena, primarily caused by natural process. America would have to make major and costly concessions while countries such as China and India, called “emerging nations,” have no stringent markers to meet.

Obama restated his belief that the Russians were responsible for the hacks into Democrat Party emails but said they did not affect voting machines or the election outcome. “This was not some elaborate, complicated espionage scheme,” he said, though he berated the media for its thorough coverage of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s embarrassing emails.

He called the unexpected Trump victory and Hillary’s crushing defeat, “a fascinating election.”

Obama praised Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who is running for chairman of the Democrat National Committee. “He is tireless; he is wicked smart,” Obama said. “Wicked” is not normally regarded as a compliment, but Democrats view their world through a unique prism.  Arizonans remember Perez as the wicked one who targeted Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing the law.

During Obama’s comments, a female reporter collapsed in a faint and his personal physician — just down the hall —- was called in to assist her. She regained consciousness as she was taken out of the room and able to breathe fresh air.

The news conference was the last one before the Obama family and entourage depart for its annual Hawaiian vacation. Unable to wish the American people a Merry Christmas, Barack Obama reverted to Hawaiian, bidding all a “Mele Kalikimaka.”

H/T Politico: The full transcript can be read here

12 Responses to Obama’s 2016 final presser so filled with BS, reporter faints

  1. Maggie says:

    Michelle Obama tells Oprah Winfrey that America is now going to be hopeless under the incoming Trump administration. She likens American citizens to children who respond to their parent’s reactions to a bump on the head. Barack Obama gave us hope by his reaction to our boo-boos. What arrogance!!!

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    I will be so glad to have the Obama’s out and the Trump’s in. These last eight years of Obama making good on his promise to “fundamentally transform America” was a long journey into despair for America.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Obama will never be gone from US. Unless some higher power intervenes.

    He is a narcissist of the highest order. He was endowed with all Nine of the behaviors which are outlined in the diagnostic criteria.

    Note that one of the behaviors speaks to the narcissist’s inability to properly carry out a leadership role, usually resulting in business failure or a business barely above water.

    The only way that we, as a country, have survived in 100% by the Grace of God. Let’s pray that God remains with US.

    Yesterday, at his scheduled adoration before the press corps in the WH, Obama looked annoyed when he saw that not everyone was enraptured with his speechifying. A female reporter, who was packed like a sardine in that crowded room, fainted or became ill.
    Obama, when told of the situation, just waved it off–have someone go down the hall and get my doctor, he said.
    And He IMMEDIATELY went right back to his speech—-
    Not One Word of Concern for the woman.

    Interesting that the New York Post made a big deal of Obama “stopping his speech” for the woman. Apparently the columnist at the NYPost doesn’t realize that Obama stopped only because he saw that someone other than him was receiving attention.

    Meanwhile, as China steals our underwater drone in the full presence of one of our US Navy vessels in broad daylight, Obama jets off to sunny Hawaii on our dime.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Excellent analysis of Obama’s narcissism. Michelle has a large dose of the same haughtiness.

      Vacations and contrived foreign trips on the taxpayer’s dime have been their MO from the beginning of what they obviously consider their reign.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    Are the Obamas delusional, con artists, mentally ill, narcissistic, ignorant, deplorable, irredeemable, or just plain stupid?

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    “Once you come to terms that Obama’s not on America’s side, everything he does makes sense.”

    Here’s another thing he didn’t mention (along with terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, etc. stated above):

    Democrats have lost more than 1,000 seats in Congress, state legislatures and governor’s mansions during Obama’s two-term.

    How Americans elected this guy twice is beyond my understanding. Democrats who voted for him got the short end of the stick. Their party has been destroyed. It’ll take a long time to get up to speed after the Obama wrecking ball came to town.

    Thank God for Donald Trump – that he eviscerated Hillary the congenital liar and Obama’s “legacy.”

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    January 20th can’t come soon enough for me! Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice, but he appears to be on the right track with his cabinet picks and his “Thank You tour” is grand. He’s capturing America’s heart with that wonderful gesture I wish him every success!

  7. Kimball says:

    SRAZ’s link under “the unexpected Trump victory” is beyond PRICELESS! Thanks for making my day!

  8. Kathy says:

    Obama opens his mouth and lies, lies, lies. Michelle an ungrateful, lying, selfish person. Both deserve each other.

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama Calls Electoral College a ‘Vestige’ of an ‘Earlier Version’ of America – Breitbart


    The University of Chicago only made him a Senior Lecturer – he would never qualify as a Professor of Constitutional Law.