Ongoing terrorism, refugee crisis propel change

Tuesday’s Drudge Report was topped by a provocative photo of German Chancellor Angela Merkel holding up her hands, palms facing out, dripping blood.  It was a fitting portrayal of a foolish woman who thinks compassion for those in war-torn lands is shown by destroying your own country, demoralizing you own citizens and importing those who despise everything the German, French, English, Belgium and other European cultures stand for. That includes the binding language, mores, faith, legal system…you name it. 

Nothing in Western society is compatible with fundamentalist Islam. This unbelievable atrocity describes the commitment of Jihadists to their goal of destroying us all, even using their own young children as suicide bombers.

The United States has been on the receiving end of this lunacy countless times, although Barack Obama remains defiant when it comes to identifying the perpetrators of such carnage as “radical Islamic terrorists.”

In Berlin a Christmas marketplace filled with shoppers, mothers and children, became a horror scene as another bloody massacre took place. Yet despite the ongoing “migrant” crisis facilitated by the incompetent Merkel, as she runs for reelection for a fourth term her opponents are characterized as right-wing populists.

Doesn’t that have a familiar ring? The American left still can’t come to terms with Donald Trump’s victory. The most effective way of marginalizing a leader is to call them right-wing extremists or compare them to mass murderer Hitler, when it’s obvious the current system isn’t working and citizens want change.

The Gatestone Institute recently posted Islamism in Europe, which we recommend.

10 Responses to Ongoing terrorism, refugee crisis propel change

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Merkel’s vulnerability is deserved. I hope she loses and loses big this coming fall. It would send a much needed message to other European leaders. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Europe as we know it will be no more. The Muslim influx is huge and their large birthrates far surpass those of native Europeans.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The list of terror attacks in the U.S. above is excellent info as well as the other articles highlighted by SRAZ. We should have gotten the message long ago.

    Angela Merkel is an East German communist. Here’s hoping she loses her next election now that she destroyed Germany.

    I admire Zuhdi Jasser – heard him on the radio the other day. I did lose some respect for him, however, when he vehemently came out against Trump for president. His attitude could have given us Hillary Clinton, who like Obama, is soft on Islamic terror. Trump was clearly the one to vote for but he made it VERY clear he would not. Trump is an American first. Dr. Jasser is a Muslim first.

    Obama sent his condolences to Angela Merkel (from the golf course) as he just released 17 from GITMO. And the killer in Germany has “escaped.” What’s happened to western Europe. (Rhetorical question) Incompetent doesn’t describe it properly.

    • Seen It All says:

      I, too, was disappointed with Dr. Jasser’s tirade against Trump. Political correctness will not keep America safe. We’ve seen that the past eight years with Obama’s foolish speech. He insisted on calling the Fort Hood massacre “workplace violence” though it was perpetrated by a Muslim extremist. Hillary would have been an extension of that deadly head-in-the-sand fantasy thinking.

  3. jakesez says:

    Islam terrorism may be the wake-up call we need. I hope it is not too late, but it could be the kick in the butt we needed. Europe, the United States and the rest of the west have been under the influence of the left wing with their go along to get along wisdom for way too long. It is about time we woke up and started the fight. Like WWII when it took Pearl Harbor to open our eyes to the threat right in front of us, this could be the thing that make us get up and fight. Hope we still know how to fight as we will need to take on both Islam and the alt-left.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:


    She was attending the “celebration” of International Migrants Day, which is brought to you courtesy of a edict issued by the
    United Nations.


    John Kerry issued an official press release on U.S. State Department letterhead .

    It begins thusly:
    “International Migrants Day is an opportunity to reflect upon the many ways that migrants enrich our cultures, economies, and societies. . . . Migrants’ contributions to America are striking. . .
    They make our culture more vibrant and our nation stronger. . . ”

    complete text can be found at:

    I have no doubt that Obama’s telephone call to Merkel was not
    to offer condolences—-I firmly believe that it was to offer congratulations for a job well done. Destroy white people everywhere.

    And where will Angie be in January, 2017? What goodies will be bestowed upon her?
    Well, she’s being presented with Not One, But Two honorary degrees from universities in Belgium regarding her refugee work.

    This goes beyond the definition of treason.
    This is Evil personified.

    Meanwhile, closer to home, it looks like a pampered Arizona Cardinals player has lost his job.
    It is frightening to see just how impaired this guy was while behind the wheel of a car in Scottsdale. Video cams don’t lie.

    • Clementine says:

      Shocking information about where Merkel was when the Christmas marketplace became a bloodbath. I had completely missed that.

      How does anyone trust a doltish woman who looks like her hair was cut with a bowl over her head for a guide, to run a major government? She’s botched her responsibilities to the people of Germany as badly as she’s botched herself.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Leniency toward ‘migrants’ in Germany is responsible for 12 deaths the other day.
    Article says he drove a bus into the marketplace. It was a tractor- trailer.

    Berlin Attacker Was Arrested in August for Forging Documents But Was Released By Judge – Justin Holcomb

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      According to brave (and sometimes brash) dailymailonline columnist Katie Hopkins, the European media, which is mostly very Left, immediately tried to blame the attack on the Polish driver of the tractor trailer. He of course was found dead in the cab of his rig. The company in Poland which owned the rig had noted for hours, via GPS, that it was being driven erratically.

      After the terror attack, German Police arrested a Pakistani male refugee, but then turned him loose. Now it is reported that this Pakistani refugee was known to be mentally ill. He has disappeared.

      Today, it is reported that the Germans had intel—indeed, it was reported on the dailymailonline last Saturday—that there was a threat of an imminent attack on the Berlin Christmas market.
      The Germans even had the name of the guy who they are NOW looking for.

      In the aftermath, the German Police issued an alert saying “stay inside and don’t spread rumors”.

      As Mick Jagger is often prone to screeching:
      Angie, Angie, ain’t it time we said goodbye.

  6. Kathy says:

    There is blood on the hands of many in govt – even here in AZ with so many murdered by illegals – McCain, Flake, and all the other politicians who support open borders and lawlessness! Sadly there are many!

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Police Hand Out 6000 Rape Alarms For New Years (Austria)
    Easier than proper screening and cheaper than one-way plane tickets. Pitiful.