Obamas & Trumps celebrate Christmas Eve differently

A study in contrasts

While President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania sought to remember the birth of the Christ Child in church on Christmas Eve, the Obama family engaged in an hour-long live action “escape room” game with their entourage at a resort in Waikiki. The fawning press gleefully reported that they “won with just 12 seconds to spare.” Afterward they went out for shaved ice treats.

When the Trumps entered the sanctuary of the Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida, the congregation stood and broke into a round of spontaneous applause. (video). They knew that what they were witnessing hadn’t been seen for eight years.

5 Responses to Obamas & Trumps celebrate Christmas Eve differently

  1. Longtime GOP PC says:

    It’s a new day in America. Twenty-six days until the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. I can’t wait to see the Obama’s moving van show up.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Barack and Michelle Obama spent 20 years sitting in the pews of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “Afro-centric” church, listening to his hate filled sermons. They only repudiated him when he became a detriment to Obama’s 2008 election. They never said a negative word all those years, or changed churches. Wright officiated at their wedding and baptized their daughters. He also cursed the United States of America, saying, “Not God Bless America….God DAMN America.”

  3. Clementine says:

    Let’s face it. We’ve been had by this “historic” president and his wife, who said she’d “never been proud of America” until Barack was elected. She didn’t say it once, but several times, wearing different outfits.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    A God fearing Christian back in the White House. Our prayers were answered. No more hatred of Jews and Christians emanating from the people’s house.

  5. aridteri says:

    Start praying that the Obamas really leave.