Inane words and phrases deserving the boot in 2017

Lake Superior State University recently published its 42nd annual list of banished words. The school takes public suggestions for words or phrases that should be torched for “Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.”

Here at Seeing Red AZ we have a few favorite non-favorites:

Amazing and Awesome:  These ultimate inanities, particularly foolish when used by anyone over 12, remain on the list. Sorry, although you love them, your grandchildren aren’t amazing. Awesome is not the appropriate reply when you actually mean “good.” Awesome is the Grand Canyon.

Reaching out: The touchy-feely newly popular way to say “contacted.”

Went missing:  Foolish term frequently used in news reports of someone lost or has disappeared. Our question is, did the person who went missing decide to go there as though they went to the corner store? Cut it out, Dick Tracy.

Walk it back: Reverse an action or decision

 Price point:  A useless non specific price, with a haughty sound. “What is your price point?”

Fake news:: News your opponent doesn’t like.

Issues: Have you noticed no one has problems anymore? They have issues.

Emerging: As in progressing, moving forward.  Have you emerged yet or are you just on your way?

Schooled:  How about using correct English and say, “Taught”?

Transformative: Wow! This thing or person is so great it/they will transform your life. Does it get any better than that?

Hitler: Conservatives who are disliked by the left suddenly morph into a genocidal maniac, who used showers that spewed deadly gas instead of water, starvation and gruesome medical experiments to destroy millions of men, women and children in Germany and Poland. Massive crematoriums were constructed to burn the bodies of the victims. Hitler’s SS troops first extracted the gold fillings from their teeth before his ethnic extermination began. Nazis also fancied lampshades made of human skin. Memo to AZ Republic “cartoonist,” Steve Benson: Donald Trump is NOT Hitler.

Homophobe and Racist: The phobe part is derived from phobia, meaning intense fear. Have you ever met anyone who actually fears homosexuals? Neither have we.

Racist is the ultimate insult, often used by the left to describe anyone who disagrees with them. Trying to defend yourself against a charge of racism or bigotry falls into the same category as answering the question, “When did you stop beating your wife?” It’s impossible to win when liberals hurl labels. They also make up words. Nativist (desirous of secure national borders) and Birther (questioning the actual birthplace of Obama) are prime examples. Once those are yoked around your neck, it’s over.

Foodie: A person with a particular interest in food. That should include as all.

Hack: No longer is this word confined to technology, a sputum filled cough or using an axe to chop wood.  Hack has recently morphed into a clever trick to make life easier.

Texting has had an impact, which has sadly pushed the kids aside as adults now use abbreviations and acronyms to “speak” with each other, although they are, in fact, choosing not to speak at all. 

We welcome our reader’s additions to this list.

Happy New Year!



11 Responses to Inane words and phrases deserving the boot in 2017

  1. azgary says:

    add “empowered”, “alt right”, “conservative” etc….

    so many words abused and bastardized by the media and punditry.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      I never heard the term “alt-right” until recently and have no idea what its supposed to refer to. It’s obviously a construct of the left, so I don’t much care, but it surely has taken on a life of its own.

  2. Clementine says:

    “Went missing” is a particularly strange misuse of the English language that is used repeatedly on “Forensic Files” a true crime program I otherwise enjoy. Watching how forensic evidence can solve cases, even those that occurred many years ago, is fascinating.

  3. CD 8 PC says:

    I’ve noticed another vacuous trend. Ask a person under 35 a question and frequently their response will begin with the word “so.”

    Q:How did you end up in Arizona?
    A: So I decided to go to school at ASU because I was tired of the snow in Vermont.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’ve been hearing the word ‘narrative’ (story, account, report, detail) used casually by pundits. Seemed to be the word of the day since the election. When one uses it, they all use it.

    ‘Trending’ is another one.

    The word ‘so’ is substituted for ‘like’ for the beginning of a sentence. Some are beginning their sentences with So…….

    I really don’t like when people use ‘politically correct.’ Banish those two words, please.

    Words like ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ are quickly losing their impact, if they ever had impact. The GOPe are scared to death of those words, but they have worn out their meaning being thrown around at everyone who disagreed with the left. They were used incessantly against Trump during the primary – no matter how it was disproven.

    ‘Went missing’ is the worst.

    Another such as ‘she is wanting’ to take a trip. Or ‘they are wanting’ to see a show.


  5. Kathy says:

    Lone wolf jihadist. No such thing! Another invented term by politicians and the propaganda media.

  6. silkylink says:

    Amazing and Awesome: Sound the same, however, insert meaning can make a big difference.

    Amazing: HRC lost.

    Awesome: DJT won.

    Reaching out: Usually from a weak position of need disguised as compremised.

    Went missing:  Another DC term for ‘disappeared or assassinated” Seth Rich DNC leaker … ring a bell?

    Walk it back: DNC’s new motto, because they do not know what losing means.

    Price point:  Starting point for haggling … ever notice Nordstrom never uses the term, it’s just price.

    Fake news: Narrative fitting news formatted for plebs by hacks and academic political Marxists. Usually observed on television and newspapers, because they lack skill and content from free speech rebuttal on Twitter.

    Issues: After overusing “No Problems” for three decades, “issues” sorta sounded business like.

    Emerging: A pregnant morph.

    Schooled: Snowflakes term because they cannot spell education.

    Transformative: Rhymes with Amazing/Awesome above.

    Hitler: Used in conjunction racist/homophobe, see below.

    Homophobe and Racist: Personal favorite … reference term used when rational thought cannot be discussed because they lost the argument.

    Foodie: Elevated term for “good eats”.

    Hack: Reuse word for many “journalists”, also see above “Fake news’.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off topic, but Ellis Island opened 125 years ago today.
    Take a look at the photos. Quite a contrast between then and now.

  8. PJ O'Malley says:

    Excellent list, SRA.
    Let me add “very iconic.” Either something is iconic or it isn’t. Iconicity does not come in degrees.
    And I avoid all conversations (convo) with idiots who load their narratives with, “And I’m like . . . ,” “And she goes . . .,” “Then he’s like . . .”

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Seeing Red AZ’s readers are the best. Thanks for your additions and amplifications to our list. We won’t question how we got so lucky, but do acknowledge we have been blessed with a top notch, conservative and interactive readership who have frequently provided us tips for posts..

      Best wishes in 2017 to each and every one of you.

  9. William Heuisler says:

    When we allow the Left to twist words, History and anthropology out of shape and meaning for their benefit we are the fools.
    Two examples:
    NAZI means National Socialist – Hitler was a creature of the Left as much as Stalin… and Bernie and Hillary and Pocahontas.
    Why don’t we call them out?
    Trump was called “racist” for calling out a La Raza judge and for calling some Mexican immigrants rapists. These people are called Hispanic and Latino by the hypocritical Left. But Hispanic and Latino are European derivatives of Spain and of Latin. There is no “racial” difference between/among people from Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany or any other Europeans.
    Why don’t we call them out for their interminable ignorance?