The specter of Joe Arpaio looms large at MCSO

Is there actually a “new sheriff” in town?

Many residents of Maricopa County were disappointed by the election night news that Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his seventh reelection bid.  The popular career law enforcement official had served the people of Maricopa County ably for an unprecedented 6 4-year terms. But it was Arpaio’s commitment to actually enforcing the law that made him the punching bag for the daily newspaper, which never saw an illegal alien it didn’t prefer to Arizona citizens.

Checking out the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) website we got a much-needed chuckle.  The staff of Paul Penzone — the incoming sheriff who received funding from radical globalist, multi-billionaire and open borders proponent George Soros* — has failed in its attempt to do a thorough cleansing of its Home Page.

The first photo is of the Sheriff’s Office building. Second is a “Mission Statement,” and a list of “Values and Expectations From Ourselves and Our Employees” Our favorite comes up next with the depiction of two deputies standing before metal paneled doors, with the inscription instructing “Pull forward to yellow line to activate door.” Emblazoned across the door in bold, all caps, yellow letters are the words SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO —- making it all too obvious Team Penzone isn’t ready for prime time.

* Find out more about Soros at Discover the Networks, A Guide to the Political Left.

Politico reported on George Soros’ behind the scenes efforts to single handedly overhaul the U.S. justice system, including involvement in the elections of sheriffs and district or county attorneys with his infusions of $ millions.

Then remind yourself that this is the man who brought us Paul Penzone.


11 Responses to The specter of Joe Arpaio looms large at MCSO

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    I predict Penzone will be a short-termer. His past personal anger management problems and his current connections to George Soros, one of the most vile men on the planet are irrefutable indicators that he has no moral compass. What a great resume for Maricopa County’s top law enforcement officer.

  2. Maggie says:

    I nearly choked when I read Paul Penzone looks forward to working with the ACLU! His name should be Pen-free-zone

  3. Kathy says:

    Crime may very well skyrocket in Maricopa County with Penzone at the head. Sadly the voters will reap what they have voted for.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Sheriff Joe was the only one who kept Maricopa County from becoming a hellhole.

    Penzone will be rewarded with Soros cash in direct proportion to how fast he can dismantle the Sheriff’s Office and destroy morale.

    Wonder if Penzone will punish Fountain HIlls, where Sheriff Joe lives, by withdrawing adequate law enforcement coverage?

    You can take Soros’ money, Mr. Penzone, but you will never ever hold a candle to the real lawman who is Sheriff Joe.

    Meanwhile, have you seen the video, which was posted live on Facebook on Tuesday, of the young white fellow who was kidnapped and tortured by 4 black persons?
    The young man is a “high risk special needs” person who had allegedly been kidnapped in a Chicago suburb and taken to the west side of the city, tied with duct tape, had his head immersed in toilet water, his body burned with cigarettes, and had his scalp cut down to the skull.

    All the while on live feed on Facebook, the four BLM supporters were yelling “F***Trump, F***white people, kill white people. . . .

    Later that day, the young man was found wandering the streets in Chicago with obvious trauma wounds and in a state of confusion.
    Police saw him and had him transported to a hospital, where police finally realized that he had been reported as a missing person by his parents.

    Oh, yeah, they kidnapped him using a stolen vehicle.

    And the Chicago Police Superintendent says that the 4 are in custody and that they were just kids goofing off and “may be charged with battery”, but may not be charged with anything.

    As of Wednesday, this story was getting very little coverage aside from drudge and thegatewaypundit

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      I read about the horrific assault on this you man and wonder why this is vicious attack not being charged as a hate crime. If the circumstances were reversed, it most certainly would fall into that category.

      I have never been a fan of hate crime laws, which make some people more aggrieved victims than others, based on their sex or race. ALL victims of crimes should be treated the same, since ALL crime stems from hatred. Are minorities only allowed to be victims in the eyes of the law?

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    More on the Hate Crime in Chicago in which the victim was a young man with special needs. (at the very least, this should come under a criminal statute regarding abuse of a vulnerable adult, if Chicago has any laws)

    The young man, we now learn, was held for about 48 Hours.
    48 hours of hell.

    What has been torn asunder by Obama will take a very long time to fix. Assuming that the majority of people will stand up and fix it.

    I hope that the victim’s parents file lawsuits against the City of Chicago, the Mayor, the PD, BLM, Obama, Loretta Lynch, and anyone else on the Obama gravy train.

  6. John H. says:

    Already Pinhead Pinzone is calling illegal aliens guests. They are not guests. They are intruders.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I think the AZ Republic and other media should ask the new sheriff Penzone how he would handle the horrific beating of a white handicapped young man by four blacks – two men and two women. Granted, he doesn’t ‘know the facts,’ but we could get an idea as to how he’d react. Will he be tough on crime or not. I know the answer unfortunately. We’re in for some tough times.

  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look—–the new guy wearing a uniform will call illegals “guests”.

    So, how will the 9-1-1 calls go?

    9-1-1: What is your emergency?

    Help! My car just got stolen by a guest. . . .or

    Help!!! There’s a guest breaking into my house. . . . or

    Help!!!!A bunch of guests are beating the daylights out of a white guy
    at Central and Jefferson, or

    I’d like to report that a carload of guests just crashed at the junction of I-10 and I-8 and guests are running off into the desert.

    9-1-1 dispatcher: Can you describe these guests?
    Caller: All I know is that they look like friends of Paul Penzone.

    Dear Paul,
    A uniform does not the man make.

  9. Virginia says:

    I see Penzone & Company also have a commitment to good grammar. Check out this sentence: “Values and Expectations From Ourselves and Our Employees”

    They need to find someone who passed firth grade grammar to write their attempt at grand sounding prose. Misusing ourselves is right up there with the all too common misuse of “myself, when the writer/speaker should say “me.”