Hypocrite McCain holds hearings on cyber security

Yes, THIS John McCain. Who could forget his admission as the 2008 ultimately failed GOP presidential candidate that he was “an illiterate” who has to rely on his wife for all the computer assistance he can get.

Fast forward three years, and we find McCain tweeting with pseudo-celeb Snooki and chatting with leftist open borders advocate and multi-billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. The suddenly tech-savvy McCain now opines no one watches television anymore. Why then did he dump $ millions into deceptive TV ads trashing his able opponent this past election cycle?

The daily newspaper, which has long assigned a Johnny-McOne-Note reporter to cover the out-of-touch octogenarian, runs a Page One article and oversized photo of McCain at a senate committee hearing with the headline, “McCain talks tough on election hacking.”

Suddenly the self proclaimed computer “illiterate” is advocating “serious consequences for cyber attacks.” Yet  James Clapper, director of national intelligence unequivocally asserted in response to a leading question, “They did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort.”

The fact is, the much covered hacks were not only damaging to Democrats but deeply embarrassing as they revealed themselves to be everything they claim to oppose. Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee even refused to apologize for giving the questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of a presidential debate.

Let’s be clear.  Cyber attacks are not new or unique to rogue nations. But the issue here is that the damning material released shows high ranking Democrat advisers at their worst in their efforts to ride Hillary’s coattails to the White House.  The fact that she didn’t win not only rankles Democrats, but also John McCain, who previously called her a rock star “he could support for president.” Ultimaley he withdrew his lukewarm support from Republican nominee Donald Trump. Sharyl Attkisson’s informative exposé  Eight Facts on the “Russian Hacks” is definitely worth your time.

McCain’s hearings couldn’t be more partisan if his liberal pal Chuck Schumer was conducting them. The thrust of the effort is to call Donald Trump’s election into dispute and delegitimize him prior to his Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration.

Where was McCain when Barack Obama tried to sway the Israeli elections to undermine the reelection of conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Obama even had operatives working within Israel. Not a peep from McCain about election insecurity and taxpayer dollars being directed by a sitting U.S. President to try to influence Israeli voters to vote against their Prime Minister. Despite Obama’s actions to intrude on an international election and McCain’s hypocritical inaction, Netanyahu won.


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  1. VINOAZ says:

    A pox on all who voted for this embarrassment of a senator. Would love to see a recall effort. AZ used to be a great conservative state. Now we are plagued by RINOS, Republicrats and illegals. Can we get right in 2018 and dump the fake Flake?

    • State Delegate says:

      We need to mobilize and increase our efforts to unseat freshman senator Jeff Flake. He has shown himself to be arrogant and not too bright, obviously a winning combination!

      Unless we can change to Arizona Republican party apparatus beginning with electing conservative Jim O’Connor as GOP chairman, we’re doomed. Jonathan Lines is a Robert Graham clone and Frank Thorwald, who has had no involvement claims decades old Reagan creds.

      This is where it all begin and ends.

  2. Kent says:

    Liberals are so good at “do as I say, not as I do.” Barack Obama, who has ridiculed Donald Trump’s stated plans to build a security wall along the southern border, is having a wall built around the DC rental property he and his family are moving to.
    Al Gore’s mansion he once shared with Tipper, was unable to be breached, walled and gated. The guy who made a fortune off of Climate Change, doesn’t have a concern in the world when it comes to his private jet and limos.

    John McCain has the entire upper floor an exclusive high rise property in Phoenix. His penthouse is unreachable and the underground garage is secured. These are just a few of the “men of the people.” Or so they would have us believe.

    Pope Francis falls into the same hypocritical category. The wall around the Vatican is massive, thick and high and totally unable to be penetrated. Yet he declare Donald Trump unChristian for desiring the same security for the United States.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Anyone see what went on in the WH last night and until 4 a.m. this morning? A mega bash, celebrating Obama of course.
    They’re having one hellofva good time, as revealed by the pics:


    On the heels of hundreds of people being terrorized, injured, or killed at the Fort Lauderdale airport, Obama does his Great Gatsby routine yet again. Ole Gatsby didn’t fare too well at the end of that novel.

    Regarding Ft. Lauderdale, I am very concerned about this Santiago’s history.
    Bouncing around all over this country and Puerto Rico.
    Arrested several years ago by the US DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY due to possession of pornography. Why DHS?
    That’s usually something that the FBI handles.
    Anyway, although they supposedly found bad stuff on his computers, he was never prosecuted.
    Living, on and off, near the Only mosque in Alaska.

    Yeah, his absentee family in Puerto Rico and New Jersey are quick to say that he has undiagnosed PTSD. It is astounding that this guy has been on the radar of multiple local AND federal law enforcement agencies, as well as the US Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve and this is allowed to happen.
    Who was financing his numerous travels and his daily expenses?

    Last summer (2016), a young guy living in Britain who was so mentally ill that he had to live with his parents to be supervised, was groomed by an alleged unknown female in Boston via a computer. His parents allowed him to travel alone to the U.S. to meet up with this anonymous female despite the fact that he needed constant supervision and daily medication to function. This guy then somehow shows up inside the hall at Trump’s rally in Las Vegas and attempts to wrangle a gun from the holster of a Metro PD officer who was on-duty inside the venue. How was this mentally ill person able to travel to the US and move about the country when he himself had no means of financial support. He has recently been released from a mental health facility in the US, but there are no plans to ship him back to Britain and his parents are apparently OK with that.

    Recently, John Hinckley was released from the D.C. mental hospital where he was under supervision for decades. He is living, as is being reported, with his very elderly mother in Virginia and is allowed to drive.

    Mental illness does not go away, and people suffering from it can most definitely be manipulated.

    Just yesterday is was leaned that Obama’s new mansion (one of 3 purchased since November) is within short walking distance of the massive structure known as the Washington Islamic Center.

    Please, if you are so inclined, please continue to pray for the safety of Mr. Trump; his family, and his team.
    May God continue to keep all of US in His loving care.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama said he wanted an ‘investigation’ on hacking and McCain jumps right on it. He’d like nothing more than to see Trump’s presidency crash and burn. He’d also like to go to (military) war with Russia.

    Donna Brazile doesn’t know the truth from a lie. She’s another one who wanted Hillary in by hook or by crook. I had a photo that was taken at a D.C. party during the GWB presidency of Donna Brazile dancing with Karl Rove, both all smiles having a ball. Somehow, it turned my stomach. These insiders are the swamp that needs draining.

    Sharyl Attkisson’s piece is excellent. Obama and his ‘committee’ should give it a look. But they can’t handle facts.

  5. Doc says:

    1) Arizonans re-elected this…crook.
    -evidently, the aforementioned Arizonans are sheep, anxious to march to slaughter.
    2) State Delegate is Absolutely correct about mcFlake.
    -The mcTraitor munny machine will be in “Afterburner Mode” on mcFlake’s behalf, probably being fired-up as I type this.
    3) I believe that a recall effort will cause trouble for this jerk, but will probably go down in flames.

  6. azgary says:

    The recent elections were a wonderful opportunity to knock off mccain, taking the fight to him with loud, firm opposition and a calling out of what he, and the gope/uniparty truly are and how bad he/they are for the Nation.

    we could not produce a candidate willing (or able?) to do so.

    the mccain/flake/gope/uniparty machine control az and have just been getting stronger and more evil.

    we cannot get a strong candidate to take on our *ahem* gop senators when they know the smears and money that will be going after them, so all we get are weak pseudo competitors (J.D. was an exception, but $$$ took him out) unwilling to make waves, lest they be destroyed.

    the gope structure in az is one that would rather lose to a democrat than to an actual grass roots, Americans First republican.

    the gope/uniparty/CoC is firmly in control here.

    we need candidates loud, brash and bold willing to speak out and take their arguments loudly and forcefully directly to the people.

    there are none on the horizon that i know of able to do this or even willing to try.

  7. Kathy says:

    There was no hack by the Russians!!!! Notice the DNC and Dems are NOT disputing what Wikileaks exposed!!! Why, because it is TRUTH. The DNC would not allow the FBI to research or investigate their computers – why??? Because so many crimes are being committed that they did not want the FBI to see. McCain is an idiot. In my opinion McCain is trying to get ahead of possible Wikileaks info on him and his possible illegal ties and activity! Afterall – this is the same man who posed with ISIS leaders – he has also pushed hard & succeeded in funding “rebels”. There is so much dirt on these people that is being exposed and they are FOAMING at the MOUTH!

  8. MacBeth says:

    John McCain did everything he could to help elect Barack Hussein Obama, even declaring the use of his middle name off limits during the campaign.

    This all took place when McCain and Obama were running for the presidency of the United States. Obama, of course, proudly used his Muslim family name during his inauguration.

    My wife still believes McCain ended up voting for Obama. She’s awfully smart and could be right.

  9. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Arizona knows how to do it!

    In the wake of Colin Kaepernick’s unpatriotic refusal to stand during the national anthem, some team leaders are pushing back.

    And now the Arizona Cardinals have topped them all with a game opener that will leave a lump in the throat.

    The Eagle is beautiful.

    Watch the short video… by clicking on the link below:

    This is how we do the national anthem #SaluteToService
    Right on! Right on!

  10. Jeff in PHX says:

    McTraitor & Grahamnesty sure are busy doing all they can to prevent border security: