Repeating lies doesn’t make them truth

Education and Donald Trump top the AZ Republic’s scams

We’re only one week into the new year and President-elect Donald Trump has not quite two weeks before his inauguration, but that doesn’t stop the folks at the Arizona Republic from engaging in deceptive use of the English language.

The newspaper’s scheme brings to mind Winston Smith, the protagonist in George Orwell’s best seller “1984.”  A clerk in the government’s Ministry of Truth Records Department, Smith’s job was to rewrite historical documents to align with the constantly changing current political deception. Newspeak, a reduced language became the tool to limit free thought and concepts posing a threat to the totalitarian regime. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct was classified as “thought crime,” “crime think,” or “doublethink.” Smith’s work included manipulating facts, revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs to remove “unpersons,” the term used to describe people who had fallen out of favor with the party.

In these cases however, it is not a regime or party but the newspaper itself that engages in the deception. In advance of today’s State of the State address, Sunday’s edition used the front page to take Gov. Doug Ducey to task on the issue of education. The headline: “With his term half over, Ducey under pressure to go big.” Would the liberals pumping out these ludicrous stories have referred Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano using those words two years into her first term?  How about Barack Obama?  Not a chance.  They saw two more years and a second term ahead for the Democrats.

Sunday’s edition also carried an editorial, “Ariz. Schools need real help,” in which they quote their own reporter as well as cite left-wing polling data. It’s not a mystery that subscriptions to this rag are on life support.

Education has become a hot issue for the educrats. Not only is it underfunded, it is underfunded. This is not a typo, just making a point.  It has become the norm for school districts to continually hold bond override elections, “for the children” or to “get more money into the classroom” —  specifically the teacher’s paycheck. The Arizona Lottery was sold to voters in Nov. 1980 as a means of putting millions yearly into education. The City of Phoenix has a Democrat mayor who ran on making education a priority, despite the fact that elected city officials play no role in shaping education policy — typically the realm of the state government and school districts. Greg Stanton has moved past those vague promises, now throwing his hat in the ring for the under-the-radar post of Secretary of State, a frequent backdoor route to the governor’s office.

Voters are getting tired of having to live within their means while the school districts continually cry out for more money. As a result, ballot overrides, once considered sacrosanct, have begun failing.

Proposition 123 a massive increase in education funding, pushed by Gov. Ducey, was a nail-biter for several days, since the vote margins were razor-thin. The final result was 50.8 percent in favor to 49.2 percent opposed to the measure. State Treasurer Jeff DeWit was an adamant opponent, saying there was ample money to fund education without raiding the State Land Trust Fund or raising property taxes.

Sunday’s edition of the newspaper also rolled out a commentary by propagandist Linda Valdez, who never saw an illegal she didn’t prefer to a U.S. Citizen. Her rant includes these odd words: “Millions of families in the United States are living in fear because of Donald Trump’s rise to power.” Apparently she missed the fact that he is not an apparition, but was elected to the presidency of the United States.  Then she pulls out the old canard, that these (illegal) families “face catastrophic separations.“ The oft-repeated lie is outrageous. Nothing stops parents returning to their homeland from taking their American-born children with them. She describes a grandnephew of hers — “a child” —too fearful to sleep.

Nowhere does she mention the hordes of children sent into the U.S. alone and under deplorable conditions by their own parents, who know they will be links to the outlandish practice of chain migration also known as family reunification. Valdez conveniently forgets Jose who illegally crosses into the U.S. for work, sending money home to Maria and the ninos, until his new honey becomes pregnant and Jose forgets about his old family south of the border. How about a column on that practice, Linda?



6 Responses to Repeating lies doesn’t make them truth

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Another spot on post! Thanks, SRAZ for speaking for many of us who are tired of the same crappola being given the cover of news. We don’t subscribe to either the hard copy or online version of this leftwing opinion pretending to be news. During the week I sometimes see a copy at work (I suspect they get a free subscription).

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    When it comes to education, Arizona is in the forefront of offering parents options to the government schools run by union administrators and teachers. Charter schools have flourished and turn out some to the top scores when weighed against their public counterparts.

    The education establishment despises the the tuition tax credits that have worked so well here. I’m an Arizona native and was educated in public schools. So were my children. Those were different times. Now kids are being indoctrinated with liberalism and not learning enough with a degree in hand to be able to function in the real world where they don’t have “safe rooms” to calm the weak kneed products of government schools when things don’t go their way.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Neither the AZ Repugnant nor Linda Valdez will ever admit the truth so clearly defined here about their sainted illegals. Crime also follows them. This is not bias, it is truth. They know it and so do we all.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did the azrag report on the incident that happened last week in Gila Bend where a naked woman (a Ms. Luna from Mesa) made an appearance in all her glory at a store in Gila Bend and then proceeded to steal a MCSO deputy’s vehicle?

    It happened on the heels of Paul Penzone putting on a MCSO uniform.

    According to a British news site, a civilian offered his personal vehicle to the deputy, and the deputy accepted the offer, so that he could pursue the free spirit on a 75 mile chase. (What??)

    If you want more embarrassing public displays from government agencies, try looking at the Phoenix PD’s twitter account. Scroll on down and look at the disgusting way they are using tax dollars by posting idiotic cartoons and “jokes”, one after another after another.
    This is unlike other police departments who actually use twitter on a daily basis to post still photos and video suspects and perps.
    (For example: take a look at Fort Worth Texas PD twitter account and then look at the twitter for PPD.)

  5. CD 8 PC says:

    Valdez’s illegal great grandnephew is too afraid to sleep? So are many of the rest of us who have seen our neighborhoods turned into barrios and crime spike. Original owners flee the now unsafe neighborhoods and cash out their mortgage free homes in their retirement years to escape the gangs, graffiti vandals, loud late night Spanish language music and brazen drug sales in front of the once well manicured homes. Those that now house the “guests” (as new sheriff Penzone calls illegals) have old tires, beer bottles and parked cars now littering the yards. There appears to be a cultural bias against parking in the driveway or garage as well as keeping grass in the front yard.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    January 9,
    Greta van Susteran, formerly of FOX and CNN and Court TV, now has her very first show on MSNBC under her belt.

    And who was her very first guest?
    That would be John “make war, not love” McCain.

    Valerie Jarrett and other Obama WH staffers are scheduled to appear soon, as has been confirmed by the network.

    Make no mistake, Greta is Not and never has been anything remotely similar to a conservative or a Republican.
    By her own admission, and it is in writing, she gave up doing public defender work in D.C. after she finally realized that rehabilitating criminals does not work, and after figuring out that she couldn’t pay her bills doing that type of lawyering.

    She is married to John Coale, also an attorney, who was known as the biggest “bundler” of campaign donations for Bill Clinton.
    Prior to Bush being elected, Greta made numerous mentions of being good friends with both Hillary and Bill.

    Don’t be fooled by this person who sat comfortably on the fence at FOX for years.

    After all, how smart can she be—–both she and her husband are in the upper echelon of Scientology and can’t see a fraud scheme despite all their schooling.