Taking down Trump: Like father, like daughter – it’s in their McBlood

Report regarding John McCain being responsible for passing the intending to damage, falsified dossier on Trump to the FBI was relegated to the back page of the McCain endorsing Arizona Republic

Meghan McCain, who like her father John, declared she would not vote for Donald Trump, is now attempting to make him a one-termer days before he’s even inaugurated as President of the United States. She picks up her tactics from the dear, old dad.

Referring to left-wing Hillary supporter Meryl Streep’s wasted opportunity to thank her peers for the honor of bestowing the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes, she used her allotted time to blast Donald Trump. Previously, on July 26, 2016, Streep endorsed Clinton at the Democrat’s National Convention.

Vacuous Meghan’s twitter response: “This Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won. And if people in Hollywood don’t start recognizing why and how – you will help him get re-elected.”

Meanwhile her dad, who resides in a luxury penthouse, fully staffed with 24-hour guard gate, doorman, concierge, valet parking, plus a rooftop swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, dog walk, conference and club rooms has been but a short distance from the VA debacle resulting in countless deaths from overly long wait times.

The scandal-plagued Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center is about 4 miles from McCain’s 7,000 sq. ft. penthouse condo. For a blowhard like John McCain, that’s spitting distance from his mountain-view balcony. For all of his lip service regarding being an advocate for veterans, the problems continue.

In fact of the 146 VA medical centers across the United States, Phoenix gets the worst rating.  Hospitals run by the VA are graded on a 5-point “star rating” system. Up until now, those grades have been hidden from the public.

As noted in this Dec. 2016 post, “Phx VA hospital scandal occurred under McCain’s nose,” the self-proclaimed veteran’s pal, John McCain has never ventured onto the hospital complex demanding answers from administrators. 

McCain would rather showboat at senate hearings delving into Russian cyber threats to our national security, as he implies that our elections might have been hijacked. That’s already been discredited by James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence. What was exposed was the embarrassing communications between high-ranking members of Hillary Clinton’s staff and the media.

 The Guardian, a prominent U.K. newspaper now reports that John McCain passed documents to FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself. The documents are said to be “unverified “and potentially “unverifiable.” BuzzFeed, which provides a link to the documents notes the report contains errors.

In his 80’s John McCain ran for reelection to another 6-year term as though his life depended on it. He was not above accusing his able opponent, a physician and conservative two term state senator, of aiding ISIS, though he knew that was a complete fabrication. The question to ask is why?


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  1. azgary says:

    OMG! Anti-Trumper John McCain Fed FBI Scurrilous 4Chan Fake News Report on “Golden Showers” to FBI!


  2. azgary says:

    According to 4Chan these documents were created by a 4Chan user and sent to anti-Trumper Rick Wilson knowing he would act on this tip:

    4Chan discussed this tonight:

    ** Political hacks emailed documents to #NeverTrump jackass Rick Wilson about Trump making people piss on a bed.
    ** Rick Wilson thought it was real and gave it to leftists at the CIA
    ** The CIA of the USA put this in their official classified intelligence report on Russian involvement in the US election
    ** Donald Trump and Obama were both given private sessions with the CIA to discuss this.
    ** The CIA concluded that the Russians plan to blackmail Trump with this story we made up

    The 4Chan users then link to this:

  3. azgary says:

    starting soon.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    John McCain is demented. I sent an email to Drudge this morning thanking them for the attention they are giving to the lowest form
    of life, the thin skinned lowlife McCain …. IN RED. I hope Trump gives him what he deserves in his press conference this morning.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      McCain demented? For sure. Arizonans have seen increasing evidence of his senility for years. Even worse is the fact that he is a petty, small mined, evil POS, who lies with impunity whenever he thinks it will benefit him. Jeff the Flake is no different. McCain has the senior citizen vote locked up and Flake has the Mormons. The rest of us can outvote both of those blocs. We need to unify and vote Flake out as a senate freshman. Otherwise all is lost.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    ZeroHedge has this expose of McCain:

    The Daily Mail also exposes John McCain’s forced admission, and calls McCain a sworn enemy of the Republic President-elect::

    Looks like attempted blackmail by the man who gave us Barack Obama.

    • azgary says:

      The continuing, full scale assault on Donald Trump and his reputation by our so-called Intelligence Community (with the CIA apparently leading the charge) is disgusting, despicable and dangerous. It also exposes John McCain as a low life snake doing all he can to stir the pot and discredit Donald Trump. Why?

      The answer is very simple–Donald Trump is promising a new foreign policy that will shift NATO’s focus from a confrontation with Russia to the destruction of radical Islam and will end the covert program to arm, equip and train radical Islamists in Syria and leave Bashar Al Assad in charge. Trump is no longer committed to a policy of “building democracies” overseas, which for the neocon segment of the US foreign policy community, is a disaster.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    This is called psychological propaganda, which is a fancy term for blame-shifting.

    It’s 1964 all over again.
    Remember what they did to Senator Barry Goldwater when he ran for Presdient?
    Same playbook.

    Mitt Romney’s father, George, was the RINO who helped lead the charge.

    Also running against Goldwater in the (R) primary was NY Gov. Nelson Rockefellar, who was a globalist. The Gov. of PA, Scranton, was also in the mix and was a “moderate.”

    Recall that the Dems and RINOs actually got a few hundred licensed psychiatrists to answer a lengthy survey about supposed Goldwater characteristics and attributes. NONE of these licensed psychiatrists had ever met with Senator Goldwater, let alone observed or assessed him in a professional capacity.
    The results which were returned by the psychiatrists were predictable and very damaging to Senator Goldwater.

    There was eventual blow-back over this witch hunt to the extent that the professional body known as the APA issued a rule that no psychiatrist or psychologist could publicly offer a professional opinion on someone who they had never met or examined.

    LBJ, one of the greatest liars of all time, was the mastermind behind the smear campaign against Goldwater. Including ominous TV ads like the Daisy ad. (look it up on the internet, using a young child to scare people about nuclear war, and pay attention to the voice on the ad.)

    LBY gave us the “Great Society”, another Dem lie that has put us exactly where we are today, mired in Federal programs meant to control people and keep them down.

    Two men who created TV ads for LBJ, Sid Myers and Lloyd Wright, in interviews with Politico gleefully stated that they were ready, willing and able to crank out similar ads to assist Hillary in smearing Trump.

    Let’s take the gloves off.
    Let’s open up all the records regarding McCain and Kerry and VietNam. Let’s see it all.
    Release all the records about the assassinations of JFK and RFK and Martin Luther King.

    Undoubtedly, Lyndon Baines Johnson is stoking the fires of Hell along with Saul Alinsky, et al.

    Meanwhile, today in the Swamp, Little Marco follows his marching orders and goes into character assassination mode.
    LBJ would be proud.

  7. azgary says:

    Senator ‘Deep State‘ McCain, in an effort to continue his long-standing foreign policy interventions, and to display his measurable efforts on behalf of his foreign payers, is facilitating/enabling the DC/White House political agenda…. again………

  8. Kathy says:

    McCain is evil……….. His mini-me Grahamnesty is evil as well…… McCain supports for fake news and then also contributes to it’s distribution. He is a traitor!!!

  9. azgary says:

    Jennifer Epstein ‏@jeneps 2m2 minutes ago
    Trump announces David Shulkin, current under secretary for health at the VA, as his nominee for VA secretary. Says he interviewed 100 ppl.

  10. Hometown Guy says:

    John McCain is a bitter old man who will forever be remembered for losing to Obama. He is well past whatever prime he might have had. His only weapon is his flapping mouth, which spews ignorance, hatred and lies. I not only haven’t voted for him for years, but make note of those who accept his endorsements and withhold my votes from them, also. Senior citizens, newcomers to the state and the abysmally ill-informed are the ones who have kept him in office. I doubt he will serve out his term. He’s long been showing signs of dementia. In that case, would Ducey appoint a successor?

    • Doc says:

      Dooshy is tied to mcTraitor @ the foot. TONS of factual proof of this has been posted here @ SRAZ. He’s a lackey, not much else. These knuckleheadz are “spittin’ mad” ‘cuz their “rock-star” had her crooked backside handed to her in a red solo cup. So, people like mcTraitor are seeing that their crooked acts are being shown some sunshine. Frankly, mcTraitor will be doing Arizona AND America a H-U-G-E FAVOR…when he’s wheeled out of sed penthouse or ?senate? floor…in whatever manner the Lord provides.

  11. durabo says:

    Will someone PLEASE have the fat-bottomed daughter convince Juan McRino to officially jump ship and join the Socialist-Democrats? He has been a de facto member of that left-wing party for all these years. Let him become a de jure member, and stop the lies.

  12. Kathy says:

    On HotAir’s stie:

    Disinformation!!?? McCain has been in the Senate for how many years??? And he still doesn’t know BS from reality???? I guess because he has invested in so much BS over the years it’s gone to his brain!

  13. Doc says:

    Ok…1 Last thing & PLEASE, sit down before reading this or you’ll fall down while laughing HYSTERICALLY!


    Oh my LORD That’s so funny, I can’t stand it! brokaw officially shows that he’s in th’ same alternate universe as mcTraitor!!!

  14. William Heuisler says:

    What is left to say? McCain was reelected through ballot harvesting, Arizona Republican gullibility and just plain apathy. Perhaps this latest will convince some well-meaning voters they were wrong. Too damn late for that. We can’t even impeach him. Look it up.
    Maybe there are lawful options to get rid of McCain, but I can’t find them.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Wasn’t there a recall for the old SOB just before 9/11 happened. It apparently was going along fine. The old bat was saved yet again.

  15. azgary says:


    with mccain and the republican branch of the uniparty pushing the Trump golden shower in russia meme, should we start referring to the gope as the gopee now?

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      That’s what they all looked like they had to do every time Obama signed an ‘executive order.’

    • Casper says:

      I wonder if McCain’s traveling pal Lindsey Grahamesty holds his piss bucket for him. Remember Monty Python?

  16. Saguaro Sam says:

    McCain says that he did what any normal citizen would do.


    Poster boy for term limits.

    Pence, who has seemed pro-McCain in the past, better wake up.

  17. Realist says:

    Liberal Hypocrite Meryl Streep must have forgotten about Barack Obama mocking the disabled on Jay Leno’s show.