SPI Douglas follows predecessors: rebrands Common Core

Breitbart News stuns with the headlined article, “Arizona State Board of Education ‘Rebrands’ Common Core.” Yes, the same Common Core that had parents throughout the state so riled, they elected unknown Diane Douglas as Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction based on her promise to repeal the so-called standards.

Seeing Red AZ celebrated Douglas’ huge win opposing Common Core as she trounced the incumbent in the Sept. 2, 2014 Primary Election. In the comment section of this post, she noted she was “honored to have our support and endorsement.” 

Conservative syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin was an early endorser. She also praised Douglas for calling out Arizona Common Core promoters for their devious rebranding scheme.

Arizona parents have previously been through this “rebranding” con. Gov. Jan Brewer and Douglas’ predecessor John Huppenthal already pulled a fast one as they magically re-christened Common Core as “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards” — hoping no one would notice. Malkin devoted countless columns to exposing the federal overreach that aims to place control of local schools in the hands of unelected Washington bureaucrats.

In Sept. 2013 SRAZ posted “Educrat trio: Huppenthal, Brewer, AZ Republic,” exposing the deceitful scheme to which Diane Douglas appeared to be the antidote. She wasn’t. 

Diane Douglas rode the anti-Common Core horse to the winner’s circle. Now she’s exposed as throwing the race.

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  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I voted for Diane Douglas. Now I think she committed fraud on the voters and should be recalled. But it’s difficult to find a real anti-Common Core believer in office. I don’t know what it is that these people go back on their word on this topic. Is it the teachers’ union? The liberal faculty? That’s all she had going for her.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Another example of those we elect going rogue after they are in office. It’s all about winning not honoring commitments. Then we get double talk trying to explain away the obvious. Former Sen.John Huppenthal began his decades long political career as a conservative. By the time he was ousted as Superintendent of Public Instruction he was doing the bidding of Obama’s Education czar Arne Duncan, even escorting him around Arizona.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Johnny Boy is certainly in this up to his neck.

    How John McCain dispatched a trusted aide across Atlantic to get dirty dossier | Daily Mail Online

    • Doc says:

      2 things:

      1) As to mrs. douglas, We got SMOKED buy this charlatan! Recalling her when we have far taller piles of _ _ _ _ to recall is pointless. Even “appropriate vetting” couldn’t have prevented this LIAR from getting into office. Shades of mcTraitor!

      2) Speakin’ of th’ master boolsheeter, Great point CSB! Have you noticed that NOBODY is covering this? Of course, we here @ SRAZ KNEW it all along! I think I’m gonna’ send your link to the Mark Levin show, & see if he’ll broadcast his opinion on it.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Not ONE more penny for “education”!
    Just two days ago, I treated yet another teacher for injuries sustained in the classroom. She was assigned to a classroom of elementary school age kids with autism. Over 30 kids with autism of various types across the spectrum in one public school classroom.
    You just can’t lump these kids together, as each one will have different triggers and needs. As she said, “I was just a babysitter. . .”

    There is not one elected official in authority who has any credibility since Sheriff Joe retired.

    As to John McCain’s connection with the infamous dossier of lies, please do not forget about the very hateful man Rick Wilson, the so-called GOP consultant. Recall that last year he was tweeting out vile messages about putting a bullet in Trump. He should have been arrested for that. And he continues to show up on TV and he continues to tweet vile messages.

    The word “treason” has been relegated to the dust bin, but the last 8 years have showed us what treason is—-almost on a daily basis.

    Meanwhile, the carnage and the carnival continues.
    Obama screws the Cubans, now, to the delight of their dictator.
    Wonder how much $$$$ Obama got for that?

    • Doc says:

      Sam-I was in the medical field also, & I’m sorry you had to endure that. I treated a couple of teachers as well, & those were not something I enjoyed which, I LOVED my job. That said, I am a father OF 2 special needs kids, 1 of which has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. And, you’re EXACTLY Correct! These kids are precious BUT, in the academic setting, need to be handled very carefully or, as you saw, somebody could potentially get hurt. including THE KIDS! 30 of these kids in the same room is a recipe for DISASTER!

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        What I wonder about when special needs kids are mainstreamed in public schools is their nutrition.
        The gut has so much to do with good health.
        So I have concerns about how much gluten and casein they are being given.
        (p.s. I have seen a friend’s child do much better in the emotional behavior aspect after adding flax oil to the diet.)

        God Bless you and your family.

  4. Patriot Dad says:

    These are the priceless quotes from Superintendent Diane Douglas contained in the Brietbart report. They are head spinning in their attempt to deceive.

    “These new standards represent the final step in the repeal and replacement of the common core in Arizona, and they reflect the thoughts and recommendations of thousands of Arizona citizens,” said state schools superintendent Diane Douglas in a press release.

    “The federally mandated Common Core Standards were initially adopted by the SBE in 2010 without a thorough public review, which deeply frustrated many Arizonans,” Douglas continued. “That lack of public input became an even larger concern as problems with the standards were identified, many of which were related to the resulting curricula.”

    “Common Core has at last been eliminated,” the superintendent said. “[W]e now have excellent ELA and math standards developed by Arizonans for Arizona students.”

    Since enough of us voted for her to get her elected, Diane Douglas must think we’re all easily duped fools. Arizonans should be preparing to recall her and John McCain.

  5. Kathy says:

    Diane Douglas is a liar. Once again a tojan horse has been elected.

    • Kathy says:

      I just emailed the Dept of Ed:
      And call Diane Douglas out as a liar. Then watch the spinning begin. Won’t work – she has been exposed.

      • Kathy says:

        This is the response I just rec’d from Diane Douglas by email:

        Dear Ms. Kathy,
        Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about our standards. This topic is extremely important to me, so I am happy to address the issues you have raised. Unfortunately, there appears to have been some misinformation surrounding the standards that were adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education on Monday, December 19.
        The adoption of the new 2016 Arizona English Language Arts and Mathematics standards marked the final step in the repeal and replacement of Common Core in Arizona, an effort that began when I took office in January 2015. As you are well aware, this was one of my main campaign promises and has progressed from securing Arizona’s release from the Common Core copyright in March 2015 to the State Board of Education formally reversing their 2010 adoption of Common Core by a 6-2 vote on October 26, 2015.
        With the December 19 vote, Common Core is officially gone from Arizona schools. In its place is a set of Arizona standards developed with input from thousands of Arizona parents, teachers and citizens. The next step is to ensure locally elected school boards mandate the removal of the awful curricula that followed Common Core into classrooms.
        Input from parent groups like the Mommy Lobby led to important changes like the addition of cursive, a stronger emphasis on phonics, the removal of language that was determined to influence curricula, and a renewed focus on developmental appropriateness. Additionally, three anti-Common Core technical reviewers were asked to provide feedback on the first draft of the standards. Their input was included in the adopted draft of the standards where appropriate.
        The Literacy Standards that drove Common Core into other subject areas, such as History, Social Studies, Science and Technology, have been removed. The infamous Appendix A which brought inappropriate, dare I say, pornographic literature such as Dreaming in Cuban or The Bluest Eye into our children’s classrooms has been completely eliminated. These are just a few examples of the momentous changes that have removed Common Core from Arizona’s education landscape.
        In addition to these new standards, my team at the Arizona Department of Education is hard at work developing higher mathematics standards for subjects like Calculus and Trigonometry. These areas were notably absent in the Common Core standards, even though they purported to be “college and career ready.” These vital standards for students seeking to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and careers will be presented to the State Board in the near future.
        I know that assessments are also a concern for many Arizonans. While my office does not have the legal authority to remove testing from schools altogether, a bill passed last legislative session will allow school districts to choose from a menu of assessments when evaluating students. With respect to the AzMERIT assessment, the questions on that test are vetted each year by a parent and community committee to ensure that they are appropriate for Arizona children. In addition, I am in full support of legislation that allows parents to opt their children out of standardized testing.
        Lastly, the protection of student data is one of the most important issues that I have taken on as Superintendent. As a matter of policy, the Department of Education does not release personally identifiable student information to third parties. As Superintendent, I intend to continue to strengthen student data privacy and protection.
        With this information, you can see that the changes made by the State Board are not a “rebranding of Common Core.” A rebrand is what took place in 2013 when former Governor Brewer renamed the standards from Common Core to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (see third attachment). In March 2015, Governor Ducey directed the State Board of Education to “begin by reviewing the English Language and Mathematics standards in their entirety.” That is exactly what happened. The new standards are the result of 230 Arizona educators volunteering more than 7,300 hours to consider more than 10,000 public comments from “parents, teachers, principals and content experts” as mandated by the Governor. They ensure that teachers will decide how to teach their students, not the federal government, and most importantly they represent the best interests of our children.
        I look forward to discussing the removal of Common Core with you in greater detail as I have the opportunity to visit our LD meetings over the course of the upcoming year.


        Diane Douglas
        Diane M. Douglas
        Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

        She also attached 3 pdf’s titled: ELA Changes and Responses; Math Changes and Responses and EO 2013-08 Reaffiriming AZ Right to set Education Policy. I have not read yet, but will.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      This 2016 guest posting on the Education Week site “Arizona State School Board Votes to Replace Common Core” is worth reading. Oh how we were taken in.. My dad would have called Diane Douglas’ victory “buying a pig in a poke.”


  6. Patriot Dad says:

    Dear Ms. Kathy sounds like a form letter written in anticipation of the rage when her “rebranding” was exposed. I trust her and her advisors as far as I can throw my pickup.

    • Kathy says:


    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It was a form letter – I got it too. She was ready for us!
      If her changes are so vast and good, she should go on a political show like “Politics Unplugged” on Sunday nights and explain – how did it get so misinterpreted – if it did.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    At a CNN “townhall” held with Paul Ryan on Thursday, a self-proclaimed GOP activist from Sedona, AZ just happened to be front and center in the audience.

    The middle-aged white male Sedona resident stated that, because of Obamacare, his cancer was cured.

    I know, for a fact, that much has deteriorated in the medical field in the past 8 years. Just last years, Obama dumped over 900 pages of new regulations on the Medicare program (that is in addition to hundreds of other rules and regulations over 8 years.).
    The regs pertaining to hospice care are of serious concern.

    It’s wonderful that the man from Sedona is well and able to appear on CNN with Paul Ryan.

    But pardon me for being a tad skeptical.


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