Donald Trump: We have a President, at long last

Heartfelt jubilation greeted President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence as they took the reins of government on Friday — vowing to remember it is the American people they work for. pres_and_melania_trump_inaugural

As proof that Trump intends to keep his word on dismantling and replacing Obamacare, his initial act as president was to sign his first executive order shortly after his inaugural parade ended. He directed agencies to ease the regulatory burdens associated with Obamacare as the U.S. Congress determines how to repeal and replace the costly and cumbersome law. In Arizona, Obamacare premiums jumped a whopping 116% — hardly affordable, although Obamacare’s official title is the Affordable Care Act.

The stock market responded by closing higher in a broad-based advance as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th U.S. President — marking the first time in more than 50 years that a new Commander-in-Chief has been welcomed by a rising equity market on his first day in office. It is also the first time a successful businessman with no prior political experience, who is determined to return jobs to the USA, has won by rebuffing the establishment machine and taking his message directly to the people.

On President Trump’s website is his commitment to “Stand Up For Our Law Enforcement Community,” something sorely missing during the Obama years as that president welcomed Black Lives Matters thugs to the White House despite their advocating the murder of police. Finally we have a Commander-In-Chief who respects and values our law enforcement personnel.

True to form is the still bitter John McCain, continuing to lick his wounds as the wrong 2008 candidate who lost decisively 45.7% – 52.9% to Barack Obama. Asked if Trump hit the right tones during his inaugural speech, McCain was quoted, “I just think it was a continuation of his campaign.” Asked if that was as it should be, McCain shrugged, saying, “It’s his choice; he’s the president-elect.’

And let’s not forget that Donald Trump is, in fact the president, despite John McCain and Jeff Flake, Arizona’s embarrassing Republicrat senate duo, both stating unequivocally they would not vote for him. That left Hillary as their choice.

President Trump included these words in his speech to the nation:

“This is your day. This is your celebration. And this, the United States of America, is your country.”  


16 Responses to Donald Trump: We have a President, at long last

  1. suzanne2012 says:

    I am still watching the celebrations today. They are at tbe Nationak Cathederal and Melania sang the Star Spsngled Banner and God Bless America as if she was born here.

    We all can take pride again in our Country with our new President and Vice President.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    Heavy rains over night, a cloudy windy morning. A truly beautiful day. MMB has vacated the white house. An American patriot has taken charge. God Bless America.

  3. azgary says:

    PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is urging Congress not to repeal former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul without a well-developed replacement plan, suggesting in a letter that it may take three years for a new system to be fully implemented.

    ducey loves that govt teat.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      Doug Ducey is tied at the hip to John McCain. I wonder who McDucey voted for for President? His first job when he came to Arizona to attend ASU was working for Cindy Hensley McCain’s beer distributorship.

  4. terry dudas says:

    Trump has cleaned the Islamic material out the White House, FINALLY. Reports about Moslem religious observances there were denied thruout these past years, but the blasphemy has now ended.
    Barack Obama violated the separation of church and state rule at the highest level, and was protected in this action by the American press.
    May they all rot in hell.

  5. azgary says:

    heres the speech if interested:

    President Donald Trump just delivered a searing inaugural address, attacking Washington and promising a new hope for Americans who want to dream big.

    A transcript of Trump’s first speech as president follows.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Regarding John McCain’s typical sleazy comments about President Trump, it’s important to remember that John McCain barely carried Arizona when he lost to Obama. Here in his “home state” he only had a 8.5 percent margin. That should tell the old codger something about the level of regard knowledgeable Arizonans have for him. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last man standing. He’s a liberal masquerading as a “maverick” so he can run as a Republican in a red state.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      The comment from McCain about Trump’s inaugural speech sounding like a campaign speech – every single Democrat interviewed after the speech said exactly the same thing. They all got their email instructions and McCain was probably on that list. If not he should be. He’s a bitter old man who has outlived his usefulness in the Senate – if he ever had any. I never fell for what McCain was peddling all these many years. He’s just an old troublemaker.

      • MacBeth says:

        Your assessment of McCain is, as usual, right on. But it appears you omitted one necessary word in your last sentence:

        “He’s just an old (LIBERAL) troublemaker”.

      • azgary says:

        mccain and the other uniparty bunch are sad that he still is saying the same things and intends to keep his promises.

        the others only say things before the election, then tell us why they cant do as they said and how terrible we are because we want the promises kept.

        aint that right jonny amnesty…..

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        azgary: Never saw that video. He calls people jerks and ‘pal’ just because they’re frustrated about illegal immigration. People clapped for him because he holds town meetings. Wow – they’re easy. No wonder he gets in every six years.

        There are 44 million Muslims living in Europe (excluding Turkey). Getting rid of 11 million illegals here suddenly doesn’t seem as daunting! (11 is the establishment number so I’ll go with it)

      • Kathy Fenton says:

        McCain is in a wad because President Trump called All the Establishment out during his wonderful speech. The power is being taken away and the establishment will fight against We the People. McCain is continually exposing himself – will AZ finally wake up? President Trump what a wonderful sound!!!

  7. Ajo Joe says:

    I haven’t been this happy about an incoming President since Ronald Reagan was elected. We are very fortunate that Donald Trump won the crowded primary and pummeled Hillary, who was running for Obama’s third term. This can’t be easy on a family, but the lovely Melania will also make us proud.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Is this why we taxpayers must be constantly begged for more and more money for schools? They have time for this? Leftwing (or any kind of) politics don’t belong in public schools. This is outrageous and these two players need to be punished.

    Trump parody skit not going over well with parents

  9. Doc says:

    Not that madonna’s relevant anymore, but she did say the following today:

    So, is this whore who promised oral pleasure for all men who voted for shrillary (& refused to deliver…) gonna’ recieve the same treatment that Ted Nugent got?

    …..where do these idiots come from, anyway?

    OH! I KNOW! LV-426!!! Let’s see if any movie buffs here get that…