McBull in the news

Why does military repeatedly receive the back of McCain’s hand?

Did we need the AZ Republic to tell us that “John McCain has come out swinging against the Trump administration“?

The article begins with the mystifying words, “John McCain is making it very clear that he isn’t just going to go along with everything President Donald Trump proposes, despite the fact they are both Republicans.”

Let’s be clear. John McCain only hauls out that cumbersome “R” to place next to his name when ballots are printed.  He prefers themaverick” designation (video), meaning he’s pushing back against Republican principles at every opportunity.

McCain is still smarting from the beating he took at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama, whose middle name he banished from American lips as unfitting, although Obama proudly used it in both of his inauguration ceremonies.

After President Donald Trump announced he would be launching a major investigation into voter fraud, megalomaniac octogenarian McCain boasted about his own vicious 2016 Senate reelection campaign saying, “Listen, I won by 14 points. I’m absolutely sure that there was not a single illegal vote in that election in Arizona.”  McCain must have missed this video, showing irrefutable proof of ballot box stuffing in Phoenix, which was the impetus for a law halting what became known as ballot harvesting.

Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that less than a week into his presidency, Donald Trump is scoring points with Americans — with a 57% approval rating on Wednesday. On Monday, the question revolved around Pres. Trump’s use of the phrase “America First” to describe his trade and foreign policy agenda. 52% agreed with the statement.

The stock market has responded favorably to Trump, with the Dow breaking above 20,000 for the first time ever. Americans are heartened, seeing many of Donald Trump’s campaign promises being carried out within days of assuming office. McCain withdrew his momentary support from Trump after he was the GOP nominee and had previously called Hillary a “rock star” he could support.

No wonder John McCain is posturing. He’s got little to show for his decades in Washington other than colluding with Democrats on amnesty for illegals and mistreating family members of Vietnam POW/MIAs who merely want him to unseal the documents regarding their loved ones. Watch his Feb. 2, 2008 despicable performance, as he disgracefully insults and shuts down Delores Alfond, Chair of the National Alliance of Families, seeking information about American POW/MIAs unaccounted for since their service in Vietnam. Ms. Alfond’s pilot brother Capt. Victor J. Apodaca was last heard from as he was flying over North Vietnam. She passed away in Dec. 2010.

McCain was also onboard with Obama’s plan to cut benefits to our military personnel, as reported in Military Advantage. And although the worse scandal involving VA hospitals, resulting in dozens of needless deaths of veterans, occurred in Phoenix, John McCain didn’t venture into the facility seeking answers.

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  1. William Heuisler says:

    McCain’s 30-year anti-veteran record isn’t listed in the AZ Republic.

    But Seeing red AZ has revealed the Senator’s disgrace before.

    For instance, why do Illegal Aliens get medical care while our own U.S. Veterans die on VA waiting lists? Why do Disabled American Veterans give Arizona (AZ) Senator John McCain a 20% rating, or why Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America give John McCain a “D” grade on veterans’ issues?

    A 2014 investigation found at least 40 U.S. Veterans died waiting to see doctors at the Phoenix VA. Many AZ Veterans were on a secret waiting list designed by VA to hide 1,400 to 1,600 sick Veterans.
    April 2014 McCain visited Phoenix VA hospital for an hour.
    Apparently nothing has changed at Phoenix VA 2 years later.


    Anti Veteran? You bet. AZ Senator John McCain voted:
    Against body armor for troops. 5/26/08)
    Against providing Automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustments to Veterans. (S. 869, Vote 259, 11/20/91)
    Against more funding Department of Veterans Affairs. (H.R. 2099, Vote 470,9/27/95)
    Against a $13 Billion Increase in Funding for Veterans Programs. (S.C.R. 57, Vote 115, 5/16/96)
    Against $44.3 Billion for Veterans Programs. (H.R. 2684, Vote 328, 10/15/99)
    Against $47 Billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs. (H.R. 4635, Vote 272, 10/12/00)
    Against $51 Billion in Veterans Funding. (H.R. 2620, Vote 334, 11/8/01; Vote 269, 8/2/01)
    Against $122.7 Billion for Department of Veterans Affairs. (H.R. 2861, Vote 449, 11/12/03)
    Against $500 million mental health and rehabilitation services for veterans diagnosed with mental illness, PTSD or substance abuse. (S. 2020, S.Amdt. 2634, Vote 343, 11/17/05)
    Against providing an assured funding stream for veterans’ health care, annual changes in veterans’ population and inflation. (S.Amdt. 3141 to S.C.R. 83, Vote 63, 3/16/06)
    Against $430 million for vet outpatient care (S.Amdt. 3642 to H.R. 4939, Vote 98, 4/26/06)
    McCain Supported Outsourcing VA Jobs (S.Amdt. 2673 to H.R. 2642, Vote 315, 9/6/07)
    McCain Opposed the 21st Century GI Bill (, 5/26/08)
    McCain Blocked an amendment to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) “to give military base commanders the authority to allow service members to carry personal firearms.”
    McCain Blocked a Senate POW-MIA search-and-rescue bill called the “Truth Bill”, HR1147 in 1992 McCain Blocked hearings for the POW-MIA“ Missing Service Personnel Act” in 1996.
    McCain has not helped US veterans dying in Phoenix, in Southeast Asia… or anywhere else.

  2. Army Of One says:

    The fact that John McCain runs as a friend of the military and vets disgusts me. He is a friend of only one entity and that is himself.

    The reason he’s sealed the documents regarding the POWs and MIAs during the Vietnam ear is because they implicate him.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I am forwarding this to two people who keep voting for the demented McCain. Maybe this will finally educate them somehow. Enough already!

  3. Kathy says:

    John McCain is a vile man – always has been. What I don’t understand is why so many vets vote for him. Beware – McCain/Grahmnesty will/are pushing for amnesty along with NC Senator Tillis.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Hey Johnny,
    Your friend, Madeleine Albright, has decided to come out as a muslim. Yep, in Dearborn, Michigan—that hotbed of rage and anger.
    Two personality traits that you possess–rage and anger.
    Why not jump on Ms. Notsobright’s camel and ride off to a mosque?
    What’s that you say?—–you’re allegiance is to soros and satan?

    McAmnesty: Always on the wrong side of history.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    My contribution on the subject of McCain:

    “I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”
    Clarence Darrow

  6. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Message to rhapsodise:
    As you correctly noted after reading our Home Page, SRAZ does not put up links to other blogs. That has been our policy since our inception in in 2007.

    Sending multiple lengthy posts with essentially the same message doesn’t alter our policy, regardless of the compliments you throw our way. Thank you for visiting our site. You are welcome to comment, but your comments will not be automatically posted. New comments along with unreliable sources are held in moderation. Yours fit that category.

    • rhapsodise says:

      The first two were drafts. As for the third, it was the one I revised after reading your “About” section.

      Whether you view my comments as sincere is inconsequential. I simply agreed with you and decided to share a relevant article that I wrote. And, please note, no links were posted other than your own.